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The best decoration company in Turkey

The best decoration company in Turkey

Date: 2023/03/09


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Turkey is one of the most famous countries for art, artists, and artistic designs, starting from home decorations and external constructions to gardens and fashion designs. Turkish designers have always been distinguished and excelled in this field, and their names have appeared in many international events and festivals through their high-end artistic culture that is reflected in their designs. This is what made SMD compete strongly in the world of decoration in Turkey.

2- About the Turkish company SMD and its history in the field of decoration

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First, we will introduce you to SDM and what it provides of distinguished services and designs in the world of decoration. Perhaps many of you have heard of our name through some of our famous previous works that we have implemented in the Turkish provinces of wonderful interior and exterior decorations. The projects that we implement and supervise are not limited to one field. Rather, it multiplies to meet all the needs and aspirations of our customers and suit their high tastes, and of course it is characterized by modernity and high efficiency.
Thanks to the team at SDM, which is distinguished by the capabilities, high efficiency and accuracy of the architects and decorators, the company handles all stages of completion and implementation of the work, from an initial design using advanced engineering programs such as 3D MAX, then supervising the practical implementation on the ground of all engineering projects, such as houses and Villas and interior decorations, such as furniture and doors, where we guarantee all aspects of the engineering project, from calculating quantities, plans and industry, to satisfy our customers’ distinctive passion for luxurious and elegant designs and decorations.
To watch a video about one of our previous works, click here.
We guarantee you the quality and safety of our projects according to the standard standards adopted in Turkey and other European countries. Accuracy in design and efficient implementation are among the company's basic principles. We also represent several European factories and companies that cross the markets working in different fields. We mention them to you:
Hotel and restaurant supplies and equipment.
- All types of stone, natural and industrial marble, ceramics and parquet.
- Securing all types of external and internal fire-fighting doors and windows, etc., and their accessories
- Sanitary equipment, bathrooms, kitchens and accessories.
- Office and home furnishings and kitchens of all kinds.
Electrical accessories
- Movable electric ceiling equipment.
Our company has a good reputation in the Turkish market thanks to our flexible customer service and high quality in implementation, so we suit all the needs of our customers and their diverse tastes with flexible prices and many offers.

3- The stages of contracting with SMD

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● Customer Service
The company holds several consecutive meetings with the customer to obtain sufficient information to carry out the work in full efficiency, as well as to study the budget and materials used in order to reach the expected final picture. Periodic meetings are also repeated during the project implementation period to keep the customer informed of work developments.
● Supervision of implementation
The company fully supervises its projects in all economic and construction aspects, and communicates directly with contractors and workers through direct supervision committees to ensure the customer's confidence in completing the work according to the agreement.
● Standards of materials and raw materials used
In order for the high-end customer's taste to comply with the company's work plan that is elaborate in implementation, the best suitable raw materials, materials and parts of high quality and efficiency must be chosen for a long time, and of course not exceeding the general budget specified for the completion of the work so as not to burden the customer with any additional burdens and costs.
● Appropriate and correct distribution of the selected materials
After selecting the best materials and pieces, it is necessary to reconcile their correct distribution and use in a manner that shows good implementation and aesthetic appearance, such as the distribution of furniture and interior decoration of the house to add sophistication and beauty to the design.
● Managing the time period for executing the work:
The large staff of the company has the ability and high efficiency of its multidisciplinary cadres, which leads to the development of appropriate and appropriate time plans for the customer, which are compatible with the specified budget for the work, as well as with the implementation conditions such as regions, geographical terrain and weather conditions to complete the work according to the agreement.
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4- Areas of designs and decoration solutions in SMD:

Smd Decoration combines high-end imaginative designs with real executive experience, according to standard and scientific standards studied in all the projects that we offer, including external and internal decorations that suit all tastes.
Our services include designing various residential and construction projects (commercial - industrial), as well as designs for the interior environment of apartments and villas, including large, noisy halls and quiet living rooms that reflect the comfort of the client, in addition to the external environment, such as colorful gardens and squares with lively designs.
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Smd Decoration is distinguished by its experienced and professional staff in the field of decoration and the high-end relations between the employees themselves and between employees and customers on the other hand, which makes its good reputation in the market place it at the forefront of the leading companies in the world of decoration in Turkey.

5- Terms and privileges of contracting with SMD Decoration:

SMD Decoration follows up the project in all its aspects, starting from the design, then the stages of practical implementation, until the final finishes.
The company relies on its cadres of architects and decorators whose expertise and creative vision combine with modern technology and precision in design to reach the customer's dream and make it a reality.
SMD Decoration provides you with all technical support during implementation by following up on workshops and field monitoring committees of professional engineers and technicians with credibility and transparency in the work.
Planning to work with the customer includes making lists of the materials needed for the work and their types and raw materials preferred by the customer to be agreed upon before starting implementation.
In addition to complete projects, SMD also provides advice, advice and solutions for interior and exterior decorations, including all stages of design and implementation.

We are pleased to be in SMD Decoration the place of your permanent trust and admire our offers and renewable services, which we are keen to suit all tastes and desires while preserving the splendor of our distinctive touch.
Smd Decoration is your address for excellence in designs, and for more information, you can contact the specialized engineering team.

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