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Modern decorations in Turkey and the Middle East

Modern decorations in Turkey and the Middle East

Date: 2022/12/16


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The most important features of modern decorations in Turkey and the Middle East

The choice of home decor in Turkey, home furniture and the study of the surrounding environment are important points for decorators.It makes them create modern designs mixed with originality and antique old Ottoman.To create a very beautiful and creative painting, in this article we will talk about many points of Turkish decorations.


When talking about the decorations of Turkish houses, we must stand at the almost constant features in these houses,which have their own peculiarity and aesthetics, and we will talk about the most prominent main joints in the decorations of houses in Turkey, namely:


First: Turkish carpets

Turkish carpets are considered the most famous around the world.It is used in Turkish decorations primarily to add a special character to each house within Turkey.Turkish carpets are a constant title of elegance and beauty, especially with the multiplicity of styles and models of Turkish carpets, which are in demand globally.Carpets are indispensable for you in your Turkish home.It is a landmark of decoration that enriches the house and gives it a unique aesthetic value, especially when the color of the carpet and its drawings are in perfect harmony with the rest of the furniture and wall painting.

Amazing traditional handmade turkish carpets in souvenir shop. Cappadocia, Turkey. 

ديكورات في تركيا
ديكورات في تركيا


tow: mirrors

A striking decorative sign on the walls of rooms in Turkish houses or salons are mirrors.It can occupy more than one place to give it more capacity and more space, and it can also be useful to exploit unoccupied places.Or putting an attractive metal or even wooden frame on it will serve as a wonderful piece of art that is no less important than the paintings that are placed on the walls to decorate them.Especially if its frame is embroidered or engraved.In this regard, interior designers in Turkey are working very seriously on mirrors and how to add them in a decorative aesthetic befitting modern decorations in Turkey and the Middle East.

ديكورات في تركيا


Third: lighting and lighting

Chandeliers are primarily the best artistic decorations for home lighting in Turkish designs.Especially in the hall, it is also preferable to use white light, white is one of the warm colors.It gives an elegant and calm image to other details of the house, and can also focus on other colors in children's rooms, for example, or in the kitchen.The lights are no longer limited to yellow and white, and the homeowner can now choose the colors he wants for lighting and lighting in his home.. We will prepare for you in the next stages an article about the types of lighting and their importance in decoration.


Fourth: wooden and carved furniture


Wooden furniture from sofas, tables, etc.plays an important role in Turkish home decorations.Since it occupies the widest area of the room, even in the kitchen, wooden cabinets and their colors are one of the advantages of successful kitchen decoration.To this are added wooden beds and a wardrobe, as well as a table for a TV.Here, decorators must take into account the issue of color compatibility sensitively, since wooden furniture occupies large areas, care must be taken to draw an integrated and beautiful color palette.

Turkish people love tea and it is a big part of their daily life and culture.It is because of this popular custom that many contemporary tea tables have been created.Designers have recycled many of them using vintage materials and added them to the design so that they are accepted by people.

It is also noteworthy that the Turks love handmade furniture.Where handmade wooden crafts are widespread in Turkey and have received a great demand for buying them, historical series have contributed to the revival of the Turkish passion for handmade wooden furniture.


Fifth: the wall clock

The wall clock can be considered a combination between classic and modern decor at the same time, although the wall clock has a heritage and ancient status, even if it does not become one of the needs and necessities with the spread of watches and mobiles and it became easy to identify the time in more accurate ways than the information of the classic wall clock gives, but it remains an important part that adorns one of the walls of the house, and some would like to hang a calendar under it, and this view can be noticed accompanying all the home decorations in Turkey, and besides all that, the art and decoration lover can exploit the clock to beautify it and give a new aesthetic feature for home decor.

The type of decoration surrounding the clock and its color are usually taken into account because this affects the appearance of the wall and the appearance of the room in general, there should be no dissonance between the colors of the room and the clock.

Taking care of home decoration in Turkey is a good idea for those who want to get an ideal housing experience in this country, the psychological comfort that a person receives in his home is based on the aesthetics of the house internally, and the consistency of its decoration, not to mention the fact that Turkish decorations themselves are attractive and attention-grabbing and cannot live without putting the distinctive Turkish decorative touches on your home.