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Moroccan decorative arts

Moroccan decorative arts

Date: 2023/05/01


Table Of Contents

1- Introduction:

 The Moroccan style of decoration is  one of the wonderful arts that Moroccan cities are famous for, and it is characterized by its ancient and distinct heritage.


The Moroccan decorative arts reflect many ancient cultures and traditions, as it combines the Islamic, Andalusian and African character, which is a unique mixture of colors, shapes, motifs and inscriptions.


Moroccan decorative arts are characterized by bright and vibrant colors, as red, yellow, green and blue are used abundantly, as well as beautiful motifs, delicate engravings and various geometric shapes.


Moroccan decorative arts are famous for the natural materials used in them, such as wood, stone, marble and pottery. Leather, velvet and luxurious fabrics are also used in the design of furniture and accessories.


Modern Moroccan decor is characterized  by gradations and elaborate artistic techniques, as it uses sculpture, photography, and tiling in wonderful artistic ways, and it is characterized by various and famous geometric patterns such as zellij, zellij, tapestries, and mosaics.


In addition, the Moroccan decorative arts are characterized by accurate details, beautiful lighting, and harmony with the furniture and interior decoration, which creates warm, comfortable spaces with a unique and beautiful character.

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2-  Art forms of Moroccan decor style  

Moroccan decorative arts  are distinguished  by many wonderful artistic forms and styles, including:


1- Zellige

It consists of small pieces of pottery stacked artistically to form various geometric inscriptions and shapes.


2- Zellige

It consists of small pieces of glass that are artistically stacked to form various geometric patterns and shapes.


3- Brushing

They are small pieces of carved wood that are artistically stacked to form various geometric inscriptions and shapes.


4- Mosaic

It is the formation of small pieces of marble or glass in different geometric shapes to form wonderful works of art.


5- Silver and gold threads:

 It is used to decorate furniture, lamps, and accessories, and gives wonderful and beautiful lighting.


6- Embroidered leather: 

It is a piece of leather decorated with delicate embroidery in geometric shapes and exquisite patterns.


7- Colored Fabrics: 

It is used in the design of curtains, pillows and furniture, and is characterized by bright colors and beautiful artistic designs.


8- Ornate Furniture: 

It is characterized by geometric patterns, delicate shapes and bright colors, and includes sofas, chairs, tables and lamps.


These are some of the distinctive art forms in the arts of the Moroccan decorative style,   and these forms are characterized by bright colors, fine details, and various artistic techniques, which make them unique and beautiful for use in designing homes, offices, and hotels.

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3- Steps to design   art style Moroccan decor  

If you want to design Moroccan style arts  in your home or office, the following steps can be followed:


1- Searching for the appropriate style: You must search for the appropriate style for Moroccan decoration design, by looking at pictures, websites and specialized books.


2- Determine the appropriate colors: The colors that will be used in Moroccan decor designs must be determined , which are characterized by bright colors such as red, yellow, green and blue.


3- Choosing the right materials: You must choose the right materials for Moroccan decoration design, which include wood, stone, glass and pottery, in addition to leather, velvet and luxurious fabrics.


4- Furniture and accessories design: Furniture and accessories suitable for Moroccan decor must be designed, using appropriate artistic techniques such as zellij, zellij, tapestries, and mosaics.


5- Focus on the details: You must focus on the fine details in the design of the Moroccan decoration, such as motifs, inscriptions, and various geometric shapes.


6- Lighting: You must focus on lighting the Moroccan decor, and use appropriate lighting that matches the colors, shapes, and fine details.


By using these steps, Moroccan decorative arts can be designed in a unique and beautiful way, creating wonderful, comfortable and unique interior spaces that express the personality of the owner and the needs of the users.

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4- Characteristics of    Moroccan decorative arts    

Moroccan decorative arts   are characterized  by many unique and beautiful characteristics, the most prominent of which are:


1- Cultural Diversity: 

Moroccan décor is characterized by its wide cultural diversity, in which Arab, African, Andalusian, Berber and Islamic cultures blend.


2- Bright colors: 

Moroccan decor is characterized by bright and bold colors, such as red, yellow, green and blue, which add vitality and joy to the interior spaces.


3- Decorations and inscriptions:

Moroccan decor  is characterized  by delicate geometric motifs and inscriptions, which are characterized by fine details and various shapes.


4- Natural materials: 

Moroccan decor is characterized by the use of natural materials such as wood, stone, glass and pottery, which give the interior spaces a wonderful and natural look.


5- Lighting: 

The Moroccan decor is characterized by unique and wonderful lighting, which uses hidden lights, decorative lamps, and beautiful glass lamps.


6- Distinguished Furniture: 

Moroccan decor and furniture is characterized by distinguished and ornate furniture, which is characterized by delicate engravings, various geometric shapes, and bright colors.


7- Luxurious fabrics: 

Royal Moroccan decor is characterized by the use of luxurious fabrics such as satin, velvet and silk, which are characterized by beautiful artistic designs and bright colors.


Using these characteristics, it is possible to create beautiful and unique interiors, designing beautiful, comfortable and refreshing interior spaces, which reflect the culture and authenticity of Morocco.


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5 - Moroccan style arts      and services provided by SMD Decoration  

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Moroccan decorative style  is considered one of the most beautiful arts of Arab decoration, and is characterized by bright and bold colors, delicate geometric motifs and inscriptions, natural materials and ornate furniture, and unique and wonderful lighting. These arts reflect the originality and cultural heritage of Morocco, and express the ancient Moroccan culture and heritage.


Moroccan decorative arts can be used in the design of various interior spaces, whether they are homes, offices, hotels or restaurants, in order to give an atmosphere of originality and beauty to these spaces.


In the end, the arts of the Moroccan decor style  represent a mixture of originality, beauty and art, and give the interior spaces an atmosphere of dynamism, beauty and magnificence, and express the culture and heritage of Morocco in a distinct artistic way.

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