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What is the relationship of decoration in YouTube content?

What is the relationship of decoration in YouTube content?

Date: 2023/03/16


Table Of Contents

1- Introduction: 

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In the time of speed and the spread of the Internet and the attempt to obtain work in different fields to obtain salaries suitable for living and moving forward, new professions and jobs began to appear, some of which bring imaginary and convincing profits that cover the needs of the individual and his living requirements.

Whereas, due to the lack of sufficient job opportunities, young people accepted many different project ideas during this period because self-employment is always the best option for continuous profit and a stable source of continuous income.

But when you think about a project, for example, opening a private studio, you will get a lot of profits.

Perhaps this project requires many supplies, suitable places, and appropriate decorations, mainly and important.

And if you are interested, we have previously talked about YouTube decorations in general.

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2- The importance of YouTube studio decorations according to the content:

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The designs, colors, and decorations of the YouTube studio  differ according to the content that the YouTuber or the content creator wants to present, and this difference has a great impact on the method of presentation and on the recipient. We will present many ideas for decorations and the importance of each variety for each of them.

First, the educational content:

You should focus on calm and simple colors when coloring the walls, and put a board to write explanations and clarify ideas, and a large screen of suitable dimensions to display videos and illustrative pictures and lessons on them, pictures can be hung on the walls containing influential and motivating phrases or quotes in different fonts and languages ​​( Latin for example) and pictures of scholars or historical writers, putting good lighting and taking good care of it to make the explanation written by the presenter clear and to distinguish the colors of the pens with which he writes, and everything mentioned is important in evaluating the best educational content that helps the presenter recipient to clarify ideas in the simplest and clearest way And it makes the viewer or the learner attracted to the information and does not turn away from ideas, and the long viewing does not cause him a lot of fatigue because of the long time and the lessons presented that need intellectual effort and focus, and to make the learner love presentation and feel comfortable and follow all the lessons that are presented for him .


2- Cinematic content:

 With the proliferation of viewing platforms and the multiplicity of works and their types, many makers of this content have emerged on YouTube, and designing decorations for the studio can be relied upon in a dark red color close to the color of chairs in the cinema, and dividing the wall into several shelves and placing pictures of actors and phrases from films or series. And I play in the form of famous characters, as well as decorations in the form of awards (Oscars, Golden Globes...) or original novels produced as films and series (Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones...), in addition to focusing on lighting the YouTube studioGood ones that should be close to the color of the walls, clarify the details of the decoration, and make the viewer feel as if he is in the cinema, and the importance of these decorations, as the follower likes to see posters or phrases from his favorite work, or pictures of his favorite character or the actor he loves, and make the viewer feel the atmosphere of watching. Cinematic or follows one of the works that he followed again, which makes him related to what you offer and always returns to see the reviews of the new works or that he watched that you publish.


3- Mathematical content: 

The designs vary according to the type of sport, the most famous of which is football. A carpet can be placed on the ground, similar to the stadium floor, with a grassy green color, striped and divided. The walls of the YouTube studio can be coloredIn green, or placing divided shelves in which we put the championship cups (Champions League, World Cup for national teams...) and the distinguished and beautiful championship balls, and they can be signed by football players, and put decorations similar to individual awards such as the Golden Ball or hanging famous shirts International clubs have a global audience or pictures of players, historical or from the present time, and impressive and beautiful phrases said by the players or commentators on the matches can be written that draw the attention of the scene and impress it. A large or medium-sized screen can be placed to display snapshots of the matches or analyze the match, and this The ideas in designing the studio show how wonderful the content is and the fatigue that the YouTuber puts in to present it and entice the follower to follow it and attach it to it and listen to what he hears and watches. And his interest in the sport he loves, and thus he will follow all your clips.

Of course, the decorations are important in the content presented and have a great impact on the method of presentation or on the recipient, and the effect differs from the difference in the content. Therefore, it must be taken into account that the decoration of the YouTube studio is suitable for the content presented, as most of the time the content is not specified as the YouTuber talks about different topics in public life Or about recent events "trend" or old historical events "wars, battles or stories", you can rely on randomness in choosing studio decor according to the taste, culture or environment of the presenter or YouTuber, which attracts the viewer and makes it related to all the videos and topics that you publish on your channel.

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3- The effect of decorations and their importance in designing YouTube studio decorations :

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To make the decoration more beautiful and have wonderful and beautiful additions and attract the follower and draw his focus and attention, it is possible to add decorations to the decor that are appropriate and appropriate to the colors and in the right place, where many small or medium-sized objects can be added that draw the attention of the scene, for example, a wall clock or An hourglass, a small fountain suitable for decoration with beautiful lighting, planets and celestial bodies placed on a shelf or can be hung from the ceiling of the YouTube studio ,

Models of small skeletons of animals that are extinct or exist in our time, models of buildings and skyscrapers or international architectural masterpieces such as (Eiffel Tower, Leaning Pisa, Statue of Liberty, New York ..), some small plants such as cacti or types of thistles or beautiful flowers or dwarf trees Modified to be small in size and placed in a suitable corner, plastic figures of influential international and historical figures of small size placed on a table or on a shelf, figures of old tools that our ancestors used, old crafts that have disappeared in our time, and old war weapons, with these ideas of decoration that make the viewer love the studio Your must and what you offer and related to it and attracted to your submission and will become one of your followers.


 Where this decoration will be an important and beautiful addition to the decorations of YouTube studios, as it will be suitable for the content provided by the YouTuber, and the viewer will love it and draw his attention.


4- The importance and impact of lighting in YouTube studio decorations

Lighting can be suspended from the ceiling in various shapes suitable for the desired decor, lighting can be placed under a table or dim shelves, LED buttons can be placed around the shelves in different colors, RGB lights can be placed on the wall, a large light can be placed in the center of the studio in a circular shape to distribute The light is on the entire studio, and small spotlights with a slightly weak light are placed behind the content presenter to focus on the decor behind him, and it is possible to rely on sunlight most of the time, so care must be taken in the position of the studio windows or curtains should be placed to prevent entry in case it is undesirable, as the lighting It must be suitable with the subject or content provided by the YouTuber and good for the viewer. Lighting is important for the follower, as it is one of the most important aspects that care about his psychological and physical comfort, as it can affect the psychological according to the light, its type, color, the place in which it is located, and its appearance as well. Therefore, lighting is a very sensitive aspect in the decoration of YouTube studios, and it must be focused on in order to presentBetter content for the viewer and his psychological and physical safety.


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5- SMD Decoration company services for YouTube studio decorations

SMD Decoration follows up the project in all its aspects, starting from the design and appropriate standards, then the practical implementation stage, until the final finishes.

The company relies on its cadres of architects and decorators whose expertise and creative vision in the field of YouTube decorations and the importance of decorations in content combine with modern technology and precision in design to reach the customer’s dream and make it a reality.

SMD Decoration provides you with all technical support during implementation by following up on workshops and field monitoring committees of professional engineers and technicians with credibility and transparency in the work. Planning to work with the customer includes making lists of the materials needed for work and their preferred types and raw materials by the customer to be agreed upon before starting implementation.

In addition to complete projects, SMD also provides advice, advice and solutions for YouTube studio decorations and their importance, and includes all stages of design and implementation.

We are pleased to be in SMD Decoration the place of your permanent trust and admire our offers and renewable services, which we are keen to suit all tastes and desires while preserving the splendor of our distinctive touch.

Smd Decoration is your address for excellence in designs, and for more information, you can contact the specialized engineering team.

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