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Furniture distribution

Furniture distribution

Date: 2023/03/16


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1- Introduction.

Have you changed the distribution of furnishings in your home or in one of the rooms and felt a big difference? 

The method of distributing furnishings may suggest comfort only by looking at it, and that is if the distribution is suitable for the room and the type of furnishings that you own, then you can highlight the beauty of your home with a few simple steps that achieve a distinctive interior decoration for you . Choice and design, not only for houses and apartments, as many designs and interior halls need to distribute furnishings appropriately, such as restaurants and private men’s councils, and here comes our role to inform you of what you should do with the advice of the staff working in SMD Decoration from expert interior designers, technicians and 

Professional specialists in decoration designs, we will show you how to distribute your furnishings in each room in a simple and easy way, according to the types of decorations that you use, the size of the rooms and the house in general.

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2- Distribution of furnishings in the living rooms:

The living room is often the largest room in the house and the most in need of care because it contains a large number of collectibles and furniture, and this comes from its importance in gathering the family, so we must maintain a comfortable decor in this room and distribute a lot of furniture in it carefully and keenly to make the best use of it , 

We can distribute the furnishings in the shape of the letter L in the interior decoration of the living room, where the main sofa is placed in the middle and around it the rest of the furniture. In fact, there are no basic restrictions in the distribution of furnishings , but it is important that the parts of the room interrelate with each other, in case you have a small living room Never worry! But you need fewer pieces of furniture to fill it, where you can put the main sofa and some small chairs in front of it to save space, and thus you have avoided making the room crowded to secure space for movement, 

And if you own a huge house and you have a lot of space to cover it with furniture, you can divide the living room into several small rooms by placing groups of small chairs opposite each other. You can use three groups in the shape of a triangle, for example, to cover the large area with small pieces of furniture.


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3- Distribution of furniture in the reception rooms:

Furnishings must be distributed in the reception room in a manner far from repetition to avoid boredom and stereotypes, as well as to make use of the space to accommodate the largest number of guests. For example, the furnishings are placed at an appropriate distance from the walls to leave space for curtains, while leaving space in front of the long windows in apartments that have a distinctive view, and in the case of small rooms. A few pieces can be used, but on condition that they are in harmony with the interior decoration so that they are comfortable and show the beauty of the furniture in a harmonious manner, and of course the colors of the wall paint or wallpaper decorated with various decorations match, and if you are a fan of the oriental Arab style, you can use the Arabic decoration (Arab period) as it is called the middle The Arab carpet is furnished with large luxurious carpets, embroidered pillows, and comfortable and luxurious low mattresses that are placed around the perimeter of the room. They are in colors suitable for the carpets and curtains used, and reflect the taste of the high and ancient home owners.

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4- Distribution of furniture in dining rooms:

The decor of the dining rooms contains many distinctive details that combine beauty and comfort, so we must take into account the space of the room, the shape of the dining table , and the number of chairs around it to be comfortable for those sitting in it. The table or table is the main element here and it has many forms . Round to a long rectangle, and in order to preserve the interior decoration of the room and the comfort of those sitting at the same time, we must maintain a distance of 50 to 60 centimeters between each two people at the table, and certainly it should be close to the kitchen or it may be integrated into the kitchen if its area is large This is to make optimal use of the spaces and organize the home décor in a way that reduces the trouble of cleaning operations, but that depends on the kitchen area and the decor used in it.


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5- Distribution of furnishings in the bedrooms:

Like all rooms, the bedroom must have all amenities after stressful and tiring work, so that one can have a comfortable rest, so you must manage the space in the bedroom optimally. To place small belongings in addition to dim lamps, it is often appropriate for the bed to be placed directly in front of the door away from any windows, whether the room is large or small, if space is available, you can place the wardrobe at a reasonable distance from the bed, and the important thing here is to maintain the consistency of furnishings and furniture to keep On a calm atmosphere, you can choose curtains with different decorations and fabrics according to the size of the windows. It is preferable that they be of a suitable color for the rest of the furnishings and thick fabric to block the light as much as possible.


6- Services and consultations provided by SMD Decoration in the distribution of furnishings .


SMD Decoration offers you many distinguished and professional services, including various luxurious decorations, initial designs for construction projects, and high-end interior and exterior decorations that are studied with the highest standards, modern expertise, and advanced technologies. The interior and exterior decoration follows up the work on the ground and according to the initial agreement with the customer, which is placed under the general budget of the project, as well as the progress of SMD DecorationAdvice and technical advice for design and implementation works in interior and exterior decorations to ensure the customer’s confidence and satisfy his desires. Our company’s primary goal is to provide the best services in the field of decoration and to meet the distinguished high tastes of our customers in the international and Turkish markets. We rely on laboratories and raw materials of high quality and reasonable prices through The great experience of the marketing team over the years, to keep SMD Decoration the first name in the world of decoration.

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