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Moroccan decoration

Moroccan decoration

Date: 2022/12/16


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It must have been that we were all fascinated by the beauty and charm of the old Moroccan decoration and evolved over the days until it happened and became contemporary, but it still retains its originality, beauty and unique charm, who among us was not fascinated by the beauty of mosaics, ceramics and tiles of the authentic Moroccan decoration in the Arab Andalusian style, and who among us was not surprised by its colors and exquisite patterns, so today we have prepared for you an article that talks about the Moroccan decoration, its color features and the most important thing that distinguishes it with photo examples .. Follow us ^_^

Features of Moroccan decor

Moroccan decor has certain features that designers are keen to develop and combine with the hints of modernity that they put in their designs, and these features are set by the artists of the Andalusian heritage, which is very widespread in the Maghreb .

Color blue and white

Perhaps the most important feature of Moroccan decor is the dominance of the blue color in all its bright shades on the details of the design pieces, so we find this Color in the walls and floors of the decoration of Moroccan houses, and the splendor and splendor of the blue color is completed only by placing it next to the white color, which highlights it, strengthens it and makes it radiant of beauty, so we always find the white color complementary to the blue color, whether in furniture, furnishings or curtains .

الديكور المغربي
الديكور المغربي
الديكور المغربي

Decorative and hand-painted modules

Moroccan tiles lining walls or floors always carry drawings and decorations of geometric units of Arabic and Islamic decoration or elegant decorative floral units, which may sometimes overlap red, orange and yellow in a small proportion.

Decorative ceramic dishes

Moroccan decorations are always characterized by traditional ceramic dishes that hang on the walls, they are always hung in groups randomly to occupy a prominent place in the living room, living room or reception room.

Heritage fabrics in upholstery and curtains

In Moroccan decoration, we always find the use of elegant heritage fabrics rich in Arabic motifs and distinctive drawings, whether in room furnishings, curtains, sofa, sofa cushions, living rooms and reception rooms.

Low seats close to the floor are one of the most important main features that distinguish the design of furniture in the style of interior design for Moroccan decor, as well as for tables and tables, in addition, of course, they are filled with numerous fillings with several bas-reliefs, recessed or inlaid with mother-of-pearl and metal.

Other decorators resort to processing some decorative units and inscriptions from traditional Moroccan decorations and forming them into modern units in the same spirit using exaggerated geometric patterns in some of them, but in a way that preserves the inspiration of the heritage spirit with the same standards of Moroccan decoration units and elements.

The style of Moroccan decoration in the interior architecture of houses


The presence of features of Moroccan decor in the furniture of the house is not limited only, but it is also common to put a lot of glimpses inside the architectural constructionwalls and ceilings of houses, especially when making gypsum decorations for ceilings, walls, window openings or corridors, so we see decorations and bas-reliefs carved in those spaces.


Architectural arches


It is one of the details of the interior architecture design of the Moroccan decoration style, where we always see it in the openings inside the walls, whether in the doors from above, windows or corridor openings, as well as in the intervals between rooms, so that in Arab architecture there is a distinctive architectural arch of the Moroccan style called the Arab-Moroccan arch.

Accessories and accessories decorations

Accessories in Moroccan decor are a very unique and famous element, from ceramics to bedspreads, wall hangings and pillows patterned with hand-embroidered fabrics, in addition to authentic Moroccan carpets and curtains, which are characterized by rich colors and designs with decorative geometric patterns.

الديكور المغربي
الديكور المغربي
الديكور المغربي
Lighting units and lanterns

No Moroccan decor is without illuminated metal lamps engraved with vicious ornaments or lanterns and glass chandeliers made of handmade glass or inlaid with mosaics, from which the light comes out in color or through decorative holes in its walls and is hung by a pendant from the ceilings or installed on the walls, which gives the decor of the place freshness, splendor and beauty.

So Moroccan decoration is characterized by its beautiful vibrant colors, soft texture and different patterns that are similar to Islamic inscriptions, and decorators have been inspired by a lot of interior designs of houses through Moroccan decoration, and we at SMD decorations in turkeywe always strive to satisfy the taste of all our customers in various brotherly Arab countries.