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Office design and implementation

Office design and implementation

Date: 2023/03/16


Table Of Contents

1- Introduction: 

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In SMD Decoration, we understand that the shape of your workplace is an important part of it, especially as it reflects the luxury of your brand and the luxury of your work as well, and the designs of your work office should not be simple or ordinary, but should be visually attractive and equipped to increase work efficiency and productivity, and it must To be a healthy environment with good ventilation and lighting, and given the importance of all these details and the fact that the customer and his comfort are the first thing we look at in SMD Decoration, we dedicate all our efforts to give you the best experience and make you, as soon as you wake up from sleep, excited to go to your distinguished office.

2- Previous steps to implement office decorations

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Before starting the interior design of the office, we must focus on several points in order to give the best results and the most distinctive designs according to the following:

Determine the available work space accurately so that it can be used as much as possible and the furniture is organized in it.

Taking into account the swagger of colors in order to match the identity of the company, which we seek in SMD Decoration to consolidate, and through the company's experience in this field for many years, we work on choosing colors so that they highlight the space of the place and increase the focus.

The use of decorative pieces and accessories to give the character of aesthetic and distinction.

Adding some elements to the offices, which is considered a relatively recent idea, and working to increase natural lighting in order to provide the best possible work environment.

The variety of forms of office furniture according to the nature of the company, the main element is giving comfort so that we seek to make the nature of the furniture practical, for example the comfortable office chairs that we offer and that we have developed because long sitting on the chairs has risks if it is not comfortable.

Taking into account lighting, lighting must be sufficient and good inside the office, and due to the advancement of engineering technologies provided by SMD Decoration , the greatest reliance is on natural lighting as a main source of lighting.

The focal point for obtaining a distinctive design and decoration is the organization, so we place the shelves and cabinets in a coordinated and organized way, in order to secure the design of offices that help in obtaining a comfortable work environment.

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3- Points based on the design and implementation of offices in SMD Decoration :

There must be a base to build on when designing offices , so that we refer to it before making any design, and then we derive from these rules according to the request, so we seek in SMD Decoration to satisfy the customer and give him the best result and maintain his comfort during work, and to facilitate the work mechanism We have divided this rule into points.

First point:

Office colors, choosing the color of the office is an important decision that must be taken with caution, as a result of its great impact on the general atmosphere and the productivity of the worker in the office. We aim at SMD Decoration to choose colors that enhance confidence and encourage work, preserving the luxurious classic character, knowing that all Color has its own effect, so after conducting the study with the client, we determine the appropriate color.

The second point:

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Office lighting, office lighting is one of the points that we work with more carefully and carefully, and this is due to its extreme importance, as it is necessary for productivity and well-being at work, as important points are relied upon in it, which we present to you, dear reader:

1- Bright enough to enable a person to read and not too intense to cause inconvenience, so we work to make the lighting as natural as possible.

2- Color temperature and brightness.

3- Taking into account the lighting, depending on the type of work performed in the office.

4- Develop safety considerations by making sure that the lamps are placed away from any dangers.

5- Taking into account the possibility of modification.

And by taking these measures, you can answer yourself about the reason for the superiority of SMD Decoration .

Third point:

Office floors, office floors reflect in many cases the luxury of the workplace and the brand, and this is what SMD Decoration provides you with through durability, how to install and attractiveness, and there are many options, including:

1- Wooden floors, the most classic option, durable, timeless and easy to clean, especially with the luxurious materials that we offer you to be the best choice for small companies, given their cost.

2- Laminate flooring, an affordable alternative to wood floors that offers similar aesthetics in terms of durability and ease of installation.

3- Carpets, also a common option in many cases, add warmth and comfort to the workplace and provide sound insulation and the sound of footsteps or other sounds.

4- Tiles, which are the best choice when implementing projects in commercial environments because of their wear resistance.

Gypsum boards for offices, gypsum boards are the ideal choice for many companies looking for distinctive and elegant solutions, due to several factors such as sound insulation, durability, light weight, and are installed on walls and are fire-resistant and easy to clean.


4- Types of office decorations

Office designs differ according to the person who uses them, whether he is an ordinary employee, manager, or home office, but this does not prevent the distinguished SMD Decoration company from doing justice to everyone with its designs, as it offers designs and decorations for the aforementioned offices:

Office decorations for managers that must contain a mixture of luxury, because they reflect the company's luxury and the degree of respect for its workers.

Small office decorations need special treatment, because they need the smart services of SMD Decoration in the utilization of spaces, and as a result, employee productivity is increased.

Classic office decorations , this type is characterized by the classic character in the selection of decorative pieces and large spaces, allowing for multiple choices of furniture and antiques that can be placed.

Modern office decorations What distinguishes modern office decorations is the modern character within the company, so it is the first choice for companies. Simple elegance is the word that describes the modern office, and the choice of colors depends on calm colors, and furnishings and furniture are chosen that achieve the element of comfort for the employees and in a small size, so as not to take up much space. In some designs, the offices are separated by glass panels, thus giving the place more space.

And many other offices provided by the company upon request.

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5- Services provided by SMD Decoration in the field of office decorations

We, SMD Decoration, follow up the work from its inception, and a work plan is drawn up to be agreed upon with the client until the start and delivery dates are set, and a budget is set for the project, as SMD Decoration is studying the environment surrounding the company, so that the issue of lighting and how to Entering the office, the company works to put all its efforts so that the worker in the office gets his full comfort.

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