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The art of decoration in men's councils

The art of decoration in men's councils

Date: 2023/03/16


Table Of Contents

1- What are men's councils?

They are the councils designed for men and elders in general, and they are formal in some cases, and in these councils there are meetings and discussions on matters of public life and work, and sometimes the meetings may be to discuss official politics, the economy and other issues. These councils are the official place for receiving guests and delegations on official and national occasions.

2- Types of men's councils

  1. Floor boards

These councils are characterized by their seating on the ground, similar to the old Arab councils that were held in tents. This majlis is for men only as earthly majlis are not suitable for women at all. The floorboard may contain side tables for serving.

  1. Youth councils

These councils began to spread in the past ten years, as young people established their own councils, separate from the men's councils. Because the topics of young people in general are different and far from the councils of men older than them. These boards contain some recreational activities such as a place for PlayStation video games in some cases for entertainment.

  1. External men's council

These councils are concentrated in the villas’ gardens and outdoor areas, and it may be a small tent set up outside the villa or in a public place. These panels exude a traditional spirit and bring back memories of the past. When fine weather sets in, these boards are sometimes created, considered unstable and due to the weather.

  1. royal councils

The royal men's majlis are characterized by distinctive designs that are luxurious and rich, with various details for the men's majlis. It is one of the important rooms in old and large houses, and it is an exclusive feature of Arab homes, where receiving guests is an almost daily practice in Arab traditions.


3- How are the places for sitting in the men’s councils divided?

When dividing the interior of the majlis, the interior design phase of the majlis should be taken care of in a comfortable and practical manner, taking into account the places where the attendees gather and sit, where the priority is always for the majlis owners and its people, and the guests of the majlis come next to the owners of the house, and thus the internal sessions in the majlis are divided into traditional Arabic sessions or Moroccan sessions Or the large and comfortable sofa for the council.


4- Men's council decoration

Majlis design can combine traditional Arabic elements with contemporary styles to create an inviting space that is both functional and visually appealing. The design of a men's majlis usually includes plenty of seating, low tables, patterned carpets, intricate wall designs, and decorative lighting.

An eclectic mix of furniture, fabrics, and colors can be used to create a unique atmosphere that reflects the individual homeowner's style.

  • Men's council sofa

The men's majlis sofa is characterized by its low seat, large cushions and low backrest. Its design is based on the Islamic concept of a “majlis,” which refers to an open area for social gatherings. The Arabic Majlis Sofa provides an inviting and comfortable space for conversation and relaxation.

Its simple yet elegant design makes it a timeless piece of furniture that can be enjoyed in many different types of interiors.

  • Men's council tables

It was customary to distribute low sofas connected to each other in traditional Arab councils, but in the modern style, there is no objection to using sofas that are raised off the floor.

And if a table is placed in the middle and small tables are distributed among the sofas, then this is one of the most beautiful majlis decorations that combine modernity and practicality with being authentic and traditional. Side tables are among the essential elements that are used for hospitality setting.

Majlis Arab tables are usually round or square and have intricate designs etched into them. They usually feature a wooden top and sturdy legs, as well as a variety of decorative elements.

  • Men's Majlis Curtains

Arab majlis curtains are an important part of traditional Arab culture. These curtains create a sense of privacy and exclusivity, allowing people to enjoy their time together in comfort and peace. They are usually made of heavy fabrics such as velvet, silk, and cotton, and often feature intricate embroidery or intricate patterns and colours.

Curtains hang from poles or rings in the ceiling, or they can be draped against the walls to create a more formal atmosphere. Curtains can also be used to divide rooms into different sections, providing additional privacy for guests or family members.

With a little creativity, these curtains can also be used to add color and texture to any room.

  • The colors of the men's council decorations 

The colors of the Arab Majlis are inspired by the geographical nature of the Arab countries. The colors are usually warm and earthy tones, and they differ from one region to another. Common colors include shades of red, brown, green, yellow, and blue.

The tones used in the majlis colors are meant to be calm and comforting, often reflecting the landscape of the area. Also, traditional majlis colors are often combined with modern elements to create a unique style that is timeless and contemporary. These colors can be used to create a relaxing and inviting atmosphere in any home or office.

Some luxurious colors such as purple, gold, red and silver are added to enhance the modern Islamic look in the design style.

In short, the brown colors are closest to the desert colors, which resemble the nature of Arab men in general, as these colors indicate the authentic Arab generosity, roughness, and tolerance in dealing, in addition to the authentic Arab generosity that appears in the design of the majlis, or white, blue, or green can be used. Where we do not see in the luxurious men's councils the colors pink and violet at all, but these colors are found in the women's councils. 

  • Men's council lighting

Majlis lighting is an important part of traditional Arab culture. It's a way to make a space look nice and inviting, while at the same time creating a calm and warm atmosphere. 

Majlis lighting is usually done with wall lamps and chandeliers, or simply by placing candles around the room.

  • Men's board wallpaper

Majlis wallpaper can transform a room into a luxurious space that reflects the beauty of the Middle East. Its unique designs give an air of sophistication and luxury that makes it ideal for creating an atmosphere of luxury. Whether used as an accent wall or throughout an entire room, Majlis Arabic wallpaper is sure to make an impact.

The wallpaper is used in the majlis as a distinctive decorative element like the rest of the various elements, and it offers a variety of colors, patterns and geometric shapes, which allows choosing what suits the different types and levels of majlis. The golden color is considered one of the most important colors that are used in majlis, because of the meanings of elegance and luxury that the majlis express.


4- Forms of men's council

The common design of the Arab majlis is the “low” design. However, after the advent of modern styles, some changes occurred in the majlis in terms of design and colors. Among these changes are the “raised” Arab majlis known as “sofa sets”. It is distinguished by its wonderful shapes, and the shape of the majlis is distinct and does not need to add many accessories to decorate it.

The high Arab majlis is considered more functional than the low majlis, and a number of curtains are added that are appropriate and compatible with the color of the majlis, and distinctive lighting units are used. This makes the final look complete. 

5- Tips for designing a men's majlis

  • Don't leave empty spaces between the council's sofas, so that people don't sit far from each other.
  • If possible, place a table at arm's length, which will make it easier to serve food to guests.
  • Make sure there is enough space around the table for people to move around comfortably.
  • Stick to warm and neutral colors while choosing furniture and decor for the majlis.
  • If you are opting for majlis sofa sets, look for rich fabrics and natural materials.
  • Make sure the lighting is bright enough so that people can see each other across the room..
  • Handmade decorations including cushions and wall décor can add to the atmosphere.
  • Make sure to include the latest majlis designs and traditional Arabic decorations to create a welcoming majlis atmosphere.

An important tip for majlis design ideas is to add some indoor plants, as they also add a touch of color and a natural element to the space.

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