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The difference between modern design, contemporary design and classic design

The difference between modern design, contemporary design and classic design

Date: 2022/12/16


The difference between modern design, contemporary design and classic design- The word modern and modern design is repeated when ordering interior designs, and its internationality may differ when defining it.Especially, each of US has his own orientations and convictions, which depend on several factors, including the surrounding environment and being influenced by some influence, in addition to the different perspective of his vision and analysis of beauty.Some people see her standing in front of the Mona Lisa, while others see her as nothing but an ordinary woman dating back to ancient times, others see her as a terrifying image, as she does not have eyebrows and has a faint smile.This also applies to the process of designing a particular space.The inclinations of your personality determine which direction you want to take in the design process ,so it is very common among people to use terms such as I would like to keep up with the Times and choose a contemporary or modern style in Designor I want to get behind luxury and choose a classic design.

Each design has different characteristics, as modern design differs from contemporary design, as well as classic design, which branches into many branches.

To remove this confusion, we will answer the difference between the design ( modern, contemporary, classic )and the distinctive characteristics of each of them depending on the time periods in which each model existed, starting with classic, modern and ending with contemporary design.

Classic design

If we want to start, we can start with classical design, as it is considered the oldest architectural style among the three architectural styles, we can approach it as:a term used to refer to buildings from the classical period of European history, stretching from the emergence of Greek civilization and ending with the demise of the Roman Empire, especially in the period of the fifth century BC to the third century AD, where the distinctive feature of this era was their interest in columns and their forms, as appeared in the Parthenon temple in Greece.

Like any architectural style, the classical style contains basic characteristics in interior and exterior design that make it an easily recognizable architectural style, the most important of which are :

- Attention to symmetry

Where great attention is paid to the space or space is symmetrical and balanced in terms of the places of doors, columns, windows and the places of decorations characteristic of this style inside and outside the building.

- Use floral and plant motifs

In addition, some sculptures of humans and animals were used on the walls of ancient temples.

- Use of natural colors

Where yellow, blue, green, brown, as well as, Gray and pink colors are usually used.In addition, the semi-white color gives realism to the classic style, while bright white gives a little sense of modernity .- The rooms are designed to be symmetrical around one central point, such as a built-in fireplace.

- The use of elegant fabrics

Where those that tend to be elegant without being overly ornate or attention-grabbing are used in interior design, cotton and velvet fabric are also commonly used .

- Use of natural flooring

Of wood, stone or marble as they work best in a classic style environment as it relates to the natural colors used .

Classic furniture :

It is a piece of furniture characterized by luxury, large size and the presence of many details such as engraving and decoration.the fabric used in this type of style is also characterized by the presence of forms of flowers, inscriptions and elegant drawings. metals such as copper and bronze are used, which are the most common metals in classic furnitureof course, this type of furniture does not fit small spaces.It is a comfortable furniture to use, where there are large sofas with comfortable pillows and armrests are ideal, but it is preferable to place them in large rooms.

And the majority of classic furniture is informal, although it is decorativeonly if it is used correctly, the user feels a lot of comfort at home and the rooms are decorated in the same classic style.

There are many different subgroups of classic furniture, one of which is this subgroup :Louis XV.Tudor.The Frenchman.Victorian.

Many of these styles share the same characteristics but differ slightly from each other, as classic furniture tends to feel rich and luxurious, as if it belongs to a museum, and classic furniture often tends to use rich and ornate velvet and silk fabrics.

Neoclassical furniture :

It is the furniture that was designed after the Second World War in Europe and the United Statesis usually classified as modern furniture, as it is a combination between classic furniture and modern furniture, it is not very luxurious like classic, and not very simple like modern furniture.

Neoclassical furniture is characterized by furniture units with elegant geometric lines, in which there are no more curves, but bright colors dominate and patterned fabrics are used, characterized by simplicity while maintaining a hint of luxury.

The second style in the ranking of time periods is modern design, which is the design that many people think of as contemporary design.Modern design is a term used to refer primarily to the simplification of forms and the rejection of decoration.Which existed after the industrial revolution in the late 19th century and extended until the 20th century, as it appeared in the building of the Bauhaus school.

The most famous pioneers of this design were Frank Lloyd Wright in America and Le Corbusier in France.Modern architecture focuses on the fact that The Shape of the building follows its function and that was the first nucleus of the rebellion against classical designs.The modern style can be considered ideal for apartments and small spaces because this increases the space and creates the impression that the room is larger than it actually is.This model has many characteristics, including :

- Dispense with decorations, and work on simplifying the shapes of buildings into clear geometric shapes that show the beauty of the space and the materials used.- The use of modern materials and systems in construction and construction, in terms of the use of iron columns and the placement of concrete blocks as finishing materials, and the use of iron supports between the columns to give open spaces free of columns.- Create a visual connection between the interior spaces and the exterior location, by using large areas of glass to take advantage of the landscape and rely on natural lighting more.- The focus is on open interior spaces, where the use of walls in dividing interior spaces is reduced to tend to become a single space, reflecting a practical and comfortable life.- The use of strong linear elements, by designing the building from the outside, windows, stairs, fireplaces, roof lines.- Asymmetrical distribution of space spaces and furniture.

Modern furniture :

Modern furniture is characterized by the use of elegant geometric lines and is characterized by simplicity, which is the essence of this modelthe colors used in modern furniture are often either dark or very light, in addition to the use of soft woods, metal and glass, these characteristics make furniture easy to care for and clean and make it fit well into small spaces.

There is a wide range of modern furniture stylesso that they are flexible to suit modern homes with limited spaceinclude contemporary European furniture, contemporary American furniture, contemporary Japanese furnituresoft pastel colors and neutral colors such as lead, black and whiteis characterized by the use of some works of art and pillows in bold and bright colors and used as an accessory for modern furniturenatural fabrics such as leather and linen are also used in this style.

Contemporary design 

Knowing the characteristics of modern design, we can now touch on contemporary design to see the difference between them.Contemporary design is a term used for buildings that have a style of construction in our time.It adopts the idea of integrating materials with their natural environment, as the interior and exterior spaces are designed to integrate the environment to be a natural extension of nature, such as the use of natural floors such as bamboo, which is a sustainable wood alternative.And the use of light and natural solar energy sources by means of solar panels .It does not necessarily have to have similar features because it is a very diverse styleand contemporary buildings usually include such an irregular frame as the Burj Khalifa.Each design simulates the current time with its various characteristics Its materials and details.

Among the most famous architects who adopted this trend are Frank Gehry, who designed the Guggenheim Museum in New York City, and Jean Nouvel, who designed the Kai Branly Museum in Paris ..

One of the most important features of this model is the following: - the use of soft lines and geometric shapes, where geometric shapes can be adapted to other shapes and control their directions .- It relies heavily on green buildings, namely focusing on energy efficiency, sustainable use and recyclingmaterials used to create environmentally friendly buildings.- Giving importance to empty spaces as the importance of the element, as it is designed to be the element and the space.- The furniture is unique, as it is designed specifically for the space to be designed

The difference between modern design and contemporary design

Thus, the difference between contemporary design and modern design can be summarized as follows :the word modern design means designs that appeared in the late 19th century, while the word contemporary design means designs of our time.It should also be noted that modern design relies on creating geometric spaces and buildings with straight lines according to the function assigned to the design, while contemporary design adapts straight lines with smooth lines and the use of geometric shapes to create a space that can unite with nature using natural materials in a modern and attractive way .




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