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The importance of using a wood alternative in decoration

The importance of using a wood alternative in decoration

Date: 2023/03/15


Table Of Contents

1- Introduction.

Wood replacement is one of the main modern products in home decor at SMD Decoration , and it has won the admiration of designers and users around the world because of its many shapes and advantages. Wood replacement panels are used to cover walls, ceilings, columns, and wallpaper for TV screens. Nature colors


2- Wood alternative decorations.

The wood alternative is widely used in interior decoration in many of its elements, here are the most prominent of them:

 1- The bishop

Wood alternative materials allow you to install them on the ceilings to give a distinctive design to the suspended ceilings in the various forms you desire, especially since the suspended ceilings are patterns, designs and decorations for home ceilings, so it is okay if you make some additions to them.

  2- The walls

Walls are one of the basic elements in interior decoration, as they are one of the first things that a person sees when entering any place, so you must be careful when choosing wall decorations, and wood alternative decorations for walls are among the elements recommended by many interior design experts, as they are Choose it to suit the design of the room, as it is available in many shapes and designs as well, not to mention the ease of installation.

 3- Flooring

As for the floors, you can choose ceramic designs for floors in the form of wooden pieces, or you can use vinyl floors that are widely used as an alternative to wooden floors. 

3- Types of wood substitute

1- Types of wood substitute in terms of composition:

First, we will briefly explain the difference between WPC and PVC wood, which may be mentioned a lot when talking about plastic wood:


An abbreviation for Wood Plastic Composite is a plastic fiber mixed with natural wood to increase its durability. Usually this type of wood is used in the external facades and is called treated wood in relation to the natural wood included in its composition.

PVC -2

It is an abbreviation for Polymerization of Vinyl Chloride Polymers of Vinyl Chloride, which is basically an insulating material that has been widely used in the field of construction due to its resistance to moisture and fire. It is a plastic material, or as it is called in the market, plastic wood, and it is frequently used in interior decoration.


2- Types of wood substitute in terms of use:

The uses of plastic wood are varied, whether in interior or exterior finishing, including the following examples:

  • Wood substitute :

It is used for exterior cladding, whether for gardens or around swimming pools, and gives a wonderful merger with the elements of nature. Its use of facades can give them a beautiful elegance as well, and it is frequently used in modern facades. 

  • Indoor wood alternative :

 It can be used as a TV decoration, or wall cladding, and it can be used for entrances and bedrooms to add a warm and beautiful touch 

4- The difference between wood and wood substitute

The first and obvious difference is the composition of natural wood, consisting entirely of wood, while the alternative (plastic wood) includes other materials in its manufacture 

Here are some other functional differences:

  • The life span of plastic wood is longer than natural wood and its maintenance cost is low.
  • It has better performance than wood, as it is resistant to mold, insects, and moisture as well. 
  • Surface hardness and strength can be controlled by controlling the materials used in its manufacture.
  • The possibility of coloring it by adding colors during its manufacture and producing it in several different colors.



5- Advantages and disadvantages of a wood substitute.

  • Advantages of wood substitute:
  • It has good water and moisture resistance, reducing corrosion, mildew and insect resistance.
  • Its price is lower than traditional wood because it is widely spread and does not need to be polished or painted.
  • It is light in weight and durable, due to its strong and unbreakable raw material.
  • It has a long life span and is easy to maintain.
  • It is easy to clean and retains its luster and shine for a relatively long time.
  • Suitable and safe for those suffering from skin diseases and allergies and does not cause harmful chemical emissions.
  • Disadvantages of wood substitute :

Each cladding material has its advantages and also on the other hand has its drawbacks. Here are some drawbacks:

1- Installation

Plastic wood is composed of wood and plastic, so it combines the defects of both materials

 2- Appearance

It may not give an appearance that matches the look and luster of natural wood. 





 6- About SMD Decoration and the most important services it provides.


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