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Stone in home decorations

Stone in home decorations

Date: 2022/12/16


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Stone in home decorations - we all like to follow the latest trends in home interior decoration that change and renew depending on the time and place, as we find there are a lot of fashionable ideas that give an aesthetic touch to every corner of the House. The wall is one of the main elements that radically change the external appearance of a place just by making a simple adjustment to it, whether it is by adding any of the types of wallpaper or even painting them.

The stone extracted from natural rocks, distinguished by its veins, and its colors draws on the walls, and raises the value of the interior decoration in the room in which it is located. There are several types of stone, such as the antique Italian traventino, which has a desirable shape, and sandstone, which creates a warm atmosphere with its dark colors in general, and fits with classic, modern and even contemporary decorations and"ultra modern", Granite is striking with its shine, veins and the shapes it presents, and Onyx, which represents a kind of precious marble.

Dear reader, when buying a stone to make a home interior, it is imperative to pay attention to the color gamut, shape and veins, in harmony with the decorations and furniture textures. And remember that wall cladding with natural stone is an expensive process, but it achieves luxury in decoration, especially with highlighting lighting on the walls.

More about the types of stone in modern interior decoration, in the following.

Stone in home decorations

Depending on the idea in the design, he chooses for the walls the type of stone, from which soft, coarse, embossed, glossy, matte or embossed is available... Note that the stone is combinable with other materials and that

Two types of stone may enter on one wall to achieve a distinctive painting.

Natural stone can be used for dressing the surfaces of tables, large ones, as in the dining room, and small movable or coffee table, in harmony with the stone-clad wall in the room and upholstery textures.

Types of interior decoration stone

Natural stone

Natural stone is extracted from quarries, where it is cut into certain shapes and sizes to suit all uses, and to choose the best types of interior decoration stone, you must make sure that it is free of impurities. Some companies add artistic touches to the stone, especially used in exterior decoration to protect it from weathering, such as painting it with some materials or roughening it with coarse hammers or adding sand on its surface, as the texture and shape vary according to personal taste and home decoration.


الحجر في ديكورات المنزل

Granite is made up of a group of volcanic rocks that have been melted by nature for thousands of years, and has many colors and shapes. This type of natural stone is characterized by being very hard, and it is considered one of the strongest types, as it is difficult to scratch or crack, so it is very suitable for use in the latest kitchen and floor decorations, but it is always advisable to be careful in the process of cleaning this type of stone, and avoid using ammonia cleaners, as it leads to corrosion of this type of stone.



الحجر في ديكورات المنزل

Limestone is characterized by its rough texture compared to Granite, and this type of natural decorative stone is also characterized as versatile, as you can use it for walls and floor types, and is also suitable for indoor spaces and outdoor natural stone decorations, such as home gardens and swimming pools.

Stone in home decorations travertine or limestone


Chemically symbolized CaCO3 is a sedimentary stone originating from the deposits of calcified aquatic organisms such as corals, foraminifera, mollusks, as well as on marine inks and snails.according to its geological nature, it contains varying amounts of silica in the form of impurities, as well as varying amounts of pure limestone.

It is most often white in color, but impurities such as silt, sand, mineral impurities such as aragonite and iron oxides cause it to be colored in different colors. There are also types of it called “clastic” in the sense that they are made up of a mixture of other small cohesive stones.

Approximately 10% of sedimentary rocks are limestone. The solubility of limestones in water and weak acid solutions led to the formation of karst landscapes, since over thousands to millions of years water has eroded these rocks. Most of the cave systems are based on a limestone foundation.


These were the details of the types of stone in modern interior decoration. we hope that we have succeeded in giving you the details and complete information.