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The finest types of decorations

The finest types of decorations

Date: 2023/03/09


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  There are many types of decorations in the world and they differ from each other as a result of the accumulated experiences of designers and creators in this field, and the multiplicity of their tastes, artistic cultures and their own colors, so we have resulted in several distinctive luxurious decorations, some of which are classic and modern, which gives us a large space for creativity in designs.
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2- The history of the most luxurious and beautiful decorations

There have been many models and decorations in homes, palaces, and villas over time, some of which bear the old classic character distinguished by dark colors, gold-colored furniture, and high-end marble walls. Colors and time period, so some decorations differ from each other in the geometric shapes used and the decorations drawn. There are curved and flowing lines that carry a delicate feminine reflection, sharp lines and straight shapes that give the character of luxury and sharpness, and we must touch on mentioning the impact of local culture on interior and exterior decorations and designs, so we find in Arab regions Bedouin decoration Which bears the stamp of originality and nobility with its colors that smell the fragrance of the desert and the gypsy decor that is colored with the colors of the gypsy tribes and the various motifs. that guarantees success The project with our high-end touch.
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3- How to choose the distinctive luxury decorations

Before choosing the appropriate design, you must get acquainted with some luxurious styles and decorations so that you can determine exactly what you want in light of this great diversity and diversity, and in order to find the right decoration for your environment and your own culture, and we will show you some types of interior and exterior designs for an elegant modern home to help you choose.
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4- Some luxurious decorations and their features

We will mention to you here some types of decorations and their advantages, including their intellectual diversity and refined taste:

1. Modern decor:

Modern decor is considered the most widespread decoration in the world, due to its modernity, diversity of colors and modernity. This decor appeared in the early twentieth century and leaves a large space for electronic tools in the modern home.
  This decor features:
  ● Designs:
  The designs of this decoration are characterized by simplicity and tend more to geometric shapes, distinguished by clear and straight lines, and walls devoid of decorations and inscriptions, and are among the elegant and elegant designs of modern apartments.
Modern decor is characterized by its suitability for large and small spaces and its flexibility. It is considered the most preferred over others, especially in the decor of small apartments, and is the most appropriate for it because of the good management of spaces.
Modern decor distinguishes the freedom to choose color and coordination in modern home decorations, so the colors vary between basic and monochromatic static, free from decorations and coloring.

2. Shabby chic decor

This decoration appeared for fans of old classic styles, so this style began to rely on old wooden furniture pieces (antiques) with the addition of snow white color in these styles, and this type of decoration carries an elegant and charming feminine touch that suits the old princesses’ rooms and suites, and this style has evolved into To find a wide spread, it became suitable for use by both sexes, females and males.
  This decoration features:
The designs are characterized by inscriptions and decorations, especially the botanical ornamentation with curved lines, and these botanical inscriptions are often used on ceilings, walls, and even in pieces of furniture.
  This decoration appears in villas and palaces in particular, because it is suitable for all spaces due to the large percentage of white color, as well as its luxury and the type of materials used in it.
  This decoration relies on the snow-white color to a large extent in its designs, with the addition of special touches of pink and turquoise, which give an indescribable beauty. The black color is rare in this style because of its dark degree, but it can be used for the outer borders of the design, which gives clarity and prominence.

3 . New classic decor

This decoration is a classic decoration, but some modern touches have been added to move from the traditional classic style to the modern contemporary style, as it was developed by classic lovers looking forward to modernity and contemporary.
This decoration is distinguished by the golden color, inscriptions and fine details, in addition to modern lighting and modern furniture
  This decor features:
It is dominated by clear lines and a lack of decorative inscriptions and designs
  It is used in villas that are medium in size, and it can be adopted in large homes, as it is more suitable in these spaces.
It depends on neutral and light colors, and cold colors can be used in it, unlike the traditional classic style. The golden color in this style is less than the usual traditional one, but it remains present as a distinctive touch.

4. Bohemian decor:

It is considered one of the most spontaneous and liberating types of decoration, as there are no restrictions on materials or colors, as it is taken from the gypsy heritage and the traveling tribes.
  This decor features:
It is characterized by being influenced by the designs of Bedouin tribes, as it is traditional designs that vary between all your favorite old designs and modern designs that you like
Spaces are reduced here, so that furniture and furnishings occupy the majority of the space, as it makes furniture, furnishings, and accessories surround you from everywhere.
It depends on the diversity of colors, and this seems clear by mixing between cold and warm colors, and paying attention to both orange and yellow.
It is very suitable for those with absolute and unrestricted thought and for lovers of freedom in taste.

6. Contemporary decor:

This decoration follows the latest fashions and trends, whether in materials or ideas, as it is one of the constantly changing types, but it differs from the modern one.
  He is interested in designing curtains in addition to the windows overlooking nature that are included in his exterior design
It is characterized by simplicity, harmony, and sophistication between clear lines, which are free of any decorations and inscriptions. It is possible to add animal inscriptions, such as the black and white colored zebra, and animal skin inscriptions, such as tiger skin, can be used.
Fits all spaces large and small
It depends on neutral colors such as white and black
And this decoration is suitable for those who like to enjoy the spaces greatly.

These designs and decorations are among the best designs in the world and the most widespread among the desires and tastes of different people from different cultures and ideas that are reflected in the decorations, furniture and exterior designs.
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