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Decoration ideas

Decoration ideas

Date: 2022/12/16


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Decoration ideas-every person dreams of living in a house whose decoration is consistent in terms of colors and sizes inside the house, so that he feels relaxed, calm and able to concentrate while working at home.to achieve this, we get acquainted with various decor ideas that help expand the space of the house and get rid of clutter, according to some international decorators.

Decoration ideas for the vastness of the house space

أفكار ديكورات
أفكار ديكورات

Painting the walls in white

أفكار ديكورات

It is advisable to paint the walls in white, as it helps to suggest the large area of the room, or paint one of the corners of the room in white, while avoiding adding any decorations or hanging an art painting on it, so as to suggest the vastness of the room.

Less decorations

أفكار ديكورات

It is preferable to draw some simple design decorations or avoid adding decorations on the wall, as this helps more to suggest the spaciousness of a small room.

Clean lines

أفكار ديكورات


It is also preferable to leave the walls of the room free of decorations, and part of the room wall can be painted white and the other part in cream, as this helps to suggest the spaciousness of the small room.

Getting rid of clutter


It is preferable to buy pieces of furniture that have cabinets, such as a bed, a sofa, a wall-mounted cabinet, as they help to store a lot of clothes, shoes, toys and other things that cause chaos inside the room.

The use of wood

أفكار ديكورات


It is preferable to use wood in the design of the room wall or ceiling, as it helps to feel relaxed and comfortable, and also helps to suggest the vastness of the room, so it is advisable to use it inside the office room.

Laminate flooring

It is preferable to replace tiles or ceramics with a wooden floor, as it helps to get the suggestionthe vastness of the room, as well as the elegance of the house and warmth during the winter.

The bedroom is devoid of decorations

It is advisable to avoid adding some decorations or hanging art paintings inside the bedroom, which is characterized by a small area that suggests a large area, which helps a person feel comfortable and relaxed inside the room.

Expansion of the living room

Interior designers recommend working on expanding the living room by getting rid of some pieces of furniture that cause congestion inside the roomand removing some walls so that the living room expands and looks brighter.

Decoration ideas for the vastness of the living room space

Updating the entrance to the living room
We start by updating the entrance to the living room, where it is, and by renewing the decor of the entrance to the room by adding some new decor pieces or removing some of them. Which makes you feel the change, positively affects the psychological state of the individual.

Update Windows

If the windows overlook a green space or a landscape that you can open, it helps to renovate and change the living room, thereby improving the psychological state of family members.

Wall decoration

It is possible to resort to the decoration of the walls of the living room, by adding some drawings, which correspond to the decor of the roomand help to renovate the living room.

Update paint colors

The renovation of the living room wall painting also helps to change the decor of the room, preferably choosing neutral colors so as to allowfreedom to choose the colors of other decor pieces inside the room.

Tricks for the spaciousness of the living room

You can use some methods that help make the room look more spacious, such as painting the ceiling white, bringing a large-sized rug, and adding some mirrors in the corners of the room, which help make the room look likea larger area than it is, and at the same time do not cost a lot of money.


It is worth mentioning that some may feel bored and want to renovate the home decor, especially the living room or living room where we spend most of our time>

We receive guests from friends and relatives, and to achieve this at the lowest cost, we tried to list to you through smd decorations in Turkey some tips and ideas that help to renovate the living room and did not forget also decor ideas for the rest of the house spaces.


In conclusion, if you want to design your own homes or even your own commercial projects, just contact SMD decorations in Turkey to provide you with a free consultation suitable for your spaces at the meeting of our group's decoration engineers.