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Rules for the completion of graduation projects and master's thesis for students of architecture

Rules for the completion of graduation projects and master's thesis for students of architecture

Date: 2023/03/22


Table Of Contents

1- Introduction:

Students have a lot of fears as the end of the academic period approaches, and then they undertake to work on the graduation project required of them at the university, institute, or any study destination, given that it is considered one of the complementary models for the stages of university studies, and then obtaining the desired grades on the part of the student. Many educational institutions do not approve the student’s result without the graduation project , and this applies to the master’s thesis , as the master’s degree is considered one of the most prominent scientific ranks that a student can obtain, and some countries require obtaining a bachelor’s degree or a bachelor’s degree with a very good degree, before applying for studies Master's degree, which requires a certain period of study, after which the student submits a master's thesisWhich includes presenting a specific problem or phenomenon, and working to prove or deny its validity, through proofs and evidence that achieve this, in a way that ultimately benefits society in general, and then advances the development of the specialization that the student offers in particular.


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2- What is the graduation project and master's thesis ? And what is architecture?


The graduation project is a model or work that the study institution requests from the student. To measure what he made during the study, and the level he reached in the field of specialization, which is one of the requirements for obtaining the final certificate, as it is a scientific document from which the student benefits in the first place, as well as his peers from the students, so the research effort to be implemented should include new ideas And innovative solutions, through proper scientific planning.

As for the master's thesis , it is considered one of the written scientific documents, according to certain requirements determined by the authority entrusted with discussing the thesis.

Architecture is the art of constructing and designing buildings to cover material needs, such as housing, for example, or moral, by using appropriate construction materials and methods. As a whole, he is familiar with all aspects of the building in terms of construction, architectural design, and electrical connections, and relies on him to find the appropriate shape and spatial spaces for use, and bring them into existence.


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 3- How to choose the idea of ​​the graduation project and the master's thesis for architecture students? The most important areas that architecture students can use in their graduation project and master's thesis .


Architectural engineering students need to organize their exhibition of ideas well before starting proposals for seriously implementing pictures of creating the graduation project . The steps for thinking and designing the structure in a distinctive way are as follows:

1- Care and attention must be paid to forming the work team that implements the graduation project , before choosing the idea on which it is based. This team should fulfill the condition of intellectual convergence among its members, in order for a successful graduation project to be achieved.

2- When the work team that implements an architectural graduation project is formed, the team begins to search for the idea on which the graduation project is based , and this idea arises by identifying the difficulties facing the field of architecture, the increase in demand and the unsatisfied needs that are required to be produced to meet these needs, Then develop solutions to these problems.

3- There are special conditions for the idea on which the architectural graduation project is based , and among these conditions is that this idea is new, or used previously, and the owner of the graduation project develops it.

4- The graduation project work team conducts an initial feasibility study and the initial selection of the graduation project. This study includes a detailed report on the size of the demand, the market for the commodity, or the service that the architectural graduation project will pursue , the availability of the main production elements required for the graduation project, the duration of its implementation, and the size Approximate investment and operating expenses.

5- The idea of ​​the architectural graduation project is discussed with professors and specialists in the field of architecture, after which the work team sets a time plan for the stages of preparing the graduation project.

6- The last step comes before the implementation of the architectural graduation project , which is the selection of the doctor who will supervise the graduation project, who in turn assists the team during the implementation of the project.

  • As for the architectural master's thesis, its idea is chosen as follows:

 The architectural scientific researcher must fulfill all the university conditions required by the master's thesis , and the university colleges determine the nature of the subjects taught by the master's students, after which the thesis curriculum can be prepared, and there are a number of universities that require the student to specialize in some languages, or to know some computer applications according to to the country in which it is located, before registering the message.

  • Graduation projects and master's thesis related to architecture are done in many areas that students study within the Department of Architecture, and these areas are:
  • Architectural studies.
  • Building science and technology.
  • Urban design and housing.
  • Environmental design and planning.
  • urban planning.
  • Opticals and acoustics in buildings.
  • Electrical installations.


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4- The method of implementing the graduation project and the master's thesis for architecture students , and skills that architecture students should possess before executing their project. 


The graduation project is implemented by architecture students following the following parameters:

1- The name of the graduation project :

It is one of the most difficult stages, as it carries with it the name of the project, which must be carefully selected. In order to express what is included in the project, it must be clear, expressive and short, and not include any strange expressions or terminology.

2- The basic idea: 

It is important for the architecture student to explain the main idea of ​​the project; Through a group of sentences without writing down many details, given that they are highlighted in detail during the stages of the graduation project , and it is important that the idea be from real life.

3- The importance of the project: 

It is a set of points in which the student explains the advantages contained in the graduation project , and what it will offer in the scientific, social or humanitarian field in general.

4- Objectives related to the project:

They are the results that the architecture student expects to reach at the end of the graduation project , and those goals must be measurable, and the goals are considered one of the most important parts of the project. Because the discussants or project evaluators believe that the success of any project is measured by the objectives achieved, and accordingly the student or group of students gets the evaluation grades.

5- Project plan:

It is the steps followed by architecture students in order to complete the project, and it is represented in two aspects:

  • Theoretical side: by writing parts and notes related to what was studied during the university period and affects the project, in addition to what was obtained from data and information from studies that contributed to its development by experts related to the specialization, as well as what was added of the intellectual and mental output of the students entrusted with the project .
  • The scientific aspect: in the event that the graduation project is related to a specific device or product, and from this point of view, the students explain the tools used in preparing the project, and the method of implementation step by step until the completion of the installation or assembly of these tools, and reaching the final form of the device or product.

6- Difficulties:

 It is important for the student of architecture or the person in charge of the project to explain the problems he encountered during the period of carrying out the project, in order to reach the final stage and complete the graduation project .

  • While the architectural master's thesis is implemented in the following manner:
  • The beginning is to define the hypothesis or problem of scientific research, and to study it more deeply through the questions raised by the researcher in one of the fields of architecture.
  • After defining the hypothesis that the researcher wishes to study, the role of supervision comes to assist the scientific researcher in determining the title of the master's thesis .
  • After that, the items of the dissertation plan are drawn up, which include the introduction, sections, chapters, and field enumeration works such as samples, questionnaires, and interviews. The practical research plan is of great importance; Since it represents a master's student's guide, so that he does not fall into any methodological or technical errors that take him out of the basic context.
  • After completing the research plan and obtaining the approval of the general supervisor of the master's thesis , the researcher collects data and information on the research material from sources, references, previous research, etc.
  • In the end, the researcher sorts and analyzes all the information and data he obtains, and then writes a master's thesis , according to the methodological, scientific, and formal methods related to the research.
  • The ideas of the Architectural Engineering graduation projects and the master’s thesis require different skills, as any individual’s possession of a set of life skills or work skills is one of the most important things, in order to be used in self-development, and thus reach higher positions, and all architecture students should possess A number of skills they use in their graduation project in the Department of Architecture or a master's thesis , and among these skills are the following:

1- Good listening:

The architect's understanding of what is being asked of him is one of the most important things that must be available in his personality, and he should be good at listening to others in order to share ideas more effectively when writing his graduation project or master's thesis .

2- Verbal communication:

Verbal communication is one of the most important skills that must be available within any individual architect, in order to be able to prepare and communicate his vision and ideas to others, as well as to the chain team and work members in the architecture graduation project.

3- Critical thinking:

When writing a graduation project or master's thesis , the architect's  critical thinking is accompanied by complete reflection with him, which makes him able to evaluate special and group solutions for any problem he may encounter during work. The engineer develops a large number of solutions and chooses

The appropriate solution to the problem you are facing in an integrated and practical manner.

4- Creativity and innovation:

The graduation project submitted by architecture students or a master's thesis must be characterized   by distinctive taste, creativity within the details, in addition to innovation and the use of their imagination when making designs.

5- Problem Solving:

An engineer should not stand idly by the difficulties he encounters, but rather he should have the ability to identify them quickly and develop an appropriate solution to them in a thoughtful manner, so that the work on the graduation project or the master's thesis is not negatively affected.


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