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Learn about artificial intelligence and its role in smart home design

Learn about artificial intelligence and its role in smart home design

Date: 2023/03/15


Table Of Contents

1- Introduction

Artificial intelligence has become an umbrella term for applications that perform complex tasks that once required human input, such as communicating with customers over the Internet or playing a game of chess. The term is often used interchangeably with its subfields, which include machine learning and deep learning. However, there are differences. For example, machine learning focuses on creating systems that learn or improve their performance based on the data they consume. It is important to note that although all machine learning is AI, not all AI is machine learning.

AI technologies are also being used in devices around the home, such as voice controls and monitors. 

2- Definition of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is considered one of the branches of computer science, and one of the main pillars on which the technology industry is based in the current era. Such as the ability to think or learn from previous experiences or other operations that require mental operations. Artificial intelligence also aims to reach intelligent systems that behave in the way humans do in terms of learning and understanding, so that these systems provide their users with various services of education and guidance. interaction, etc...


3- The role of artificial intelligence in developing home automation and security systems

Artificial intelligence technologies are developing very quickly and relying on them in various fields has become inevitable, so they will have a significant impact on home security and automation systems in the future, as the RnR market research report indicated that the value of the home security systems market is expected to rise to $ 47.5 billion by 2020.

Advanced systems can include alarms, cameras, secret passages, and human surveillance, but even the most complex and secure systems can have a fundamental flaw, which is human error, so security companies seek to exploit the capabilities and technologies of artificial intelligence to better protect homes.


4- Smart Home:

A smart home is a dwelling in which its internet-using devices are connected together and controlled and monitored remotely. Homeowners will find safety, convenience and ease of living, as well as energy savings, all with just one click on the app.

That is, the place where it can be controlled digitally. Your doorbell or lighting, your home security and everything can be controlled. Even the process of pulling your curtains can be monitored and controlled remotely through technology.


5- The most important features of the smart home

We have always wanted to control our homes remotely wherever we are. This concept was not popular decades ago, but it has become an option available to many people today. There are many features of the smart home that many prefer, and the following are the most prominent:

  • Smart home cooking

The smart home helps you to do many things in your home.

Can you make a cup of coffee or buy your household needs while sitting in front of the TV?

It's not impossible! You can issue a voice command to the home control system to do so through a specific application, and it will prepare a list of household items that are no longer available, and request them after obtaining your approval. That's not all! You can also order it to turn on the air conditioning while you return home, or leave a voice message while you are outside, and many other things.

  • Rationalization of energy consumption

The sensors in the smart home carry out many tasks, for example, they are responsible for turning on the lights automatically when you enter the room, and turning them off as soon as you leave, and they also turn off the air conditioner and heater if the weather is suitable, in addition to stopping the work of many devices and systems if you go out or not. need to use it.

  • A friend of the environment

The advantages of a smart home also include preserving the environment, as many smart homes rely on the sun as a primary source of energy, not to mention reducing their use of fuel and electricity, which reduces environmental pollution.

  • Security and protection, home monitoring

A smart home provides you with a high degree of security by monitoring your home from anywhere.

Multifunctional sensors at the doors, windows, and inside the rooms in the smart home provide maximum protection, and most of the time smart homes include many cameras distributed throughout, where you can monitor your home from anywhere in the world, and the smart home also features a special system when traveling , which works to turn the lights on and off and open and close the curtains, so that it appears to people outside that the house is not empty.

  • High safety scores

The smart home is built to comply with the highest levels of security and safety, and this is evident through fire detection sensors, as the home works to contact the civil defense or fire department in the event of a fire, and it also alerts you if there are spoiled foods in the refrigerator for disposal.

6- The most important artificial intelligence technologies in smart homes:

1- Smart mirrors

The AI ​​mirrors are able to monitor users' health in real time, and healthcare professionals can access them and use the data to assess disease risk. This type of technology could also help take pressure off hospitals and doctors while allowing them to monitor people more closely.

These mirrors are also extremely useful for fitness purposes, being able to capture exercise and movement to provide personalized feedback and suggestions.

2- Smart machines

Smart appliances are already making their way into home kitchens. These new AI devices are mainly used to make food and drinks at certain times, such as coffee machines. Some AI-powered smart fridges also have the technology to know if food is safe to eat or not, as well as the ability to suggest recipes based on the food in the fridge. Robotic food arms are also used to help prepare meals and can assist people with special needs.

3- Robotic vacuum cleaners

Robotic vacuum cleaners use artificial intelligence to support technological developments. These devices can be programmed to complete cleaning tasks and navigate around the home. Robotic vacuum cleaners require little or no assistance, and some brands are able to empty themselves.

4- Artificial intelligence systems

These AI systems help customers analyze their energy and gas consumption indoors, and this reduces the amount of wasted energy; Saving customers money, in addition to helping the environment, some of these energy meters also have the ability to evaluate the best location for a solar panel.

5- Smart locks

A smart lock is a new innovation in the security industry, unlike a standard home lock connected to a smartphone, by using AI technology the lock can detect when the lock has been tampered with.

6- Smart home devices

These home devices use AI technologies to answer questions, complete tasks, and interact with humans. These devices can be combined with lights, thermostats and speakers, all of which are voice controlled.

Smart home devices are also used as an alternative to using other internet devices. This allows homeowners to search without taking out their smartphones.

7- TV with artificial intelligence

The TV can use artificial intelligence to replace the remote control, and some new TVs have virtual assistant technology similar to home appliances. With this innovation, users can voice control their TV; This eliminates the need for a remote control. This kind of innovation makes the consumer experience easier and saves them time when using the TV.

8- Surveillance cameras

Surveillance cameras that use AI technology differ from regular cameras because of facial recognition. This is a useful innovation in the field of security; Because it allows homeowners to know who broke into their home as well as when. Cameras are not only used to detect thieves, but also when packages arrive and family members return home.

9- Home robots

These bots are small AI-powered robots created to entertain children and patrol the home. Bots use artificial intelligence technology to recognize objects as people and also carry out tasks. Home robots monitor the temperature, take photos, read books, play music and make lists.


7- Conclusion

The owner can control the " smart home " by being directly in the building and looking at the screen of the main computer that controls the entire house. But you can take care of the premises remotely, using a mobile phone connected to the Internet or a personal digital assistant (PDA). Then the same display screen will be mirrored to the mobile phone or PDA. But sometimes the system is programmed to answer the owner's call on a regular phone if a special access code or password is named. The "smart home" system, which has access to the Internet, will tell the owner about all the processes that are currently taking place in the house. And if an intrusion is attempted, the programmed "artificial intelligence" itself will call the guards and summon the owner.

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