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Gray color in the world of decoration

Gray color in the world of decoration

Date: 2022/12/16


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Gray color in the world of decoration-decorating in Gray has become a must in interior design. Undeniably new but always neutral, this gorgeous color adds a sophisticated edge, elegance and refinement to the rooms of the house, and is a springboard for anyone who wants an easy lifestyle with a tone that is easy to color and redesign around.

Whether you are looking for gray living room ideas or some simple design tips, here we investigate Gray decor - with the help of experts.

As explained by Ruth mutter Sid, creative director at Little Greene, gray, neutral and white colors are an essential element of decorating, and they are combined in both classic and contemporary decor style to present a background on which to decorate; but this is not the end of the story as the use of stronger neutrals leads to a more spectacular vision.

Gray color in the world of decoration

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Gray color in the world of decoration[/caption]

Below, we've listed expert tips on decorating in gray, so you can choose the right shade for the right place, whatever your project.


Consider the direction of your room

Decorating in gray really successfully depends on your choice of a color that suits the natural light in the room, says the master. Warm light, which you will find in rooms facing south and West, will soften the cold gray, making it a great optionto feel comfortable, or you can opt for dark gray for a cool effect; a room facing east or North will naturally receive cooler light, so a warmer gray with yellow tones will work best.

Next, you may want to think about the effect you want to make: narrow spaces - maybe gray hallways will feel bigger with light grays, while ideas of a gray bathroom and gray dining rooms with a warm gray color will feel more welcoming.

Choose the right gray color for the kitchen

اللون الرمادي في عالم الديكور


Decorating in Gray in the kitchen is very in vogue, with gray kitchen ideas - and thin, gray and white ideas for the kitchen are almost as popular as white kitchens in houses.

But which shade to choose Again, the question of natural light is relevant, as is the size of your kitchen: the smaller and darker it is, the lighter shade of gray you should use to enhance it. If you still like dark gray Put light gray on the base units, and darker on the kitchen island.

Find out which colors work well with gray

اللون الرمادي في عالم الديكور


Due to its versatility, most of the colors are going to gray - it is neutral after all, which means that it acts as a blank canvas on which you can put your imprint. However, before you consider a color scheme in gray as a base, it is worth thinking about what effect you want to create.

Judy Smith, color consultant at vicrown, confirms our ideas pale and medium gray colors such as Linen Cupboard and tin Bath can be combined with the hottest and most vibrant shades of orange and dark yellow to add balance and a soothing chip, and can also be mixed with soft and cool colors. Watery turquoise, violet, glass and metal for a blurry look.

This, of course, is ideal when you want a warm and contemporary contrast. However, if you prefer a softer effect, as in the case of the room above, you will need to choose gray tones and complementary colors that are not too affected.

Natural tones of gravel and Stone are combined with other natural colors such as sand and Chalk, as well as materials such as linen and pale wood, which also makes a cozy outline.

You can use the color wheel to get your choice exactly right.

Work on the best color in the gray living room


As we said above, most colors fit well in a gray living room. You can combine it with other shades of gray, sage, deep purple, grainy blue, gloomy black, turmeric ... The list is endless.

However, when asking yourself this question, it is important first of all to talk about how much natural light your living room gets. Are you facing north or South If it is the first, then choose warm shades of warm gray with warm characteristic colors. However, if the sun is pouring into your living room all day, you can opt for a deeper tone, like the one above.


The second question to consider: what effect do you want to make This is largely due to the time when the room is used in the daytime, if at night, a dark color and accessories in warm, well-lit shades can feel incredibly comfortable. However, if you want the room to feel light and bright, then the choice of pale colors for both gray and accent shades will be more successful.

Keep in mind that a wall goes well with gray

اللون الرمادي في عالم الديكور


What color accent ideas go well with gray The answer is that most of the accent wall colors will match Gray, the key is to create a cohesive feel, so getting your tones right is vital.

Here, the golden color of the glossy wall in the background and the curtains in the foreground is exactly the same tone as Gray. This means that they work together from a visual point of view. Also, choosing a wall color that matches the floor creates a sense of calm that is perfect for a crowded space, such as an entrance.

Work out what colored furniture looks better with gray walls

اللون الرمادي في عالم الديكور


This largely depends on the shade of gray that you have on your walls.For example, if your walls are slate or coal, choose dull furniture in dark gray, red, coral, pale gray tones. They will add a wonderful contrast to the dark walls and the result will be amazing.

You can use the reverse methodology if you have dull walls - so choose dark furniture such as a sofa or a deep terracotta sofa and accessorize it with dark-colored pillows.

Add warmth to a layered gray room


The famous British designer Louise Bradley founded her interior design and product design studio more than 28 years ago and created sophisticated and stunning interiors for those who love custom-made and beautifully designed houses.

Below, she shares her advice on how to add warmth to gray rooms, depending on the tone you choose, you can sometimes feel the cool side and this is really important if you are looking for Gray bedroom ideas.

To avoid a feeling of coldness in Gray in the interior, you can add warmth through woven fabrics and layering.

Light attenuation using custom window treatments provides privacy and intimacy in the space. Offering hints of color through accessories clad in greenery and foliage pumps energy and increases space during the gloomy winter months.

Check out how to decorate the living room with a gray handle


Vancouver-based Sophie Burke Design is known for its creativity, sophistication and warmth. This loft in downtown Vancouver was given a much-needed renovation that included transforming this space into an elegant living area that honors industrial elements.

Sophie explains how using gray sofa living room ideas can really focus on your design project, "we love using gray - for us it's the perfect neutral. It adds depth to the room and always feels calm. Gray is a sophisticated color with many amazing delicate tones to choose from, whether it's a warm gray or a cooler Gray, and a softer dove gray is like this sofa.

In this space, the gray sofa is the main focal point and is visually fixed by a wonderfully shaped knitted dark gray carpet. By maintaining the neutrality of the rest of the room, you allow the seating area to be selected - it is the main source of gray color and that is why it works from a design point of view.

Discover color furniture that matches gray walls and gray floors


The furniture you choose needs to complement your paint colors, black works well with all shades of gray and glass table tops serve as a light reflector. Antique furniture gives meaning and personality to the space, look for unique finds as they add warmth to the place.

Gray color in the world of decoration