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How to design a tik tok studio decor

How to design a tik tok studio decor

Date: 2023/04/02


Table Of Contents

1- Introduction: 

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Tik Tok is considered one of the most widespread and popular sites and applications, due to the multiplicity of content it provides and the difference in its videos, such as challenges videos, prank videos, music trends, game videos, comics, or entertainment programs. Video has become a source of income in many cases and a source of entertainment and educational content, and many content makers rely on their channels to implement preset settings carefully prepared to facilitate the montage process, such as gamers and mathematical analysis studios, and the most important of these settings is preparing the studio in which filming will take place from Lighting and arrangements suitable for the general decoration of the studio as well as for the content provided, and in order for these people to have complete comfort in recording, SMD Decoration Company provides its services in this field to the fullest.

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2- What are the steps involved in designing a Tik Tok studio :

In fact, the cost is not an obstacle to obtaining your own Tik Tok studio . We, at SMD Decoration , coordinate with you and discuss the budget in order to give you the best Tik Tok decoration and design according to the budget and available capabilities. Our goal is that the cost does not stand in the way of your path to fame, now. We show you what we define as starting points:

Choosing a camera:

You must choose the camera that you will use in the filming process accurately and carefully, and you have three options. The first option is the smartphone, and if the financial capacity is weak, then the process is very simple. You open the camera application and start filming. The second option is to use dedicated cameras. We select it for you in the video mode, where SMD Decoration provides it for you, and you can switch the lenses to get the desired accuracy, but if you are shooting game content, then the webcam and computer screen recording are sufficient for the purpose.

tripod stand:

The imaging tool must be installed when using it, so you will need a tripod stand. If you shop online, you will see unreasonable prices, so SMD Decoration works to provide a stand of excellent quality at reasonable prices.

Your Tik Tok Microphone:

 Choosing a recording microphone is an important point. It must be of good quality, so that the recording is clear and free of interference. So we choose the best types and present them to you.

studio lighting

We carefully study the issue of studio lighting because it plays an important role in the quality and clarity of recording, and as a result of research and the constant pursuit of excellence, SMD Decoration has provided and developed the latest lighting technologies.

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3- How is sound isolated in the Tik Tok studio :

In order to perform the recording process without any external disturbance, and to obtain a pure recording without any external noise, we follow the following steps.

Making wooden planks (transverse and longitudinal tendons) that are fixed to the wall and adjusted using the surface level

Putting the soundproofing material, as there are many options of foam panels, which are placed inside the wooden panels or rock wool.

The insulating material shall be fixed with screws and clips.

The insulating material is bound and covered with different materials, according to the budget and plan that is agreed upon between SMD Decoration and the customer.

To ensure complete isolation, some precautionary measures must be taken:

1- The use of certified and guaranteed insulation materials. 

2- Cover all surfaces to be isolated with insulating materials.

3- The absence of large distances between the pieces of the insulating material.

4- Close the joints between the pieces using special adhesive tape.

5- Covering the insulator using special strips that protect it.

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Mentioning all the previous details, SMD Decoration works to give you the best experience by following the previous steps and coordinating them to obtain satisfactory results.


4- The decorations provided by SMD Decoration for your Tik Tok studio :

Sound insulation, good lighting, and good and distinctive content are details that attract a lot of followers, but that is not enough, so you must get a distinctive decoration for your recording room, so we from SMD Decoration provide the following decoration services for your Tik Tok studio :

Choosing a background to be placed in a location that covers the back of the creator of the content, and it is chosen either by the client, or SMD Decoration chooses it for you so that it matches the content of the channel.

In the event that a background is not chosen to be placed behind the content creator, the color of the room is chosen so that it must suit the content provided and the personality of the YouTuber with several factors such as the color of the computer or the surrounding environment.

Choosing the furniture that will be placed in the recording room, such as luxury seats, or choosing the most comfortable leather seats if game content is being filmed.

This is a small group of services provided by the company in order to design the decoration of your Tik Tok studio , as well as the SMD Decoration company creates a small study with the client to understand the nature of the channel and the content provided, and thus give the necessary decoration for the studio based on his desire and his own taste to achieve the best content and Attract more followers.


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5-Why should you choose SMD Decoration in designing your  Tik Tok studio :

In fact, what distinguishes the SMD Decoration company is that it is a company that follows all developments in the labor market in order to obtain and develop the most important local and international developments, and in the field of designing Tik Tok studios , it used the latest and most distinguished technologies and developed special cadres of interior designers Professional specialists and technicians to follow up all these projects and implement them with professionalism and elaborate planning to give satisfactory results to all customers of SMD Decoration , and the company sets an initial date and a deadline in the timetable set in the initial agreement with the customer and adheres to it in addition to adhering to the budget specified by the field monitoring workshops Follow-up of the project from the first moments to the final finishes before delivery.

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