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Ramadan council decorations

Ramadan council decorations

Date: 2023/03/10


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1- Introduction:

The Ramadan atmosphere gathers family and friends in one gathering filled with familiarity and affection. It should be noted that the Ramadan sessions can be held in one of the rooms of the house, on the balcony, or outside in the garden.
And we have always been accustomed to the spread of the decorations of the holy month in all homes and streets, adding their own atmosphere to our homes with their own colors and distinctive designs, which makes us search every year for distinctive and new decorations for the holy month, whether it is interior home decorations such as room and kitchen decorations, or external decorations for gardens and yards and the exterior designs of villas. And buildings, the Ramadan touch can be added in all designs to give it its own spirituality and tranquility. With the approach of the holy month of Ramadan, it is time to prepare to add some touches with dazzling Ramadan decorations, and we at SMD Decoration are here to help you get the best ideas for indoor and outdoor council decorations in Ramadan.


2- Interior decorations for Ramadan councils:

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Definitely changing home decorations and adding Ramadan decorations creates a different atmosphere inside the house with the familiarity that brings together all family members during this month, as well as the various banquets for family and friends, and as was the tradition in the past for men where they meet in councils where they exchange conversations and discussions, we will present many Among the ideas to decorate the Ramadan councils with beautiful and elegant decorations that reflect the good taste in choice, which we will explain in the following lines in detail:

1- Ramadan lantern decoration:

Lanterns are among the many types of decorations that are used for interior and exterior decorations at the same time, as we find them in the streets and gardens in addition to their presence as wall lighting in houses and different rooms. It can be overlooked, as it is possible to choose a luminous lantern design of a somewhat large size and hang it in the middle of the room hanging down as a kind of lighting similar to chandeliers, and it can be placed on a table in the middle of the council in addition to hanging it on the walls as a kind of dim wall lighting that gives a quiet elegance and reflects the aesthetics of the wall designs in particular Stone and marble walls.
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2- Ramadan crescent decorations:

In addition to the lanterns, it is not possible to mention the holy month without mentioning its well-known symbol, which is the shape of the crescent that lights the sky announcing the advent of the month of Ramadan, where it is possible to choose metallic designs painted in golden color and glass inserted in them to make them as a kind of decorative, distinctive and unprecedented lamps that we can hang on the walls and in the middle The room, next to the Ramadan lantern on the board table or choose a medium size placed in the corner of the room

3- Ramadan calendar decoration:

The Ramadan calendar can be hung on the wall of the majlis room, and it is especially suitable for gatherings of men in Ramadan, as each sheet contains supplications, hadiths of the Prophet, Quranic verses, or simple charitable work that can be done on a daily basis in Ramadan. The Ramadan calendar will be a beautiful additional touch during this The holy month.

4- Ramadan paintings to decorate the majlis wall:

Religious paintings of medium and large size can be placed on the walls of the majlis, and it is one of the simplest ideas that can be relied upon in decorating the Ramadan majlis, which is filled with worship and supplications.

5- Furniture for Ramadan councils:

Certainly, after we talked about all kinds of distinctive decorations that add to the atmosphere of the holy month in the place, we must mention the types and decorations of furnishings that vary between the Arab East and the modern West, but the Arab Majlis remains a special flavor in the days of the holy month because of its space suitable for prayer and collective religious remembrances for the family. The floor majlis, or what is colloquially called the “Arab sitting” for many, especially in the Arab countries, where a large carpet is placed on the floor, extending from the beginning of the majlis room to its end, with a decree and embroidered on it the Ramadan shapes of crescents and lanterns distinguished in charming colors, and mattresses, cushions and Comfortable cushions are also embroidered with Ramadan drawings and phrases.
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3- External decorations for Ramadan councils:

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We have provided you with a set of distinctive ideas for preparing some decorations for the internal councils that are held inside the rooms of the house and closed halls, and we will now present to you some distinctive ideas for the external councils that are held in open squares, gardens, and the tables of the Most Merciful in particular:

1- Decorations of high tables and luxurious chairs:

If you want to design a comfortable and luxurious outdoor majlis, we offer you luxurious tables in different shapes and distinctive materials, wooden, metal and even glass. Ramadan majlis decorations and maintain the comfort of sitting for long periods, decorated with carving crescent shapes and lanterns and Ramadan phrases on them.

2- Decorations for sofas and large outdoor chairs:

We also offer you some distinctive decorations for the external councils, such as leather sofas and wooden seats that are able to withstand external conditions and with quality guarantees with the best materials and luxurious materials used. These seats are upholstered with some comfortable and elegant fabrics and cushions decorated with drawings of the holy month.

3- Decorations for tablecloths:

As beautiful additions to the luxurious decorations with some elegant touches, the Majlis can be decorated with bedspreads with distinctive designs:
▪︎ Colorful mattresses and pillows in brilliant colors and embroidered with Ramadan drawings and phrases.
▪︎ Mattresses made of luxurious Khayameya fabric embossed with colorful graphics.
▪︎ Pillows in different shapes such as crescents and lanterns.
▪︎ Small outdoor carpets on the floor embroidered with Ramadan drawings.

4- Hospitality decorations for Ramadan councils:

We offer you many ideas and tools to provide hospitality in elegant ways suitable for the holy month of Ramadan:
▪︎ Plates and dishes can be in distinctive Ramadan shapes and designs, such as the shape of the crescent and the Ramadan lantern.
▪︎Glass goblets decorated with golden color to provide a luxurious and distinctive impression, with appropriate religious phrases and Quranic verses written on them.
▪︎ Likewise, the Arabic coffee that is served to guests this month is made of luxurious, ornate copper.

5- SMD Decoration services for Ramadan councils:

SMD Decoration's main goal is to meet the desires of customers and provide designs and decorations that live up to their high tastes, by taking the best carefully studied designs with all safety and quality standards and choosing the best tools, materials and basic materials for work, thus gaining customer confidence and competing strongly in all Turkish and international decoration markets.
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