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What is the art of decoration and does decoration have an impact on the world of investment in Turkey?

What is the art of decoration and does decoration have an impact on the world of investment in Turkey?

Date: 2023/03/20


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1- What is the art of decoration?

It is the science, art, and creative ability of the designer or the decorator in order to show that breathtaking beauty in the place, which attracts the eyes of those who see it, and whose role is to carry out the volunteering process of cultures while investing different personal capabilities and creative vision. In the service of design for aesthetic elements.

As the art of decoration depends mainly on those techniques of creativity and innovation, as the designer uses and exploits all his materials, spaces, places, and lighting to achieve an integrated and beautiful design, and this is first through the availability of his aesthetic spirit, and secondly, his familiarity with these foundations, skillful methods, and techniques. His knowledge of the different and all kinds of materials and tools that he will deal with while performing his work, and even how to integrate them with each other in an aesthetic way.

2- The most important qualities that must be available in the decorator

There are a number of qualities that must be available in the interior designer, including:

1- High aesthetic and creative sense.

2- Knowledge and familiarity with different decoration design techniques and methods.

3- The high ability to invest and employ the materials and capabilities available in the decoration design process, in order to bring out the decoration design in the best way and in a distinctive aesthetic way.

3- The most important elements of decoration design:

There are a number of these basic elements of the art of decoration, including:

1- Flooring:

It plays an important role in showing the shape of the design, as it clarifies the spaces and spaces in it, and it gives that special and aesthetic luster, whether in relation to furniture or furnishings, and it can be used in the process of placing accessories, for example, flowers or artifacts, which of course will increase the charm of the place, and there are many Of shapes and types, including: wooden floors, carpet floors, marble floors.

2- The walls:

It is of great and extreme importance in showing the beauty of the design and its installation, as it is the first element that attracts attention when entering any place, and the designer must take the heights of the walls accurately and know what they contain of windows or doors, so that they are suitable for the design that he will do while they are there. It has three basic methods of processing:

  • Cover it by using wallpaper.
  • Binding it with certain types of wood, whether natural or industrial.
  • Paint it with different colors and graphics.
  • bishop or borrowed bishop
  • Aesthetic accessories group.


4- The most important conditions that must be met when starting the decoration design process:

There are a number of conditions that the decorator must be aware of when designing, including:

1- Knowing the purpose behind the use of the design.

2- Availability of an element of ease of disassembly or moving from one place to another, without affecting its quality

3- Selecting a group of quality materials that are suitable for the budget of the design student.

4- Adopting a set of colors that match the student's desire and personality for the design.

5- Making good and effective use of ventilation spaces.


5- Investment in the field of decoration

A number of experts and specialists in the real estate and furniture sectors in Turkey confirm that the interior design and furniture sector enjoys impressive growth opportunities in the labor market, and that the market is wide enough for more small and medium-sized companies to enter the sector.

The positive relationship between the real estate and furniture market also shows that the growth of the first is followed by the growth of the second.

A number of economists also confirmed that the furniture and interior design sector has become one of the thriving sectors that is witnessing high demand day after day and attracts more investments and international companies that are racing to open regional headquarters in Turkey, and to launch their latest products, services and offers.

Customers see that people in the region are aware of the latest developments in the decoration and furniture sector, which prompted many international and even leading local companies to associate their name with the name of brilliant designers, in an attempt to attract the largest segment of customers, because the customer is looking for the unrefined product and trying to get Rare pieces of furniture that everyone tries to acquire and unique designs that others do not have.

The growth of the furniture market and interior design is not limited to homes, villas, palaces, offices and hotels, as it extends to other sectors that some may not pay attention to. Such as interior designs for shopping centers, schools, cinemas, theaters, social, health and sports institutions, and the like.

Creative interior designers have always been known to come up with great ideas that inspire the rest of the world to improve residential or office spaces, and nowadays modern interior design represents a connection with nature, it is a way to change people's lives and improve their quality of life through design and decoration.

Good design does a lot of things like: relaxing, motivating, feeling positive, etc.; Through the manipulation of space, light, color, materials, furniture and many other elements.

In more blunt terms: we live in a world of changing climate and dwindling natural resources; As a result, designers believe they have a total commitment to society by taking sustainable design seriously, they influence how people interact environmentally with the spaces around them and they have the power to reduce energy consumption through their choices.

And in view of the growth movement that the market is constantly witnessing and many other features, it can be said that the idea of ​​establishing an interior design company project is a profitable business; As it is witnessing an increasing demand, especially with the construction of modern cities in most countries of the world.

It is logical that the increase in demand will be reflected in the increase in profit rates and the volume of revenues, and the success of the project depends on experience, efficiency, creativity and innovation. To provide the finest designs that are in line with the latest fashion trends in the world of decoration.


6- Global statistics for decorations

According to global statistics, the value of the global market for decorations amounted to more than $715.84 billion in 2021. It is expected that the size of this market will reach $923.4 billion by 2025, recording a compound annual growth rate of 4.1% during the period from 2021 to 2025; The floor coverings sector accounted for a large share of the total global revenues of the residential and office space decoration market.


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