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Latest home library designs

Latest home library designs

Date: 2022/12/16


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Latest home library designs

Libraries are an important part of home decor, and they have their charming touches on it, if you are a fan of reading, hoarding gifts and antiques, we will show you, through smd decorations in Turkey, the most prominent, best and latest designs of home libraries, which have several uses, including helping to keep books in different places of your homes in a way that gives you charming decorative touches, and and the use of empty corners in your homesfor more beautiful decor follow us...

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Multiple latest home library designs


Home libraries are of many forms and types depending on their purpose, there is a library of books and there is a library of compact music tapes, which are often attached to the unit of the TV set, its accessories from the receiver, a video device and its own tapes.There is a library that includes special places for books and television together, and this type is more widespread in light of the lack of interest in acquiring books after all the information became available on the internet, in addition to the narrow spaces of modern homes, which makes some do not see any need to design a separate library dedicated only to books.The area of a comprehensive library often ranges from120 centimeters to two and a half meters.

One of the latest forms of this quality, which contains a corner for placing a plasma-screen TV, another corner for a computer with all its necessities, in addition to shelves for placing music tapes, other shelves for magazines and a third for books.




Modern libraries fit this era

Modern libraries provide you with a variety of choices that help give your home a different touch, and it is no longer necessary that your modern library is in contact with the ground or based on it, or in a certain way that we must adhere to, but you can design modern libraries on the walls of your home walls in a way that gives you different wonderful aesthetic touches.The designs may be a word read in Arabic or English, or in the form of drawings of trees, or other hanging shelves that do not restrict you to spaces and help you design them in various rooms of your home, especially children's rooms.

Television library

The TV corner in the House has not become the usual traditional form, but it gives you a wide area of creativity and innovation that enables you to give your home a wonderful aesthetic decorative touch. You can use the TV library to give the house different decorative touches, as its area, colors and designs vary, which enables you to choose from them according to the nature of your home decor, and there are many forms of wooden designs, and others are stainless, and even some of what you can get from the wall of your house with the design of stones and bricks.

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10 tips in designing a home library

1-determine what you need in the design of a home library

This is the most important step in the design process of the library with men's Majlis decorations, you must determine the location of the lighting, its quality, what you need and want from this library in terms of accessories, books, bookshelves and the amount of shelves, depending on the size of the collection you have and the space available, take into account the wishes of the rest of the family, and now you can start the design process.

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2-Choose the right type

The choice of the quality of the library design depends on the size of the board, if your board is small in area, you can choose a set of shelves and hang them on the wall in an innovative way or some wall cabinets, and if the area of your board is already large, then providing your own space as a huge library area with a reading area will be a suitable option.

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3-Choose the right size

It depends on the amount of books that you have and that you are going to buy, if there are many, choose a design that extends to the ceiling for optimal utilization and better saving of space, as for a simple collection, you can choose open shelves.

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4-quality is important

Make sure of the quality of the library shelves, which will contain your valuable books, accessories and valuable antiques, stay away from adding many curves on the shelves of your libraryto limit the ability of the shelves to withstand weight, choose the simplest design or let your books and antiques do their job in the aesthetic aspect of the design, be sure to provide ventilation in the library shelves to prevent books from being damaged due to moisture.

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5-Choose the right color

Choose the color that suits the rest of the colors of the board, it should be of calm comfortable colors, stay away from flashiness, you can take classic colors such as brown or green or choose your favorite color.

6-required pieces of furniture

You should put a comfortable table and chair next to the library, choose simple pieces of furniture for this area.

7. organization

Be sure to leave room for free movement in the library area, as books should be organized in a way that makes them practical and preserves them, where you can use book dividers to separate old books from new ones, in addition to classifying books according to their fields.

8-proper lighting

Choose the quality of lamps that are strong in lighting and suitable for reading and enhance their presence in the library area, you can enhance the lighting by adding wall lamps on the sides because lighting is of great importance in the world of decoration that you must take into account.

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90-turn vertically in the design

Choosing vertical libraries is a wise choice that will preserve space and optimize utilization, as it will help the process of organization, arrangement and appearance with a better result.

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    10-put it by the window

It is preferable to place the library next to the window, because of course you do not want a closed or stuffy reading area, so it is preferable that the library is next to a window or overlooking an exposed area for natural lighting and better ventilation, or it can be placed in other places, but there must be appropriate lighting.

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We hope that you will benefit from the tips and notes mentioned above in this article, so when you design your library and integrate it with the decor of your board, keep in mind that having a library at home is not necessarily for reading lovers only, this area is suitable for relaxation and meditation while browsing a magazine and a smart way to encourage your children to read and peruse, because you will certainly feel stress-free and calmer after spending time off from a busy day and sitting on a comfortable chair next to your valuable library.Thus, we have reached the end of our article, in which we talked about the importance of the library in homes, what are the favorite places to be in it, its features and the appropriate style for each space and for each decor, but it must You just need to know how and what to design your own libraries, such as choosing the right model or the right place .