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Why does white paint turn yellow over time Causes and treatment

Why does white paint turn yellow over time Causes and treatment

Date: 2023/05/09


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1- Introduction:

Paint has been used since ancient times to color walls and surfaces, and the ancient population began extracting paint colors from natural materials extracted from the earth, including: coal, grease, blood, berry juice, juice extracted from milk and dairy, and others. The special one that mixes different chemical ingredients and mixes colors together 

Painting the walls is one of the most eye-catching things, and choosing the right color enhances the architectural character of the place. To get a bolder look, and so that the white paint does not turn yellow with the passage of time  , you can mix two types of paint in different colors. White is the traditional choice for walls, because the paint colors are for the bedroom. Different from the colors of the hallway, dining room Once you get a color, in addition to the color of the paint, you must also consider the type of paint You can choose any color compatible with your carpet or sofa and apply it to the wall, and if it is noisy it can be diluted with the same type of paint, and the color can be tested on a wall and live with that color for a day or two, to test the color in natural and artificial light, and thus decide whether it will be accepted or not,

. When changing the paint, cover the wall with the new base color with a layer of white or gray paint, and once it dries, it can be painted with the color of your choice.

SMD Decoration  explains  why white paint turns yellow over    time   

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2- Why does the white paint turn yellow with the passage of time  ? Details and reasons  


Painting the walls is one of the things that change the appearance of the room. Paint has a strong and immediate effect in improving the home. By using paint, the shape of the wall can be radically changed, in addition to its quick role in the process of quick repairs that the walls of the rooms may need.

 Wall painting is difficult if the paint tools and type of paint are not chosen carefully 

First, you must know that the paint is a mixture of four main components: pigments or color, resins and solvents, which is the carrier that makes all the liquids in the paint evaporate and thus dries the paint and additives. 


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The SMD Decoration company has people who specialize in carrying out painting works and are able to design the interior decoration with complete perfection, and it shows you, dear reader, why the white paint color turns yellow with the passage of time  due to several reasons, the most important of which are:    


Using a bad type of paint

The paint is characterized by the possibility of coloring it and applying different inscriptions, because it is suitable for furniture and the place in which it is placed, as there are bad and bad types, which are a major reason for the white paint color to turn yellow with the passage of time.



The presence of moisture in the wall that leads to a change in the color of the paint, and the change is in one wall only and gradually, if the matter is not addressed, the moisture is transmitted to the whole house, and the reason for this is because the moisture was not treated before painting 

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Exposure to sunlight or constant light 

Exposure of the surface of the paint to continuous light, especially to sunlight, is a cause of color change, and in places that are exposed to sunlight, standard paints that bear sunlight are required.

Exposure to gases and vapors

 Exposure to gases causes a change in the color of the paint surface and also causes it to fall off. Therefore, it is necessary to use a type of paint of a special nature that withstands exposure to gases and vapors and accepts washing, especially in industrial places, laboratories and kitchens. 

3-  Why does the color of the white paint turn yellow with the passage of time  ? Treatment and methods of solution 

Paint is a substance used to color and protect various types of surfaces. It is used to cover the exterior structures of buildings, walls, furniture, cars, etc

Before starting painting, it must be known that there are classifications of paint color, which is active paint and includes red, yellow, and orange colors, and there is a negative color such as blue, green, and yellow, which is characterized by calming the nerves, while the neutral color is such as beige and gray. Why does the color of white paint turn yellow with the passage of time, and the colors of the decoration and its pattern can be used as a source for choosing colors, in addition to knowing the purpose of the paint, for example, bedrooms need calm and relaxation, unlike living rooms that need activity and vitality, and the following are the steps for painting walls: 

Place setting

 By moving the furniture to another room or covering it, as well as covering the floors, and using adhesive tape used to cover anything that cannot be moved such as light switches and door handles. 

Examine the wall 

Making sure that the wall is free of defects before starting to apply paint on the wall, and if the wall  needs restoration and there are some holes in it, the designated paste is applied  . Sanding to smooth the area so that it becomes the same as the rest of the wall.

Wipe the wall to make sure there is no dust

And use a cleaner if the wall contains any greasy substance.

Use a brush 

Apply paint in corners, around baseboards, window corners and all hard-to-paint areas with a paint roller.


 Rolling the paint roller 

 So that the paint roller marks do not appear on the walls, and the use of an extendable paint roller to reach high places without the need to use a ladder.



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SMD Decoration is trying to follow the previous policies and additional conditions set by the customer and apply them at all stages of  gypsum board  implementation in order to gain his confidence and maintain its leadership and strength in the labor market with its good reputation in interior decoration.


4-   Why does the white paint turn yellow with the passage of time   and the services provided by SMD Decoration   ?

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SMD Decoration  shows that the composition of the paint varies according to the type of surface to be painted and the required layer. If we are talking about obtaining a beautiful paint in the color a person desires by mixing the primary colors together, namely: red, yellow, and blue, as it results in the secondary colors, which are: green, blue, and purple, and in return several other colors can be obtained from during its modification


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1- Designing and implementing interior decoration works for houses, apartments, villas, palaces, offices, shops, and others.

2- Designing and implementing interior design works for commercial projects, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, schools, universities, and others.

3- Carrying out installation, upholstery, painting, finishing, renovation and modernization works for housing and commercial projects.

4- Designing and implementing customized furniture and interior furnishings for residences and commercial projects.

5- Design and implementation of internal and external lighting works and installation of electronic systems.

6- Providing consultations and advice to clients about interior design, decoration, choosing appropriate materials, and color coordination.

SMD Decoration  provides comprehensive services in the field of interior design and decoration, and strives to meet customers' needs, achieve their vision, and turn their ideas into an attractive and tangible reality.

SMD Decoration   is the best distinguished company, so that when you receive a specific project, you follow it up, starting from setting the plan in terms of small details, all the way to putting the final finishes ,

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