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10 steps to make an interior decor

10 steps to make an interior decor

Date: 2022/12/16


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In this report, we have collected for you the best interior design tips in 10 steps to make an interior decoration to make your home renovation project a fun and successful adventure.So here, through the name Ed decorations in Turkey, we will present you these steps that may inspire you or help you design your spaces .. Follow us\

10 steps to make an interior decor

First step: take measurements of your room or space.

Take measurements of your room or area and Mark them on a piece of paper. Next, add shapes of the furniture that you intend to place in your space where you can find its ideal place in the room, taking into account the rule of movement and how people move around the room.

10 خطوات لعمل ديكور داخلي
10 خطوات لعمل ديكور داخلي

Step two: better determine the natural lighting.

Select the best source of natural lighting in your space, whether from doors or windows, in order to determine where to put the artificial lighting as well.

10 خطوات لعمل ديكور داخلي

Step 3: Choose your style or style.

It is always a good idea to choose objects, furniture or even floor tiles to plan your interior design so that the items you choose should ideally be in the style and style that inspires your choice of interior decoration for your space.


Step 4: select colors.

After the third step you must select the colors you want to use in the space to be designed.We can say in general, it is better to limit the colors of your design to three with the addition of misdirection and lighting .

Step 5: a color mixture can be collected.

Combine a mixture of materials in the colors you have chosen to help highlight yourself in the future interior design. Remember to take into accountfurniture, curtains, walls, floors and doors to create a harmonious finish so as to help you think within the ensemble.After that take a couple of photos of your room in this way, you can imagine how the colors and tones will look in the space or space.


Step Six: move to the walls.

Whether you choose paint, wallpaper, or even another decor such as Wood, your walls will definitely be the main source of color in the room unless you leave them in neutral tones to highlight the colors used elsewhere.If you want to make your room look bigger, choose bright or clear colors and contrast the walls with the white ceiling.

Step Seven: consider the floor.

Using the sample mixture, select the material with which you want to cover the floor.Try to choose the color of your floor in some contrast to the walls of your space, for example two shades lighter or darker.Also think about how natural light reflects on the floor; painted or matte finishes will give completely different effects.Flooring can also contribute to giving depth to the room, for example by using long slabs of parquet, or ceramics with large pieces 150 by 150 can be usedto give the room spaciousness.

10 خطوات لعمل ديكور داخلي

Step eight: put your furniture.

Once you have created the overall look of your room, place your furniture and do not hesitate to try different combinations to find out the best.Add the finishing touches using decorative elements, without cluttering up the space and maintaining color balance.

Step nine: arrange your artificial priorities.

Artificial lighting plays a very important role in the room by shaping the space in the evening and giving it a special atmosphere.When installing lighting, try placing spotlights throughout the room.since spotlights tend to visually narrow the room, a good option to consider is spotlights suspended from the ceiling, they provide soft and more directional lighting.

10 خطوات لعمل ديكور داخلي

Step 10: have your own style.

By experimenting and looking at things from different points of view, you will theoretically develop on what suits you and this is called visual nutrition.The web and networking sites are also a great source for interior designers to make different designs with several embroideries, so take a look and be inspired by your own design for your space.