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Smd Decoration is the best engineering company in Turkey

Smd Decoration is the best engineering company in Turkey

Date: 2023/03/15


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Turkey is known as the country of art and beauty, as it has the most brilliant engineers and craftsmen in the world, and this was reflected in their various works, as they were able to attract the world's attention to its wonderful architecture, which prompted many people to deal with them in that field, in which they showed a sophisticated sense and unparalleled ingenuity. 

2- Definition of the engineering company

It is a company consisting of engineers and consultants who work together to create modern, high-quality solutions for architectural design and urban planning projects.

An engineering company may provide services in a number of engineering disciplines, where civil, mechanical, electrical, and structural engineers work together on one project, which helps to reduce communication errors while being very convenient for the client, or specialize in one specialty, as small companies often specialize in one field, such as civil engineering. In these cases, a great deal of communication and collaboration is required between the various engineering firms working on the project.

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3- Criteria for the success of the engineering company ?

There are a number of important factors and criteria that engineering companies in Turkey must follow in order to ensure the success and continuity of the company's work in the best way, and among these factors:

  • The engineering company must prepare an appropriate number of consulting engineers, so that they are responsible for the implementation of projects, in proportion to the number and size of projects that the company implements.
  • The engineering company  must take into account that it may face emergency circumstances beyond its control, so it must provide an amount of money as a reserve to face any emergency situation that the company may pass through.
  •   Commitment to the delivery date, as it is the most important factor in the success and continuity of the company, so it must set a schedule for the implementation of the project at the specified time and adhere to that. 
  •  Work alongside their clients on the design strategy and involve them in all development processes. By imagining and categorizing non-traditional types to fit the context of each project to create a high-level contemporary architecture and achieve the goal of all its work, which is to enrich spatial experiences and provide an ideal modern living environment.
  • Examining the site to discover its limitations and potential, then considering these characteristics along with the environmental, geographic, cultural, and behavioral context before presenting design concepts to her clients. conceptual and even supervising constructions.
  •  Collaborating to create the soul of places, not just buildings, transcending pre-determined paradigms and standards of surface and commercial architecture. Good design not only creates beautiful spatial experiences, but also promotes comfortable modern living.
  •  Focusing on natural lighting and paying attention to where sunlight enters, because of its role in feeling comfortable and stimulating the mind and body, then choosing artificial lighting in cooperation with a lighting engineer because of its great importance in the design, as it inspires the soul, gives life to it, makes it deeper and more charming, and draws the customer’s attention to the most attractive spaces.
  •  Staying away from expensive or worthless materials in the interior design process to facilitate the periodic maintenance process in the future.
  •  Calculating costs, submitting offers, drafting contracts, and determining project costs and requirements.
  •  Supervising construction and benefiting from the services of everyone who can contribute to the implementation, in effective cooperation with craftsmen, architects, civils, electricians, contractors, mechanics, interior designers, and all consultants, and integrated work with them to obtain the required result.
  •  Reconciliation between planning and implementation during work and after the completion of the project.


4- Steps to implement projects in the Smd Decoration company in Turkey:

The names of engineering companies have multiplied and developed in Turkey recently due to the urban movement that is witnessing an increasing development, and therefore the work of engineering companies is witnessing great growth and change in methods and methods according to the requirements of the market. As a result of this, it was necessary to resort to a professional engineering company with high technologies and creative ideas. The most prominent of these companies is Smd Decoration , which relies on the following steps in implementing its projects:

  • planning

The project precedes the planning stage, where the basic ideas of the project are developed by the specialized engineer in partnership with the client. Whatever the type of project, more than one design is nominated and then the best design is chosen from several aspects such as aesthetic, practical and economic. These aspects are based on a feasibility study carried out by the engineers after informing the client. on the prevailing conditions 

  • the design

It goes through two stages:

  • In the preliminary design stage, the consultant engineer at this stage of the engineering project reviews and evaluates the owner's program and the allocated budget and discusses various options for design and implementation based on these data, or as agreed upon. The consultant prepares preliminary designs. , curves, and many other documents describing in general the works, and the relationship between the parts of the projects to each other, as well as describing in general the type of constructions and the proposed equipment, and during this stage, the general site plan can be determined, and the spaces and their relationships to each other can be determined in general, and the structural and architectural design methods are determined In addition to the above, some documents are prepared that include a preliminary description of the project, as well as an estimate of the initial cost of the project and general frameworks for the specifications of the materials to be used.
  • In the design development stage, this stage begins after the owner approves the initial designs and any necessary amendments to the proposed work program or budget, and at this stage the relationship turns from generality to detail and amendments. This stage summarizes and accurately describes the nature and size of the project, including its structural, architectural, mechanical and electrical components through diagrams, details, sections, tables and curves. Initial specifications for the project are also developed and a cost estimate is developed with greater accuracy.
  • Project documentation stage

This stage depends on the owner's approval of the previous stage and on any amendments proposed by him, whether with regard to technical aspects or with regard to the allocated budget. During this stage, the consultant prepares the documents that will be used to offer the implementation or solicit bids for it. Tender documents consist of contract documents, plans, specifications, forms, general and special conditions, all of these documents become part of the legal contract signed between the owner and the company.

  • Tender stage

During this stage of the engineering project, the tender is announced, or by direct invitation to contractors, or by soliciting negotiating offers.

  • Implementation stage

The project implementation stage begins after signing the agreement between the owner and the company. This stage includes all the activities of the engineering company’s engineers related to the preparation of the project, from purchasing materials and equipment, manufacturing and preparing materials inside and outside the site, as well as all activities related to the implementation of the project until handing it over to the owner. Also, during this stage, the company prepares a large amount of documents such as workflow programs, executive charts, financial claims, records, work requests, and maintenance manuals, as all of these documents become part of the administrative records and must be kept in the project file. During this stage, the consultant prepares some amendments to the contract documents, such as change orders resulting from the urgent need to make some amendments to the nature, duration, or value of the work.

  • post-implementation stage

After the end of the project and the owner’s use of the facilities, the consultants, the contractor, and some suppliers may be committed with the owner in some activities, according to the contract signed between the owner and the company. Such activities include maintenance and modification of the equipment, assistance in its operation, training of the owner's cadres on its use, and removal of any manufacturing defects that appear during the maintenance period.

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5- Why is Smd Decoration the best engineering company in Turkey?

  • One of the advantages of contracting with Smd Decoration in Turkey lies in the fact that it provides support during the implementation phase through distinguished engineering supervision.

To watch a video about one of our previous works, click here .

  • Smd Decoration offers free advice from experts and specialists in home decoration and finishes regarding color matching and suitability.

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  • Smd Decoration uses technical and technical staff with high capabilities, which in turn guarantees customers accuracy in design and quality in implementation and supervision.
  • Smd Decoration focused  on designing the best modern designs with great craftsmanship, relying on the high efficiency of its engineers, as they form the backbone of the company.
  • Thanks to the unique projects carried out by  Smd Decoration   , which won many awards, the company was able to develop its commercial and financial identity and add projects of great value.

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  • Smd Decoration continues to be among the largest engineering companies in Turkey thanks to its half-century experience in the engineering and decoration sector, the strong link with its companies and customers, the good selection of sites, the engineering and designs of its projects, and its commitment to the strictest standards. Smd Decoration also aims to maintain Its principles and values ​​and the continuation of its creative approach.

6- Conclusion

The advantages of contracting with the engineering company Smd Decoration in Turkey lies in the fact that it provides support during all stages of the project through distinguished engineering supervision.

We always recommend contacting an engineering company that has a long history in engineering designs and experience

Smd Decoration   is your suitable choice, and for more information, you can contact the specialized engineering team.

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