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Eid al-Adha decorations

Eid al-Adha decorations

Date: 2023/03/13


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1- Introduction: 

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Eid al-Adha celebrations are not only limited to sacrifices, sweets and new clothes, but you can also design the house with distinctive Eid al-Adha decorations so that it is ready to receive the feast and receive guests and visitors! And giving the house a wonderful and attractive decoration in the beautiful Eid outfit, because Eid Al-Adha is one of the most important annual occasions that are prepared for and awaited by all family members, and guests and well-wishers flock to the house on this occasion.

SMD Decoration  is interested in designing and implementing the best distinctive and elegant decorations suitable for holidays and special atmospheres, and for the blessed Eid Al-Adha. We offer you many ideas, tips, luxurious designs, and interior and exterior decorations to celebrate this holiday.

2- Ideas for Eid al-Adha decorations

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Door frame decoration: 

A beautiful and distinctive idea that shows beauty at the entrance of the house, so that this decoration can be placed in a simple way and be a cartoon decoration with distinctive designs in addition to artificial white roses to give a sophisticated reflection before entering the house. It is pasted on the door or on a circular frame attached to the upper edge of the door or suspended in the form of decorative ropes In front of the entrance to the house, you can also use decorations in the form of a sheep’s face in a beautiful way and stick it on the door, as it is a symbol of the blessed sacrifice in this feast, then we add other distinctive decorations that you want in harmony with the basic colors of the roses that have been added.

Add a rope light: 

The colored lighting rope is used for decoration on many occasions and with many wonderful designs and shapes, and it is one of the most beautiful and most desirable decorative materials in recent times, because of what it gives of a sophisticated and eye-catching tasteful reflection, it can be in the form of balls or circles in different shapes or certain geometric shapes, And it is placed in many places, such as inside trees and shrubs, or above the entrance to the house, as well as inside the house on top of the table or on the walls, or we use small sizes of them to wrap them around the sweets and foods offered in the corner of the feast. 

Model of the Kaaba:

You can use colored plates so that these plates are colored in black and gold as the colors of the cover of the Holy Kaaba to simulate its unique and distinctive appearance, in addition to placing a black tablecloth on the table embroidered with Quranic verses and religious phrases that bear the stamp of the blessed Eid Al- Adha .

Colorful holiday decorations :

 Colorful decorations can be used on an occasion such as Eid Al-Adha, so that we add violet and turquoise blue, which are very popular colors on occasions, and these colors are in harmony with each other and are very harmonious. The decoration with these decorations will be simple and beautiful and not overcrowded with colors. Eid decorations to cover the hospitality table in your home, you can also add the letters of the word Eid Mubarak in the decorative rope to give the corner a more beautiful appearance, as well as there are colored papers and distinctive cartoon panels with shapes suitable for Eid al-Adha that are placed in the decorative ropes, and we do not forget the importance of placing sweets in distinctive shapes in dishes Beautiful color on the table.

 Decorated lanterns:

The lanterns decorated in harmonious colors are a distinctive decoration that can be added throughout the house, and they are the most beautiful added elements, as there are different shapes, sizes, and a variety of designs of colorful and luminous lanterns. They can also be hung in the ceilings or installed on the walls as side lighting or colorful decorations, as well as placed on the tables And in the garden of the house to reflect the refined taste in the design of the decoration.

Eid lamb figures: 

These figures are among the symbols of the holiday decor . They are found in a variety of shapes and beautiful designs, such as statues and small dolls of the beautiful white sheep of the holiday. They can be hung, for example, on tree branches or inside a small vase and placed on the table. You can add a candy dish to it, or put some chocolate around it, and you can also put gifts for children. The little ones inside these sheep, it is necessary to take into account the consistency of colors in the holiday decor .

Eid messages: 

One of the most beautiful ideas that can be used on a special religious occasion, such as the blessed Eid Al-Adha, is to hang Eid messages that contain a simple and elegant external shape with luxurious designs with special phrases for specific purposes that may be to congratulate the Eid or to condolence those who lost something dear to his heart in the year, all of which represent the symbols and customs of the Eid Old . 

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3- Tips for coordinating Eid Al-Adha decor correctly:

We offer you some advice from expert hands in high-end decorations and designs, and because we are keen to always meet the desire of our customers with the finest ideas in the world of decoration, on such occasions there are many decorations and different colors, which makes some decorations look chaotic and random if they are not coordinated properly and with a sophisticated perspective in Eid decor To keep the design luster at its best:

1- It is necessary to take into account the coordination of colors between the house furniture and the colors of the walls with the things that we want to decorate with for Eid al-Adha .

 2- Not to make the place crowded with furniture, pictures, and Eid decorations in a large and exaggerated manner, especially in the guest reception hall and hospitality tables.

3- It is preferable to add white furniture because it is suitable for the atmosphere of Eid al-Adha .

5- It is possible to add decorated lanterns in the corner of the reception hall or to hang them in the ceiling of the room and the entrance of the house, but they should not be multiplied to reduce the overcrowding of colors.


4- What SMD Decoration offers from Eid al-Adha designs :

SMD Decoration is interested in providing the best designs and high-end offers on all occasions and holidays and is keen to satisfy the customer’s desires with luxurious touches for high-end tastes of luxurious designs and decorations, supervision and follow-up on implementation by the company’s staff of professional architects and decorators and technicians experts in the field of decoration to reach the customer for the best image Possible and finest decorations.

SMD Decoration offers you the best designs and ideas for Eid Al-Adha decorations , including decorations, furniture, and luxurious embroidered tablecloths with high-quality materials and professional and sophisticated implementation tools.

SMD Decoration also provides   its clients with consultations and solutions for interior and exterior decoration in various circumstances and occasions for homes, villas, apartments and restaurants in all stages of project implementation in all its aspects, so that SMD Decoration remains at the forefront and the first name in the world of decoration thanks to the constant trust of customers and the distinguished services that we constantly update.

SMD Decoration is your address for excellence in designs, and for more information, you can contact the specialized engineering team.

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