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Dividers in interior decoration

Dividers in interior decoration

Date: 2022/12/16


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Partitions in interior decoration play two roles at once in addition to their attractive presence in the decor of houses.The first floor divides the large space into two or more parts, achieving privacy for each part, as well as on behalf of the creation of walls.Second floor decorative partitions or dividers are the perfect solution for dividing spaces in homes away from creating walls.they also have distinctive designs and they introduce a stylish modern touch to interior decoration. in this framework, we will talk through smd decorations in Turkey about dividers in interior decoration.


Today we must all know that partitions or so-called partitions are used in the interior decoration of the house in order to divide large and spacious spaces, and these partitions have become an important part in the decor, so they must be designed in a way commensurate with the chosen style. The person should be familiar with the models and designs that these separators come in order to be able to choose a design that suits the place where the separator will be placed.

Tips on dividers in interior decoration:-

Partitions or partitions are made of natural wood, steel, iron, or aluminum and cut with a CNC or laser machine in distinctive and unique geometric shapes.
Dividing the salon or the place where the partitions will be placed should be done in a symmetrical and proportionate way, leaving openingsbetween these partitions for ease of transition.
In the event that the salon in which you will put partitions or partitions is classic, then partitions made of dark wood and carved in a distinctive way should be used.
Spacers made of forged iron can be combined in a classic or Morden-style house, as they can be used in several variations.
In the event that the area of the room is large, a separator of one and a half meters can be placed and this separator is closed with mirrors from bottom to top with a decorative placement in the center.
Upholstered dividers can be decorated with a dark-colored fabric made of leather or velvet.
The spacers can be chosen from Chrome, vervorge, plain wood, CMC wood with classic or modern patterns, geometric shapes or opaque details.
It is preferable to divide the space that has a salon, a seating corner and another for dining, open to each other, using a partition that fits into the style adopted in the House.
Panels of dark-colored carved wood are best used in classic-style salons.
It is preferable that the colors of the partitions are light to suit narrow spaces, while the wide ones absorb all the colors, but it is necessary to coordinate between the partitions and pieces of furniture in order to balance the elements of the place.


So the person who wants to make partitions for a house or for any space should look at the models and designs that suit the style of the place and its content so that it fits with the rest of the components and so that you can make a visual and psychological balance at the same time.

In the end, we wish SMD decorations in Turkey that our theme has been well received by you and we wish you all the best of luck to everyone. We leave you now to browse some photos of Partition designs in interior decoration.^_^

الفواصل في الديكور الداخلي
الفواصل في الديكور الداخلي
الفواصل في الديكور الداخلي
الفواصل في الديكور الداخلي
الفواصل في الديكور الداخلي