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Home Garden and its aesthetics

Home Garden and its aesthetics

Date: 2022/12/16


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Home Garden and its sections

The Home Garden is a natural extension of the external home environment, as it has become one of the necessities of modern life and one of its supplements after it was limited to the rich and their palaces in the old days, so people attach gardens to the house to add more comfort to individuals and the art of planting ornamental trees that can be planted, and some have added to many different and new elements such as a swimming pool for children, seating places with the necessary accessories.

In this article, the editorial team of SMD decorations in Turkey has prepared a brief and simplified article about the Home Garden and what its sections are in detail, and we have also mentioned to you a set of tips that you can follow when buying furniture for the Home Garden and what is suitable for each space.

الحديقة المنزلية


Home Garden and its sections

First of all, a lot of modern methods and models of landscaping have appeared, which combined natural methods and engineering methods.there are many forms of them. there are front gardens, which are often found in cities, and their purpose is to beautify the entrances of houses, where they are planted with green spaces and ornamental trees. there are back gardens, which are more important than front gardens, as they are a suitable and convenient place for family sessions and children's games.

الحديقة المنزلية
الحديقة المنزلية


Construction Group and Botanical group in the Home Garden

Any Home Garden consists of two components, namely the structural group and the Botanical group .each group m with its basic components will be explained separately with illustration with pictures.Starting with the construction group :


Departments of the construction group

The sections of the construction group consist of four important and basic sections when thinking about starting any exterior design of home gardens, from roads and corridors to lighting and terraces ...


Roads and paths in the Home Garden


Roads and corridors are corridors that connect the parts of the garden to each other, and are considered essential for any garden, whether it is a garden with a large area, or small, and the origin of the corridors is to be straight and direct; so that a person can reach the desired road, but there are exceptions in which the engineer is forced to make the corridors not straight, and that in very small gardens, he can also dispense with these corridors using flat-surface stones, and place them close to each other, leaving enough space for plants to grow between the stones.

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Fountains in the Home Garden

The importance of fountains lies in humidifying the atmosphere and beautifying the garden, as they differ from each other in shape; some of them are vertical, conical, or pyramidal, and they may also be simple, or multiple, and they differ from each other in how the water rushes, and the number of holes that come out of them; this means that the height of the water varies, and the way it flows.

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Arbors or umbrellas in the Home Garden

Arbors are considered one of the important parts of the garden, as they are built in locations overlooking the most important parts of the garden and its facilities, in order to protect them from direct sunlight, and there are many forms of arbors; it may be round, square, hexagonal, or other geometric shapes.

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Lighting in the Home Garden

Where the lighting may be fixed at the entrance to the garden, sitting places, or it may not be fixed, by placing it on trees, or flower beds on occasions, preferably indirect lighting, it is also preferable to place it between tree branches, or behind rocks, so that the lamp power does not exceed 150 watts, and the lamps are placed in swimming pools, water ponds, so that in this case the power grid is designed in such a way as to prevent water access to it.

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Botanical collection

We have finished explaining the construction group and its sections in detail and now move on to the Botanical group, as in this section, when thinking about making a special section for plants in his garden, the decorator, with the help of an agronomist, must choose a suitable site for growing vegetables, to get a good and fresh harvest .among the tips recommended by agricultural experts, we will summarize them here in these points..

Planting should be in a place where the sun reaches; the more plants are exposed to sunlight, the higher the yield of the crop
Choose a good soil, take care of it, which can provide a lot of the required basic elements.
Planting in a stable environment, away from dry areas, or areas with strong winds.
Start by planting a few vegetables in a small area; the area of the vegetable garden for beginners is about 16*10 feet.

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Tips for buying Home Garden Furniture

Buying garden furniture is somewhat similar to the steps of buying home interior furniture, except that there are some additional guidelines, we have prepared tips for buying home garden furniture for you, namely:

     1-determining the environment in which a person lives; as a person's determination of the climatic condition is very important in choosing outdoor furniture, is it an environment with high heat and dry? -Or a humid environment This is because high heat may cause Wood to crack, strong winds may make aluminum furniture fly, while bamboo furniture may be damaged by constant exposure to moisture.

     2-determining the available space, as when the space and shape are determined in the garden of the House, this makes it easier to determine the size of the furniture to be purchased.

      3-determine the area where the furniture will be placed; it must be determined whether the furniture will be placed on the grass, on a wooden surface, or on a paved surface.

      4-Be careful to buy comfortable, mold-resistant furniture, and make sure to try the furniture before buying it.

     5-making sure that there is an internal storage space; to save garden furniture in winter, preferably folding furniture; in order to facilitate its storage.

At the end of our article, we are pleased and even feel proud that during our professional career SMD decorations in Turkey has done many projects including home gardens from designers to implementers to agricultural specialists to form a very beautiful painting, we leave you now with some of our works that we have done .