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Modern corridor flooring ideas

Modern corridor flooring ideas

Date: 2022/12/16


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Modern corridor flooring ideas

If you are looking for ideas for modern corridor floors, you have come to the right site, we from SMD decorations in Turkey have dedicated this reportto talk about some ideas that may help you in making interior decoration for corridor floors, which have taken a leading role in our world today.

Interior architects believe that there is a great interest in modern corridor floors and roof design in general, as entrance floors are no longer an afterthought, they have become an integral part of interior design and are now seen as an essential feature of the House.

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Modern corridor flooring ideas

أفكار أرضيات الممرات الحديثة

While the hallway floor, with heavy use, needs to be durable and preferably easy to maintain, it can alsoa feature that enhances the style and success of your room.The choice of material depends on your budget, attitude to personality, beauty and practicality.Wood remains a permanent option for interiors and is the perfect floor to give warmth and personality to the entrance to your home.

Laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is considered a classic design-always a sign of quality and craftsmanship, and this elegant and timeless form of flooring appearedfirst appeared in Versailles in Louis XIV. With regular correct maintenance, it is the idea of modern hallway flooring that will last for years.

  • High quality vinyl tiles
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A high-quality vinyl tile floor is warm underfoot, easy to install and even easier to maintain, the appetite for flooring made of vinyl increases in busy areas such as halls and entrances.Your space may double as a waiting area or a place to store shoes and coats, which means it has to withstand wear and tear.Choosing vinyl flooring is not only an affordable, but also a practical option.Luxury vinyl tile (LVT) is also resistant to chemical stains and water, so it can be easily cleaned.Choose from finishes that mimic wood and stone or playful patterns that add a touch of decoration while hiding annoying footprints.So we recommend looking for vinyl floor tiles, rather From the fake parquet.

Modern corridor flooring ideas - playing with style


Interior designers say that choosing the right type of modern flooring, in terms of the style it creates, can go a long waylong in making the space of the hall seem larger.

Wood can be used diagonally - the room will seem larger than it is. When it comes to tiles, I prefer tiles where you don't clearly seewhere the Tile starts or stops, which makes the entire floor look smooth.Mosaics, large marble slabs or twisted geometric shapes can be used to achieve this - especially when using bright colors, such as blue powder. Whatever you do, try to avoid the standard 60 × 60 cm tiles because they visually divide the room into squares, and highlight too many of them is inappropriate.We often associate patterned floors with Victorian design and for good reason; they are famous for using refined and intricate patterns in the home to create an atmosphere of timeless luxury.

The patterned carpet

The patterned carpet and rugs until recently tended to be casual, neutral and just for the bedroom, but they are returning, becoming a favorite and moving to the hallway as well.The corridors and entrances are considered important spaces in the house, so it's nice to spread them with patterned carpets along the corridor to suit the interior decoration of the rest of the House.

Wooden-shaped porcelain tiles

أفكار أرضيات الممرات الحديثة

Wood-shaped porcelain tiles are a popular choice for the hallway, not least because they offer a sense of character and movement.Previously, their perfectly flat printed surface was used to abandon the fact that the panels were not made of real wood, but nowadays, wood grains are pressed to the surface of the tiles for greater realism.

Modern corridor flooring ideas - stone flooring

As one of the most popular choices for stone flooring, travertine comes in many different variations of colors, cuts, and finishes.Limestone works well both indoors and outdoors, making it a great choice for doorways and open-plan spaces.

Limestone tends to be lighter and honey-colored tones, and although it is not as porous as sandstone, it requires a strong sealant and will need to be maintained regularly to avoid premature stains and scratches.


Modern corridor flooring ideas - sandstone

The sandstone is naturally beautiful, each sandstone slab comes in different colors.Natural sandstones are porous, so they need to be closed and there are some execution companies that close the cracks in a very tight way.

Porcelain tiles

There are many benefits to using porcelain tiles, and it is considered easy to keep porcelain hygienically clean. It is considered a non-porous, durable, lightweight and scratch-and stain-resistant material.

Choosing large-sized panels with fewer grout lines not only helps to clean stone floors, but can create the illusion ofpresence of space in a small corridor or a narrow corridor space, just be sure to choose a non-slip finish.

Porcelain tile is one of the most popular materials for modern corridor flooring these days, it is strong, non-porous, and extremely resistant to stains and scratching. They work well with underfloor heating, in addition, they tend to come in a largea variety of designs, colors and shapes.

Floors of polished concrete or cement

While polished concrete requires specialized installation, it can last a lifetime and requires minimal maintenance.It is wiser to install a heating system while entering concrete floors, otherwise you may feel very cold underfoot, and retro installation may be an expensive and troublesome task.You may also want to add a large comfortable rug to soften the space and help absorb sound, preventing unwanted echo throughout your property.

It is worth mentioning that the corridors in our houses and villas are among the important spaces that we must also focus on, whether in terms of floors, walls and lighting