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Ramadan dining table decorations

Ramadan dining table decorations

Date: 2023/03/10


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1- Introduction:

The holy month of Ramadan is about to begin, and everyone at this time is looking for decorations that suit this atmosphere.
This table can be used for breakfast or suhoor, and we know that every woman wants her table to be special and wonderful in Ramadan.
Therefore, dining room decorations are a very important place in the month of Ramadan, when invitations and banquets abound and the family needs to renew and decorate the table and dining room on a daily basis.
And the housewife tries to make her table special, either in terms of the way of decorating or in terms of the menu of food that she chooses, so our company offers you the most luxurious and beautiful Ramadan food travel, and we give you the best options to decorate your trip wonderfully and in an easy-to-implement and inexpensive way.

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2- The way to choose the dining table and its chairs in the best way:


1. The table

Here we present to you the best and most used options in the month of Ramadan to choose a dining table and match it with chairs. It is preferable at first to take up space on the table, and to choose a table cover that has a Ramadan background, such as stars, crescents or lanterns, or print the phrase “Ramadan Kareem” on it, and it is preferable to use The golden, silver, or bronze color in the dining room, in order to coordinate the colors of the dining room with the colors of the walls in order to obtain the best harmony between the colors of the Ramadan decor.

2- Chairs

The same cloth or table cover can be added to the chairs, and this gives a beautiful look to the table, so that the chairs and seats appear in the most beautiful way possible, or you can cover the chairs with a cloth that matches the table cover, where the cover can be printed and embroidered with a large lantern in addition to the small shining stars around it.


3- Ways to decorate the dining table in the month of Ramadan.


1- Using the lantern in Ramadan decorations:

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Here we must place the Ramadan lantern in the center of the dining table (table), or you can decorate the dining room with a number of lanterns on the walls, with a choice of tablecloth in the color of these lanterns.
You can also change the function of the lanterns and put hospitality items inside them for the visitors. As for those who like contrast in color, you can put your lantern of oriental style and it is colored black in the middle of the table.
You can also choose a circular tablecloth or a small rectangle in turquoise blue and the main one in white, and silver dishcloths. We will get a wonderful tablecloth with the addition of some luminous silver lanterns.

2- Dates for breakfast:

Dates have many useful benefits and are considered an important element in the holy month, as the Holy Prophet of God recommended to us, and we recommend that you distribute dates on your table with distinctive decorations so that all family members can eat them and decorate your table with beautiful small dishes or place them in small baskets that are decorated with Ramadan decorations such as the crescent moon and lantern, and you can It is presented in a variety of forms, such as dates with sesame or dates stuffed with pistachios.

3- Ramadan dried fruits:

Ramadan dried fruits are indispensable symbols of this holy month. It can be placed on your trip for its distinctive and appetizing colors and fragrant scents. It is preferable to place it in a circular dish or divided into small portions as a simple distribution of more than one type of fruit, as it is possible to diversify and shape the choice of these fruits from figs or qamar al-din in addition to apricots.

4- Crescent and star decorations in Ramadan decorations:

To get the most beautiful arrangement of the most wonderful, we only have to add
The two main forms in the month of Ramadan, which are a drawing of a crescent or a star, so before the arrival of the month of Ramadan, it is possible to use ropes of decorations with stars, a crescent, and colored cartoon lanterns in distinctive shapes and hang them around the dining room and on the tables where houses and streets are filled with such decorations, so they must be distinctive and with a special touch and unprecedented.

5- Decorate the dishes

The dishes can be placed in an organized and beautiful way by adding special Ramadan touches to them by using some lemon and refreshing mint leaves to ease the severity of the fast.
The dishes can be white or off-white, decorated with the crescent of the holy month and shining stars on blue, in addition to exquisitely designed cutlery.

6- Table napkins

Add your elegant touch to the dining table by placing distinctive and embroidered napkins in different shapes and colors, with religious traditional phrases congratulating the holy month, and shaping them on the table to suit the colors of the rest of the dishes and tablecloths. They can be folded next to each dish, and this gives an impression of arrangement and sophistication, as the smallest details reflect the distinctive and luxurious taste.


Prepare an ample amount of cold water and place it on the table in distinctive containers and in an elegant way. A water jug can be used with cups of the same shape decorated and decorated with drawings of the holy month, religious phrases or Quranic verses in golden color.

8- Add the roses

Some natural roses can be used to decorate the Ramadan table, but you should not exaggerate it, as vases of roses (2 to 3) can be placed in a way that suits the rest of the dishes and decorations, and they are distributed on a regular basis. We also recommend choosing the appropriate colors with the rest of the decorations.
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9- Light lights decorate the Ramadan trip

You can decorate and light the table in the month of Ramadan with small and light lights, for a distinctive touch of warmth, that makes the Ramadan trip have its own atmosphere, and this method can also be replaced by hanging Ramadan lanterns with dim lights on the wall closest to the Ramadan trip.
Care must be taken that the appearance of the dining table does not appear crowded and scattered, but the dishes must be kept away from each other and things should not be too close to each other.

4- SMD Decoration company services from Ramadan food travel decorations.

SMD Decoration is interested in high-end tastes and distinguished works in order to meet the desires of customers, and what it is keen on is to satisfy the customer, by providing distinctive designs for Ramadan table decorations and Ramadan decorations with our luxurious touch that gives the character of sophistication to the trip in the month of goodness, in addition to providing all decorated and specially designed food utensils for the table Ramadan, as well as we offer various restaurant supplies such as oriental tables, chairs, and tables decorated with the most beautiful Ramadan touches, and special interior designs for restaurants in the holy month, such as wall decorations and decorative ropes.
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