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Wooden stable doors

Wooden stable doors

Date: 2022/12/16


Wooden Stable Doors: In new homes and offices, we see new designs and trends in decor,

Most notably in the types of doors and the separations between one space and another in the apartment.

Among the trends in the world of design and fashion, the trend of sliding doors stands out.

These doors give a rustic touch and add warmth to the place we want to design.

The most prominent of the sliding doors are the doors that remind us of the old and rustic stable style!

In the bedrooms, for example, these doors give a lot of intimacy, especially since they are a warm and warm element in themselves.

In this case, we can keep the colors of the bedroom cool, or neutral and simple,

Because the door will help us create a balance in the place and add the heat we need in the bedroom.

In addition, the wooden stable doors are compatible with all styles and designs, from classic to modern.

You can match it with large pendant chandeliers, with a soft modern rug or with a French style bed.

As for living rooms or offices, there is nothing more beautiful than adding a touch of warmth to the living room.

Rural stable doors are the best and most beautiful solution for that!

There are many ways to use this door in the living room,

You can first use it to separate open spaces or separate rooms from each other, and you can also use it to decorate the space.

It is also a distinctive way to use it in other places in the house, such as hiding the TV, bookshelves, kitchen cabinets,

Through these doors in the form of rustic windows attract the attention of the inhabitant and visitor.