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The art of design and the secrets of the stages of interior design

The art of design and the secrets of the stages of interior design

Date: 2023/03/31


Table Of Contents

1- Introduction:

The  secrets of the stages of interior design are related to certain arts such as architecture, interior design, painting, graphics, and so on. However, a quick and comprehensive look at the concept of design confirms that everything around us is the result of this act and that human civilization is what it has become today thanks to the concept of “design” that accompanied it at every stage of its journey. It is the art of creating functional spaces in walls, buildings, and homes. 

  The   secrets of the stages of interior  design are manifested in decorating or decorating a space with something modern and beautiful. And it depends on the planning and beautification of human-made spaces, and on creativity and innovative technology. While there has been great interest in the aesthetics and design of places throughout the ages, the secrets of the  stages of interior design  depend on combining different cultures and capabilities in the service of design. And the combination of aesthetic elements in custom and tradition, and showing how to deal with all knowledge and how to use colors and link them to each other.   

The importance of the secrets of the stages of interior  design lies in its ability to enhance the user experience through better space management in the home and office, and to enhance the space in the internal environment so that it is harmonious and consistent with its goals. If you are an interior designer improving the ergonomics of your office, it implies that the design helps your employees to be more productive, focused and efficient. . But when designing bedrooms, your main goal is to create a more relaxed and comfortable environment, so it expresses planning for something specific, and doing something fun and beautiful. 



SMD Decoration  provides   the best and most creative design services in this field. SMD Decoration  shows  you, dear reader, the secrets of the interior  design stages  according to the following:  

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2- The concept of the secrets of the stages of interior  design .  


The secrets of the stages of design Design is among the secrets of the plastic arts, where the elements of work are integrated into artworks of this type of art, such as space, color, and mass, and a number of other elements are ignored, in order to achieve the goals that that art aspires to reach. Design means making beautiful things and plastic innovations, and design can come from an integrated planning process for a shape, and create it in a satisfactory manner in terms of function and the feelings that that design brings from psychological happiness. The stages of interior design depend on the principles of harmony and on a set of elements of artwork that They meet in achieving the goal for which they were found, which is reshaping and formulating ideas to apply them on the ground, and formulating these ideas by studying all aspects of the idea to be put into practice, the purpose is taken, furniture, lighting, decoration and textiles are chosen. 

The stages of interior design are important in our time, as it enters many areas of life, as it is the process of collecting elements, and preparing all that these elements need in terms of treatment, measurement, and modification, by relying on ideas and personal experiences, to produce something new. Distinguished, performs its tasks and meets the purpose of its design, and has become  

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3 - General principles in  the secrets of the stages of interior  design .    

In order for the work to come out as we want, basic rules must be used, as lack of good organization leads to wasting time in vain, and  the secrets of the interior  design stages must be followed  in order to produce the final design in a professional manner.     

  SMD Decoration explains the rules and secrets of the interior  design stages  , so let's start…  

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The first rule: the spirit of design  

It starts with the main task, in the same spirit of design. Understanding the design ethos is the criterion for developing complete solutions for what is required: in the project / product / service ethos there are answers to all projected design problems.

Everything you draw is related to your first thoughts about it. So clearly and accurately defining your ideas is the most important part of the entire project. Asking stupid questions and making illogical assumptions gets you to the heart and soul of design. The designer only has to answer the question: what is it?


The second rule: Know what the customer wants 

Put yourself in the shoes of the end customer. Know what he wants, how he wants it, and what you are waiting for; Try to understand this before interacting with the project.


when a customer interacts with your design; What is the impression? Does it relate or not to the design spirit that brought it to life? Enhance the design ethic by integrating it with the reality of the user experience.


The third rule: Know the secrets of the project  

Now that you have your ideas for the design and the results of the client's interactions with it, such as in prototyping 

Position your design so that it responds to customer needs, so that they refer to them unconsciously and without thinking. using the soul and heart of the project and user interaction with it; This takes you very directly to the design you interact with most intensely.


The fourth rule: implementation mechanism  

We have reached the implementation stage. It is believed that this step has become easy and smooth at the same time. If you have successfully completed the previous three steps, you should not stop there. Design ideas, user interactions and experiences, and the constant evolution of visible and invisible details will make the implementation phase a little easier. Start with small steps;

It will complete the same design

The fifth and final rule: let your imagination run wild

 Translate your ideas into a tangible project/product that solves problems and is effective but don't stop there, expand your horizons and exceed all expectations. This is the stage where you let your creativity run free, this is where you take your own project/product, add something unexpected and make it interesting.

You need to draw up a detailed plan, indicating all the important elements of windows, doors, walls, furniture and everything that comes to mind 


The right choice of colors



Use black

The perfect choice of finishing materials 

Image 3

The importance of the interior design stages lies in making the best use of the space available for the place based on the function and professionalism of the design.

SMD Decoration is trying to follow the previous policies and additional conditions set by the client and apply them at all stages in order to satisfy him and gain his trust and maintain its leadership in the labor market with its good reputation in the field.


4- The secrets of  the interior design stages and the services provided by SMD Decoration    

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In fact , SMD Decoration is the most distinguished and creative company , so that when you receive a project, you follow it up, starting from setting small details to final finishes, and post-implementation follow-up, as SMD Decoration uses the best cadres, elements and experts from architects, interior designers and artists as well. To give distinguished results to its customers and to follow all international developments in the field of decoration in order to remain in front of all companies specialized in the field of decoration with hundreds of steps. During SMD Decoration servicesThe distinctive that we offer you, we put our own mark in any field by focusing on the simple details to produce great results such as thinking about the consistency between the surrounding environment and the exterior design. If the restaurant is close to the sea or serves seafood, we try to make the exterior design to indicate this thing.

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