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Master the art of dealing with vacant spaces

Master the art of dealing with vacant spaces

Date: 2022/12/16


The Art of Dealing: The art of feng shui is an art that seeks to organize and harmonize the life around us in order to achieve a better life.

This art considers everyone around us in our environment a living and interconnected entity and always interacts with us and affects it positively or negatively.

We will talk here about these forces and how they affect our health, our wealth, and our relationships with our family.

This art is primarily a science with its ancient Chinese origins, but has become very popular in the Western world.

Practicing feng shui correctly is the most challenging matter and we can only talk about it briefly for the length of the explanation.

For these reasons, we like to share some feng shui rules that make life easier.

And the space around you is more suitable for the life around you.

Welcome entrance:

Make sure the front of the house isn't just for cuteness.

Because it is positive energy that enters through the front door.

Make sure the entrance is neat with no dead or broken plants lined up next to each other.

Colors have an effect:

Colors are considered to have a great influence in the art of feng shui and represent something quite different, for example:

Green symbolizes nature and hence it represents life and hope.

Yellow symbolizes energy, red and purple.

Fortunately, relaxing colors are the best in living rooms.

Mirrors suspension:

According to the rules of Feng Shui, it is believed that mirrors have the effect of blocking the flow of negative energy and have positive energy as well.

Therefore, it is preferable to place mirrors inside the house, but make sure that you do not place them in front of the door, as it may direct positive energy outside the house.

Furniture arrangement:

Furniture must be placed in a way that does not impede movement in the spaces leading to the rooms as this is considered to impede the flow of energy.

The placement of the sofas in the room must be with the back facing the wall as much as possible.

This adds harmonious balance to the room space and allows energy to flow into the house.

Water fountain installation:

The installation of a water fountain is central to the application of the principles of feng shui, which literally translates to "air - water".

As the water fountain enhances the sense of peace in any room you are in.

Fresh plants offer:

Displaying fresh flowers or plants can boost positive energy.

Hence it is very important to have flowers without thorns.

Also, put a fruit basket in the bedroom, especially the pomegranate, as it is a symbol of fertility.

While putting oranges and lemons in the entrance brings good luck and success.

Secluded area for work and relaxation:

Your office space should be as far away as possible from the living room and bedroom.

Relaxation becomes difficult with work-related materials that lose the desired relaxation in the bedroom.

Avoid using sharp lines and curves:

The art of feng shui prefers circular shapes.

Where he avoids the use of sharp lines or skewed shapes.

According to the concepts of feng shui, it emits negative energy.

Although it is impractical to avoid using sharp lines, avoid sharp corners as much as possible.

As the corners do not point at all towards the chairs or beds.

As it is a channel of negative energy towards things and thus prevents the feeling of comfort and relaxation.

Feng shui is a holistic system that has been practiced in China for hundreds of years.

And it doesn't just take into account the effect of energy on the physical world.

but considers the effect of energy on the emotional and intellectual characteristics of daily life as well,

This ancient art has helped millions around the world in organizing things around them in a way that enhances the standard of life they live.