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Multi-use furniture

Multi-use furniture

Date: 2022/12/16


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Two multi-use ” smart furniture ” is one of the most important recent changes in the world of decoration and interior design so that using التكنولوجياالحديثة we can design a piece of furniture to do most of the function at the same time instead of the acquisition of furniture, multiplayer, where the latter usage is a piece designed to be folded or change their shape in a certain way to do more than osiyoni else it is the result of effective solutions and innovative in the field of interior design problem of small space living in the shadow of growth scale current financial He is also the acquisition of pieces of furniture can be converted from one form to another or from one job to another, trying to the modern style.In our report This is for SMD decorations website in Turkey about multi-use furniture forms and types, its features and disadvantages and many examples supported by photos for illustration follow us...


The objectives of multi-use furniture include :-

  • Add an aesthetic and modern touch to the place.
    Solve the problem of small spaces.
    Use the spaces well.
    Saving and trying to develop solutions to the current financial crises, as one piece of furniture can serve as two pieces with different functions at the same time.

Features of multi-use furniture :-

  1. Saving space and creating spaciousness

Since in narrow spaces, the use of multi-use furniture is a solution that helps to use a small area of space to do more than one job, and thus provide more spaces that give a feeling of spaciousness, such as a bedroom that turns into a study space or a space for entertainment, by designing the piece of furniture so that there is a folding sleeping mattress on the wall, or pushing it to the wall, and when this happens, a hidden part appears that can be converted to an office, for example, a sofa or a dining table, and when you do not need a desk or table, you can fold it to the wall as well.

  1. Lower costs

The cost of making multi-use furniture is much lower than the cost of obtaining a larger space or resorting to a specialist for a contractor to demolish a wall between two spaces or other traditional and expensive solutions, instead of looking for an extra bedroom, you can resort to a multi-storey mattress, a loft bed under a study unit or a storage unit.

Reduce clutter and traffic in the place

As the number of furniture pieces increases within a specific space, it may give a feeling of clutter and the place becomes less beautiful, and therefore the use of multi-use furniture pieces is a solution that provides more than one function in one piece of furniture instead of two or three pieces, for example, storage beds help reduce clutter by providing storage space under the bed, and by reducing clutter, you can simplify the look of the room, making it look bigger and more welcoming.

Disadvantages of multi-use furniture :-

  • Difficulty in design and implementation
    Requires special skill in use and installation
    Difficulty maintaining and caring for it
    It needs more time in installation and cleaning
    One of the problems that may also occur is the breakage of a small part of the rotating or folding parts of the piece of furniture, which makes it lose one or more functions completely, and there may be difficulty in changing this part, which is often the metal mechanisms controlling the movement of the piece of furniture.

Forms of multi-use furniture :-

Versatile sofa: a sofa can be designed to turn into a bed or a sofa with storage units, or a sofa that can be converted into a dining table with folded chairs hidden inside.
Hidden tables: a table can be designed in the form of a wooden board glued to the wall with an inscription or drawing on it as an art board, but it can be converted when needed into a dining table or used in the study or to use a laptop.


الاثاث متعدد الاستخدام


  • Multifunctional storage pieces: built-in storage units are designed inside other furniture pieces, such as chairs, bed, tables, or corner.
    Separating rooms with multi-use partitions: a large area can be divided into two small spaces to benefit from each of them differently, with the separation of the two spaces with a piece of furniture that is also suitable as a storage unit, such as a bookcase, for example, or a storage unit for clothes, shoes, etc.
    Multi-use wooden staircase: as the idea of a wooden staircase that is used as storage units is a very practical and innovative idea, the stairs are small storage units for storing various things.

Multi-use bed: this is the most popular type of multi-use furniture where units are integrated to decorate the bed, or the design of a bed that turns into a desk, study table or other other ideas.

In our article, we have received the latest information about multi-use furniture, its aesthetics, how much we need it in some houses with small spaces and how we can use one piece for several uses.the important thing is that we must be careful when using this cat because if a small part breaks, we may lose the whole piece. who of you thought of acquiring smart furniture or the so-called multi-use thanks to its use in small spaces, and they must also be used carefully and carefully so that they remain with you for as long as possible.SMD decorations team in Turkey always wishes you well-being ^_^


الاثاث متعدد الاستخدام

الاثاث متعدد الاستخدام
الاثاث متعدد الاستخدام
الاثاث متعدد الاستخدام