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Wood and its types and uses in furniture

Wood and its types and uses in furniture

Date: 2023/03/26


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1- Introduction

Wood has been used since the dawn of history in manufacturing everything that man needs, for several characteristics that distinguish wood from other materials: Ease of obtaining it from trees. Durability and toughness...

Wood is one of the most important natural resources due to its natural properties and chemical composition. It is used in various industries that we mainly need in daily life, including the manufacture of furniture, musical instruments, paper, and charcoal, in addition to its use as an insulating material in construction work due to its strength. and ease of processing. In MyBiot, we have previously talked about wooden decorations for homes in all their forms, so we devoted this article to talking about the most prominent and most widely used types of wood in decoration, including hard and soft wood, as well as industrial.

2- What is wood?

Wood is a porous, moist organic material that can be easily cut and shaped. It can easily adapt to the external environment, as it is affected by external factors and takes many forms.

 It is the primary material used in the construction of houses by more than 60%, and it is used to manufacture furniture for homes, offices, etc., and there is nothing in the efficiency of natural wood. 

3- Sources of wood extraction

Wood  is taken from plants inside and outside forests, such as trees and shrubs in particular, and wood cells consist of cellulose and half cellulose linked by a substance called the two woods. The source of wood is forests and their trees and shrubs. With the increase in the need for wood due to various purposes.. Factories are cutting down a huge number of trees, which has led to global warming, as forests are the planet's breather and source of oxygen, and work to maintain the balance of nature. Factories have planted temporary forests for industrial use, planting tree seedlings to replace trees that have been cut down to make up for this shortfall. Some scientists have also extracted a new type of fast-growing woody tree that consists of high quality, and planted it in these temporary forests for industrial purposes. 


4- Types of wood in decoration


There are many types of natural and manufactured wood, and each has advantages, disadvantages, and uses that differ from one type to another.

The most prominent types of wood used in the manufacture of wooden chairs, doors, wooden floors, and other decoration ideas:

  1. natural wood.
  2. industrial wood.

The first type: natural wood

Natural wood is defined as blocks of wood that are cut from various types of trees of certain sizes and shapes, and are sold according to their size. 

This type of wood is divided into two parts, namely 

  1. solid wood 
  2. Softwood 
  1. solid wood

Hardwood is characterized as the most durable and strong, and is extracted from trees with broad leaves and angiosperms that reproduce with flowers. Hardwoods also appear in other types of trees, including oak, and hardwood is one of the most expensive types of wood and the most difficult to manufacture and use.

The most prominent types of natural solid wood and their uses:

  • Teak wood: It is one of the best and most valuable types of wood in decoration due to its high hardness and great strength, in addition to that it is not affected by heat and humidity, and it is characterized by the ability to smooth and polish it, and it is worth noting that it is used in decoration works and the manufacture of natural wood furniture.
  • Benzoin wood: It is very similar to teak wood in terms of color, except that it ranges between light yellow and red colors, and is characterized by its ability to absorb moisture, and it can also be used in the manufacture of windows and also types of wooden doors for rooms of all kinds.
  • Beech wood: Its color tends to be light brown, and it is characterized by high strength and hardness, beautiful appearance, heavy weight, and its surface does not contain pores. It is also considered one of the best types of wood for cupboards and also types of wood for kitchens.
  • Mahogany wood: Although its cost is high, it is unique in its reddish color, relatively long life span, and is free of knots and not affected by water. Its uses vary as it is considered one of the best types of natural wood for tables and is also used in the manufacture of wooden chairs.
  • Oak wood: This type is considered one of the most common types of wood used in furniture in all its forms, and it is characterized by its red and white colors, its high hardness, as well as its similarity to beech wood, but one of its most prominent defects is that it is expensive and contains pores.
  • Maple wood: It is a wood with a dark red color that is very similar to beech wood, except that its veins are white, and it is widely used in the manufacture of natural wood parquet floors and luxurious high-cost furniture.
  • Russian wood: This type is considered one of the best types of wood for bedrooms and the manufacture of beds, as it is characterized by a bright red color, and it is known that it does not contain knots, and its cost is lower compared to other types of natural decorative wood.
  1. Softwood

It is the wood taken from coniferous trees, which are characterized by pointed leaves and are evergreen. This type is one of the most widespread types in the world, and it represents more than 80% of the global production of wood. It is also spread in the Baltic regions, North America and China, and it is usually used in construction and the manufacture of natural wood tables and other types of home furniture.

The most prominent types of natural soft wood and its uses:

  • White wood: It is wood with a white color that is classified as one of the most popular softwoods due to its low cost. It is known to be knotty and weak, and it is greatly affected by moisture. As for its uses, it is mainly used in brickwork, and it can never be used in the manufacture of doors. or windows
  • Sweden wood: This type of wood is available in a yellowish-white color in five degrees from 1 to 5, depending on the percentage of knots in it. Sweden wood is also one of the most prominent types of wood in decoration, as it is used in the manufacture of doors, windows and other home decorations.
  • American wood: American wood is similar to Swedish wood in terms of characteristics, except that it does not contain knots, and it is also used in the manufacture of doors and kitchens
  • Fino wood: It is lighter in weight compared to white wood, and it is usually used in the manufacture of furniture and home decorations, including doors and sofas.


The second type: industrial wood

When mentioning the types of wood in decoration, it is necessary to talk about industrial wood , which has become widely used during the past years in the world of interior design and home furnishing industry. 

It is a good alternative to natural wood, which can be made by sawdust with the addition of some other materials to form industrial wood. Recently, it has been widely used in the field of furniture and apartment finishing.

The most prominent types of industrial wood and its most important uses:

  • plywood

Plywood, also known as plywood or plywood, is characterized by its high cohesiveness, as well as its high water resistance. This type of wood is made using thin slices of wood veneers, where the slices are placed in order layer by layer in opposite directions of the fibers, then they are pressed with presses with the use of glue and heat.

  • MDF fiber wood

Fiber wood is also called compressed wood, as its panels are made by mixing fine sawdust with adhesives and then compressing them to form the panels. Other types of wood.

  • Counter wood

Contour boards, also known as warp boards, are made from small pieces of natural wood, which are stacked next to each other without leaving any spaces between them. The panels of this type are covered from the top and bottom with veneer, and they are pressed using heat after placing the adhesive materials between the pieces. It is worth noting that its advantages include light weight and strength, as well as resistance to bending and shrinkage.

  • Hardboard

Hardboard wood panels are the strongest and best types of wood in decoration, despite their thin thickness. Hardboard boards are very similar to fiber wood, except that this type of wood is pressed under the influence of higher temperatures and greater strength in order to become more dense and durable, in addition to that one of the surfaces of the hardboard wood is smooth, while the other is rough.


5- What is the reason for the difference in prices in furniture made of wood?

We always wonder about the price difference between similar pieces of furniture that are made of the same type of wood. So before we know the types of wood, we have to understand that there is a difference between even the same type of wood. For example, we find that a chair made of beech is twice as expensive as another chair of the same type. The shape is also made of beech, so why this difference?

This difference in price is due to several factors, including the thickness of the wood used to make this piece, the degree of drying of this wood in the oven, the higher the degree of drying of the wood, the more solid and resistant to moisture and less exposure to the problems of expansion and shrinkage that occur to the wood during the different seasons, summer and winter, as well as the type of paint The user in painting this piece controls the price, and most importantly the accuracy and skill of the carpenter who made this piece and the number of wooden joints used, and whether the carving is manual or using machines, as it is known that the manual carving is the highest price of all.


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