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Types of engineering software

Types of engineering software

Date: 2023/03/12


Table Of Contents

1- Introduction: 

The study of engineering comes with its challenges, and with it comes many difficulties that engineers face in their daily lives. The existence of appropriate design applications will facilitate the application of professionalism in engineering works and live designs. We will present to you some applications that raise engineering capabilities and develop the professionalism of the engineer in 3D designs that depend in their work on virtual reality and geometric shapes. .

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2- The importance of engineering design programs :

Engineering applications help to design complex engineering works that require a lot of effort to draw in the traditional way.

With the development of technology , many useful and very effective   engineering applications have been developed in engineering and architectural design that shorten time and effort and help present the best projects with elaborate and professional engineering perspectives.

We at SMD Decoration rely on a team of expert engineers using most of the famous applications, the most important of which we will mention in this article.

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3- Areas of architecture and decoration programs:

Engineering applications are the most important tools that achieve great effectiveness and speed up the pace of work in the fields of decoration and architectural design. These applications serve engineers and designers who study any three-dimensional design field from the engineering fields (decoration - civil architecture - mechanics) as they depend on drawing, engineering design and the completion of mathematical calculations And the physics of these designs, you will not find at the present time any engineer who relies on the old traditional methods without advanced design programs after technology has become the most important tools of the modern era, we mention from these important applications: 

  1- Autocad 360 application

This application features the ability to download and open files directly from the email on the computer.

 Also, Autocad 360 creates 2D drawings and 3D drawings with ease and mastery 

The engineer can smoothly navigate the oversized graphics in addition to the zoom and multi-touch features.

And it allows us to feature the GPS tool within the application to choose a specific area with its topography and geographical position to build any plan that is closer to the realistic project and for correct orientation within the drawing and taking all its measurements without going to the work area on the ground.


 You can share the design with other experts in charge of the project and the investor or owner of the project easily and directly via e-mail or social networking sites.

The Autocad 360 application also provides the ability to write texts on the drawing and put all the notes you want without the need to use paper charts.

This application is completely free, it is available in a version for Android devices running 4.0.3 and above, and it is available on the official Google Play Store

Autocad 360 is also available for iOS and iPhone, and is available on the App Store 

Also, of course, there is a suitable version for Windows Phone operating systems via the Microsoft website.


2- Planner 5D Program :

Through the application, you can browse the directory of items that is constantly updated, starting from furniture, home appliances, decoration, household items, and ending with landscape features, in addition to a directory of colors that includes more than 3,000 items. 

This application is an essential component of designing interior and exterior decorations

Planner 5D is a comprehensive design tool that allows interior designers and experienced professionals to create 2D and 3D designs for their projects, and to create realistic images of interior design from floor, ceiling, walls to final details, through simple and easy-to-use features that do not require special skills or experience.

The Planner 5D application is available for both Android device users on the Google Play Store, and for iPhone and iPad users on the Apple Store.


 3- BIMx application

If you use the ARCHICAD architectural design software , then the BIMx application will be an ideal choice for you, as this application displays or shares designs with contractors and clients easily through your phone or tablet and helps the entire workflow hassle-free as the application provides complete control over projects by obtaining Accurate data and information from 3D models, as well as 2D models. 

The application is also compatible with Google's Cardboard VR virtual reality platform, allowing 3D designs to be previewed and navigated through phones easily by engineers and even customers. 

The application is available for free to users of Android devices on the Google Play Store and to users of iPhone and iPad via the Apple Store, and there is also a paid version of BIMx PRO with additional developed features. 


4- CamToPlan _

 This application is useful for measuring distances and drawing dimensions and surfaces with ease, through which distances can be taken vertically or horizontally, and information can be converted to PNG format or any other format with file control through the professional version completely free of ads.

The CamToPlan application depends in its way of working on the feature of automatic image recognition in different conditions and places, provided that there is good lighting, as it focuses on visual details and there is no reflection on the ground to determine distances.

And this application measures the area directly through one square meter or square foot, and the application provides you with a complete layout of the room with all its dimensions, and the drawing and engineering works can be shared via e-mail or social networking sites with ease.

The CamToPlan application is based on augmented reality techniques, as the measuring tape appears on the screen in 3D and can be seen as a real tape, and the application also features the ability to take lengths or distances from any video on your device, or know the dimensions of furniture and walls as well as carpets, so you will not need to remove furniture or unpack The room in order to take measurements, where the application intelligently determines the intersection point between the ground and the target point, and all of this is absolutely simple without using a ruler, which greatly facilitates the interior engineering works, especially the renovation and decoration works. 

You can download the CamToPlan app for free from the developer's official website.


 5- Morpholio Trace – Sketch CAD application :

This program allows you to create designs with colors and the use of different and many styles of templates, brushes and pens, and you can import images from other sources or take pictures directly and add tags to them. 

Morpholio Trace – Sketch CAD application is a unique drawing tool that allows you to work smoothly and simply by going through all stages of the design process, so it is ideal for architects, designers, interior designers and illustrators, as it helps them to create instant drawings to meet all design needs, this application supports reality Enhanced AR Sketch Walk, which allows you to experience 3D designs by merging them with the real world around you to experience them with all their features. The application also includes the AR Perspective Finder tool, which is a new drawing tool that allows you to detect virtual perspective grids, which makes the drawing process much easier. 

Morpholio Trace – Sketch CAD is available for both iPhone and iPad users via the Apple Store, but it is not available for Android device users.


6- Scala Architectural Scale application

The application has an easy and simple user interface, which helps to use it in a distinctive way. If you know the drawing scale, just put your device on the drawing and go to the printed drawing scale and see the selected scale slide. The Scala Architectural Scale application includes all architectural and engineering scales and is used in designing decorations and all engineering designs as well . It can provide dimensional measurements even if the metric is unknown and gives accurate measurements with fixed and variable metrics. The Scala Architectural Scale app is not available for Android users, but it is available for both iPhone and iPad users via the Apple Store.

4- SMD Decoration reliance on engineering software:

SMD Decoration pays great attention to modern professional design programs and keeps abreast of the latest technical updates and new developments in this field so that our work remains distinctive and we offer the best professional designs according to modern technologies and help the customer see his future project through these advanced programs, and follow SMD Decoration

 Safety and quality standards through elaborate mathematical and physical calculations. With these applications, modern technology can be used to ensure the accuracy of the details provided in our initial designs. Our permanent goal is the trust of our valued customers.

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