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Black and turquoise color in the decor of 2022

Black and turquoise color in the decor of 2022

Date: 2022/12/16


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The black and turquoise color in the decor2022 it is true that Black is the king of colors, when it appears on the scene, it overshadows the whole place and the rest of the gradients fade in front of it. However, often we feel the need to insert a second color into the home decor and break the monotony of black.In this article, we will talk through smd decorations in Turkey about two beautiful colors, black and turquoise, and how they can be included in the world of interior decoration.

So we will offer you other modern and attractive options, to choose from what suits your home style the most.

First: black color in decor2022

Black bedrooms are a provocative option, especially in a small space. However, color experts have revealed that the benefits of this tone extend far beyond its space-enhancing properties. Besides being able to make your small bedroom look bigger, Psychology suggests that black bedroom ideas will make you feel more impressionable and may improve your sleep, however, it should be used with caution.Before you pick up the brush, it is important to understand the power of this bold paint idea. Here's what you need to know.

Why should you paint your bedroom black - according to Psychology

اللون الأسود والفيروزي في ديكور2022

A psychologist and health consultant explains that when it comes to our sleeping environments, we want them to be dark, cool and calm, so you might think that Black would be a great option to amplify the darkness and coldness that help us fall asleep.

While the color accentuates the cold darkness, the psychologist explains that the color is "synonymous with sadness and mystery". It is therefore important that you use it with caution to get the benefits while negating the negative aspects.

A warmer and cooler black color can be used to create a strong effect, but paying attention to the lighting and textures inside the room can really help get rid of the edge and create a feeling of comfort and style that brings the elegance of black to the fore.


He warns that (in a small room in particular) you should remain conscious of your lighting ideas to prevent provoking negative emotions. But when used intentionally and thoughtfully, black can have a basic effect and be an excellent choice for a stylish and functional bedroom.

When used intentionally and thoughtlessly, black can have a cardinal effect and be an excellent choice for a stylish and functional bedroom, the psychologist adds.

How black paint highlights your small room

اللون الأسود والفيروزي في ديكور2022

Your black bedroom may be good for your well-being, but it is also in demand among color connoisseurs too. Farrow & Ball Brand Ambassador Patrick O'donnell praised the power of color in a small, naturally poorly lit room where dark walls tend to recede.

"Black bedrooms may seem like a dramatic departure from the perceived norm, and yet it can be a surprisingly successful option,"he says. Helen Shaw, UK director of Benjamin Moore, adds that black can "cleverly absorb the light of space" to blur the division between the walls - making the space look bigger.

The effect of "blurred edges" adds depth and dimension to the room, making the space seem larger instead of narrow as some might fear".

To fully immerse yourself in its advantages, Patrick urges you to try one of the biggest interior design trends of the moment: color immersion. He suggests "paint your woodwork the same color-especially if the room has very low ceilings as this will help accentuate the height of the room".

Secondly: turquoise color in decor2022

After a turbulent 2020, turquoise is a soothing color for the soul and a comfort to the eye, it makes you feel like you are in front of the sea and on the beach, and some call it turquoise, which gives a touch of beauty and charm when adding this charming color to home decor.

Turquoise is one of the most beloved colors that make you feel joy, pleasure, psychological comfort and activity, and it is distinguished by their shades of striking colors, whether wall paints, clothes, curtains, home furnishings, furniture, doors and youth.

The method of installation of turquoise color in paints

Turquoise color is a mixture between light green and light blue color, in the clearest sense of obtaining this Color by bringing a white color paint plastic water paints or oil paints white color is colored with a blue color and a green color the proportions are somewhat equal and the blue and green color is increased according to the desire of the color, whether light or dark color during installation.

Semantics of turquoise color in psychology

اللون الأسود والفيروزي في ديكور2022

Turquoise is one of the favorite colors of a large group of people, a color that combines blue and green and resembles the color of sea waves and is considered one of the uncommon colors like other colors.

Turquoise ranges from soft and dull tones to sonorous and sharp tones and in case you have not found a ready-made pack of color. The blue-green color that amazed everyone. Widely used turquoise color and its shades for the design of the bedroom in the oriental style.


Turquoise or turquoise is sometimes known as sea blue and is a shade between blue and green in the color spectrum. Turquoise color has a special elegance that gives home decorations a charming touch. Painting in this Color is considered one of the Modern Coatings, which is preferred to be used in bedrooms specifically, one wall can be painted with it and the rest of the room walls can be painted in any color that matches the turquoise color.Choose light turquoise tones for your bedroom and mix them with some neutral colors such as beige and white. The blue-green color that amazed everyone.




As we know that each color has something that distinguishes it in the world of interior decoration, it is important that it matches the rest of the colors, the composition of the decor and furniture. So we separated with this report the black and turquoise color in decor2022.