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Lighting and its types

Lighting and its types

Date: 2023/03/16


Table Of Contents

1- Introduction

Lighting plays a pivotal role in interior design, as it gives an attractive luster to your room. However, it may harm the scene of the room, in the event that you do not master the art of distributing it, bearing in mind that today it is no longer limited to specific forms. Interior designer Diala Al-Moussawi informs readers of "Madam Net" about the importance of modern lighting in interior designs and the extent of its impact on the rooms of your house. One of its most important benefits is that it is more environmentally friendly than the traditional one, as it saves energy, and colors enter it with the aim of creating a different atmosphere in the interior of your space.

Home lighting has many different types, and therefore its role in showing the important designs and forms of decoration varies, and everyone uses light in his daily life; Whether at work, home or any other place, lighting has become one of the most important determinants of the beauty of home decoration and design. Its role did not depend on lighting only, and its uses increased in the field of decoration and construction, and decoration experts made lighting a solution to many problems and devised many tricks from it.


2- What is lighting?

It is the amount of light that falls on a specific surface and illuminates it. It is often called "incident light".

Luminance is measurable and is measured quantitatively using a spectroradiometer, luminance meter or thermometer.


3- External lighting and its types

It is the lighting that is used in outdoor spaces, and its purpose is usually to illuminate large areas, define roads, and illuminate dark places to prevent injuries. It is also one of the most important elements of decoration.

It is preferable to use this type of lighting in sessions that contain a wooden ceiling, and it can also be used in the entrance of villas, as it gives an attractive and elegant appearance. It is also preferable to use this type with areas that occupy space from large houses in the garden, or children’s play areas or public umbrellas. This lighting can be in a classic form, such as hanging a lamp with a lantern shape, to give a different feeling and feeling.

Types of outdoor lighting

Many are interested in outdoor lighting, especially with the presence of a home garden, as it is used in many different professional activities, and the external suspended lighting differs according to the methods of its installation, the purpose of its use, the method of selling it and its prices, and below we will explain the most important types of external hanging lighting:

  1. Floodlights

This type of lighting gives illumination on a large scale, so that it illuminates all hidden corners that are difficult to light, and thus protects it from theft and vandalism. LED floodlights are characterized by their consumption of less energy, and they last for long periods, and they are considered one of the oldest types of outdoor lighting traditional.

  1. landscape lighting

This type is considered one of the best comprehensive outdoor hanging lightings, i.e. that covers large areas, and highlights the beauty of the place surrounding the building by highlighting the existing aesthetic places, and creating an additional aesthetic appearance for the place, for example, it is possible to highlight a tree in the yard or several aesthetic architectural details It is located in the building, or on the pool, and it is also used in the entrances of homes and public places.

  1. Motion sensor lighting

This type of external lighting is used after installing it with a motion sensor consisting of several small electronic pieces that capture infrared waves, which show radiation when things move. When the sensor captures a large amount of thermal radiation in animals, cars, or people, the lights automatically light up. This type is in the corridors, exits and entrances, and its aim is to maintain the security of the place.

  1. Hanging lighting in the air

Choosing lanterns hanging on the front or ground balconies in the exterior spaces of buildings is one of the important choices that contribute to creating a more attractive and lively place, as well as defining the area you want to light and hanging outdoor chandeliers or lanterns in it, to create a unique and unique feeling and atmosphere.

  1. lighting poles

Lighting poles are what we see in the streets and public parks, and they are used in order to maintain security and safety, and to illuminate large places such as parks, and they are distinguished by their high ability to spread light and distribute lighting in a correct and attractive manner.


4- Types of lighting in interior design

1- Functional lighting

This type of lighting varies according to different places; For example, the lighting of workplaces differs from the lighting of the home and the lighting of recreational places, and the rooms within the workplaces also differ in their lighting from one room to another according to the function of the room and the tasks of its employees. The same applies to the rooms of the house; Where the lighting varies from one room to another, the lighting of the bedroom differs from the lighting of the kitchen or the living room, so you must focus on this type of lighting as it is more important than the rest of the types.

2- Poetic lighting

This lighting gives the room a special atmosphere. As it makes the atmosphere of the room warm, romantic and attractive, and the effect of this lighting can be controlled according to the color of the lighting, the size of the light source and the number of lighting devices used, in addition to its advantages, as it also supports functional lighting, and it reduces the contrast and difference of light in parts of the room.

When designing poetic lighting, table lamps are relied upon and lighting elements are distributed in different places, and decorative candles and lamps play a major role in this lighting.

3- Comprehensive lighting

It lights the room in general, and is available through ceiling lights or lamps directed upwards.

5- Types of architectural lighting

This type of lighting is included in the structure and basis of the room, and it needs specialized people to distribute and install it well, and it is used to serve ambient lighting, and this type of lighting is preferred by many designers as an indirect source of light, as indirect light sources spread light without high glow and without To cause shadows to form in the room.

The most popular type of architectural lighting

  • Curtain lighting: This name is given because it is usually hidden behind a curtain or cover, and is installed above windows or on top of walls.
  • Brand lighting: It is installed at the top of the walls or in the balcony itself.
  • Drop ceiling lighting: These lighting units are installed on the edges of the drop ceiling on the inner side of the ceiling, in a way that is hidden from the eyes. 

6- Types of modern lighting

  • Ambient lighting: Provides comprehensive lighting for the room, spreading uniform light throughout, and can be installed on the ceiling or walls.
  • Important lighting: targeting a specific area of ​​the room, i.e. illuminating a specific angle or corner. For example, you can use this lighting while working, so you put it on your desktop.
  • Directional lighting: If you have a painting or masterpiece that you want to highlight, you must use this type of lighting, which is not only used indoors, but outdoors. Modern lighting carries both chandeliers, or any attractive and modern shape, such as those hanging from the ceiling, and others fixed to the wall or hidden or hidden in some models...


7- Tips for choosing lighting

Choosing the right lighting for the home has an important role in highlighting the beauty of the home’s décor and design. Therefore, it is necessary to know the best ways to distribute lighting inside the home. This is manifested by: 

  • Consider the size of the room.
  • Avoid using dim lights in the living room and kitchen.
  • Not randomly distributing bulbs on the ceiling.
  • Choose appropriate lighting for the job of the place.
  • Choose energy-saving lighting.
  • Using the appropriate lighting and suitable for the colors of the walls and house paints.
  • The use of various luminous designs.
  • Do not distribute light bulbs randomly.
  • Lighting focus on the paintings.   
  • Considering that the kitchen lighting units are high.
  • The presence of lighting lamps in the bathroom next to the mirror for clear vision of the face.
  • Take into account not to use directed lights over the head.
  • Taking into account the areas of each room and the height of the ceiling when distributing lighting.
  • Design multiple windows to allow sunlight into the house.
  • Use white lighting in kitchens and bathrooms.


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