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Sustainability in interior decoration

Sustainability in interior decoration

Date: 2022/12/16


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Sustainability in interior decoration-in the harbingers of fashion 2022, in the world of interior decoration, it is stated in specialized references that sustainable materials will become more common in furniture, products and lighting. Sustainable materials are defined as readily available, workable, without depleting resources or disturbing the equilibrium of the stable state of the environment. After these materials, including rattan, plywood, bamboo and ropes, were used in the design of limited pieces, to feed the latter contemporary interior decoration panels, they will register a greater presence in the spaces of residential apartments.

Interior design engineer Yasmin malilat talks about environmentally friendly materials, exploited from nature, without being exhausted, she says about rattan, plywood, bamboo and ropes from them, they are "used to make furnishings, accessories and wall decoration, adding that designers often preserve the colors of the mentioned materials, and their texture, in most cases, in order to create a sense through furniture and accessories that brings it closer to pristine nature. But, in other cases, designers combine the mentioned materials with each other in the framework of the expression of their creations".


Sustainability in interior decoration

The engineer talked about some of the natural materials that will lead the facades of furniture exhibitions, during the New Year, remembering the following:

Bamboo or bamboo

مواد مستدامة في الديكور الداخلي
مواد مستدامة في الديكور الداخلي
  • Bamboo or bamboo, a durable material, withstands the weights of human bodies, as well as harsh natural factors, and is safe in the manufacture of outdoor chairs, benches and tables, with a tendency finally to employ crafts from them in the interiors of the House... The bamboo material is suitable for the preparation of partitions between the corners of the house or the vacuum and even the walls, without being soundproof. There is a Chinese proverb about a bamboo tree, that its strength lies in its softness, which explains the ease of molding the material according to the ideas of the designer, who may combine bamboo with rattan or ropes, as with fabrics, and even paint bamboo in a dark color.

Rattan - sustainable material in interior decoration


Rattan Rattan, a material used in the design of upholstery surfaces, as in the backs of chairs or their armrests, as well as lampshades, and even dividers.


Sustainable materials in interior decoration-ropes

مواد مستدامة في الديكور الداخلي


Ropes, in turn, create a cheerful atmosphere in the interior space, achieve positive feedback about it, especially since they are finally employed in making lampshades, partitions between rooms and the"pouf".


Sustainable materials in Cork interior decoration


Cork is sourced from the president of Portugal, and it is extracted from trees that regenerate, and chairs, tables and alternative floors are made of Parquet, knowing that Cork is a solid body that withstands a lot of trampling feet, and that it can be painted in a dark color or to appear in its natural form. In addition, Cork is used for plastering walls for the purpose of beautifying them.




  • Plywood or the so-called Plywood sawdust is the remains of wood that are pressed for the purpose of use in the manufacture of table sets, in particular their countertops, bar countertops, and in wall cladding...


Bohemian style in decoration and how it is one of the styles that support sustainability

Natural materials are suitable for outdoor sessions, with the exception of Cork, which needs to be coated with an insulating material in order to withstand rains, but in the fashion of 2022 bamboo, rattan, rope, Cork and plywood will firmly enter the field of making furniture pieces, accessories and lighting for housing, so these materials add a touch of nature to it.

It is true that the luxurious lounges do not tolerate the presence of the mentioned materials, according to engineer Yasmin, but the bohemian and boho-chic style is flooded with furniture made of the aforementioned sustainable materials, and other recycled materials, especially wood and glass. This style feels comfortable, free, evading the rules set in decoration schools. In addition, pieces of furniture made of organic materials, in particular renewable wood, harmonize in a country-style house.

However, engineer Yasmin calls to get away from the restriction of any school in interior design, and to make the mentioned materials available in apartments, whatever the style of furnishing, when choosing a corner that includes similar furnishings, as in the outdoor"terrace" or in breaking the contemporary character with a piece of furniture, made of organic material, pointing out that the latter case is common, as in a detailed side seat of rattan in some parts for a warm feeling, in the side lamp shade or in accessories of ropes that adorn the center of the dining table.


The theory of sustainability in interior decoration

It is worth mentioning that the goal of sustainable design is to completely eliminate the negative environmental impact through skillful and sensitive design. Sustainable design manifestations require renewable resources and innovation to impact the environment to a minimum and connect people with the natural environment.


Humans do not have the problem of pollution they have a design problem if humans created products, tools, furniture, houses, factories and cities more intelligently from the very beginning, they would not even need to think in terms of waste, pollution or scarcity. A good design will allow abundance, endless reuse and fun at the same time.