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Turkish wallpaper, distinctive designs and high quality for an elegant and distinguished home

Turkish wallpaper, distinctive designs and high quality for an elegant and distinguished home

Date: 2023/07/05


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Wallpaper is one of the essential elements that contribute to transforming your home into an elegant and comfortable home, and choosing the right paper can be the fastest and easiest way to change the look of rooms and renew your home décor. In recent years, the use of Turkish wallpaper has spread widely around the world, thanks to its distinctive and unique designs and high quality.


Turkish wallpaper is characterized by its beautiful and varied designs, as it is available in different shapes, colors and patterns to suit all tastes and decorative styles. It is also made of high quality materials, which makes it durable and lasts for a long time without harming its aesthetic appearance.


Turkish wallpaper can be used throughout the house, whether in bedrooms, halls or kitchens, and even in bathrooms. It is also easy to install and clean, and it can be used to cover old walls and give them a new and attractive look.


In addition, Turkish wallpaper is environmentally friendly, as it is produced using natural and environmentally friendly materials, which makes it an ideal choice for those who care about preserving the environment.


It can be said that Turkish wallpaper is an ideal choice for renovating your home decor in an easy and fast way, and achieving an elegant and comfortable residential environment that suits your lifestyle and reflects your good taste.

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Detailed steps in installing Turkish wallpaper


Turkish wallpaper can be installed easily if you follow the right steps. The following are the basic steps for installing Turkish wallpaper :


  1. Preparation:

 The walls to be covered with Turkish wallpaper must be prepared by cleaning them well of dust and impurities and removing any remnants of old wallpaper, if any. It is also necessary to know the area that will be covered with wallpaper to determine the amount of paper required.


  1. Shredder: 

Turkish wallpaper is cut according to the area to be covered, taking care to leave extra space on both sides to avoid not covering the walls completely.


  1. Preparation and installation:

 The wallpaper is placed in a bowl of warm water for 5-10 minutes until it is completely absorbed by the water. Then preparation is made to install the paper on the wall with glue, as the glue is distributed on the wall using a brush or glue application tool.


  1. installation: 

The wallpaper is installed evenly on the wall, taking care to remove air bubbles and ensuring that it is installed tightly and straight. A scale is used to ensure that there is no movement or deviation in the paper structure.


  1. finish:

 The excess corners of the Turkish wallpaper are cut off after it has dried, and left for some time to dry completely.


After installation, special detergents can be used to clean Turkish wallpaper on a regular basis to maintain its beauty and new look.


Important tips when installing Turkish wallpaper

Installing Turkish wallpaper requires some important tips to ensure a good result and a beautiful appearance. Here are some important tips for installing Turkish wallpaper:


  1. Preparing the walls:

 The walls must be thoroughly cleaned and dried before installing wallpaper, and any remnants of old wallpaper must be removed, if any. It must also be ensured that the walls are level and free of defects and cracks.


  1. Measurement:

 An accurate measurement of the size of the walls to be covered with wallpaper must be taken to avoid purchasing an excessive or small amount of paper.


  1. Correct use of glue: 

You must use the appropriate glue for Turkish wallpaper, and distribute it evenly on the wall. You should also avoid using a large amount of glue to avoid distorting the wallpaper.


  1. Straight wallpaper installation: 

Wallpaper should be installed straight and even, and avoid deformation or paper curling.


  1. Gently press:

 Wallpaper should be pressed gently after installation to remove air bubbles and avoid slipping.


  1. Cut the extra corners: 

The excess corners of the wallpaper must be cut after it dries, and avoid leaving any excess corners.


  1. patience: 

You must wait for the wallpaper to dry completely before doing any other work, and direct exposure to sunlight on the wallpaper should be avoided.


  1. cleaning:

 Wallpaper should be cleaned regularly with special cleaners to keep it looking new and beautiful.


Using these tips, Turkish wallpaper can be installed easily and get a beautiful and attractive result.

Turkish wallpaper and services provided by SMD Decoration 

Turkish wallpaper is an attractive and popular choice for wall covering and renovation. This type of paper is distinguished by its beautiful and varied designs and high quality, in addition to its ease of installation and maintenance.


However, you must follow the correct instructions for installing Turkish wallpaper to get a good and attractive result. The walls must be well prepared, the wallpaper should be cut correctly, the appropriate glue should be used, and the paper should be installed straight and without curls

You should also pay attention to cleaning the wallpaper regularly using special detergents to maintain its beauty and new appearance.

By choosing to install Turkish wallpaper, you can easily and affordably renew the look of your home. And when applying the correct instructions, the result will be attractive and wonderful, which will make your home look more beautiful and attractive.


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