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Modern design arts history and development

Modern design arts history and development

Date: 2023/09/30


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Definition of modern design

What is modern design? In general, it is an approach to design that attempts to focus on recent developments and innovations over time. Modern design is characterized by simplicity, practical function, modern technology and new materials.


You will find buildings, furniture and artwork based on modern design that have clean lines and simple geometric shapes. They focus on fine details, calm colors, and harmony between the various components of the design.


A modern design that aims to achieve a balance between function and beauty, trying to meet the needs of modern users and at the same time trying to convey the idea of ​​beauty and innovation.


A modern design requires the use of modern technology and new materials such as glass, stainless steel, plastic, natural wood and aluminum. It depends on the use of appropriate lighting to highlight the details and make the spaces appear appropriately.


Modern design is embodied in various fields such as architectural design, furniture design, product design, fashion, and contemporary art. Modern design reflects the spirit of the times and the social, cultural and technological changes that affect societies at the present time.


Types of modern design

In the world of modern design, there are many modern design trends that are constantly evolving. We will provide the best types of modern design :


  1. Graphic Design: 

This design deals with designing visual displays such as company logos, advertisements, and posters. Graphic design is used to convey a specific visual message.


  1. Web design: 

This design creates a comfortable and user-friendly online experience. Includes designing web pages and mobile applications.


  1. Product Design:

 This design deals with the design of actual products such as furniture, electronic devices, etc. The goal is to provide beautiful and functional products.


  1. Fashion design: 

This design is related to the design of clothing and accessories. The goal is to create innovative and attractive fashion.


  1. Interior decoration design: 

This design is related to decorating the interior spaces of homes and commercial places. He uses colours, furniture and arrangements to create a comfortable and beautiful environment.


  1. Visual identity design: 

This design deals with developing visual identities for brands and companies, including specific logos, colors, and styles.


  1. Animation design: 

This design deals with creating animations and short films with motion.


  1. Game design: 

This design deals with video game design, from graphic design to the gaming experience itself.


  1. Three-dimensional (3D) graphic design: 

This design includes creating 3D models for use in films, games, and product design.


  1. Social graphic design: 

This design is used in social media to create engaging and engaging content.


These are some modern design trends . Design is a multidisciplinary and constantly evolving field that can have a significant impact on the world around us.

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History of modern design

The history of modern design takes us from half the nineteenth century until now. Modern design techniques is an artistic and cultural movement that aims to renew and modernize design and the arts, and seeks to achieve a balance between function, beauty and innovation.


At the end of the nineteenth century, modern design techniques began to emerge as a response to the social and technological changes taking place in societies. We made the decision to abandon excessive decorations and details and relied on simple and functional design principles.


At the beginning of the twentieth century, artistic movements such as modern architecture, abstract art, pop art, and the modern movement in industrial design developed. The emphasis was on using new materials and advanced technology in the design process and developing new methods of artistic expression.


With modern design, there has been increased emphasis on the idea of ​​function and practicality in design, and our goal has been to meet the user's needs and improve their experience. We adopted simple and pure design principles, using geometric shapes, straight lines and neutral colors.


Over time, modern design has evolved to include diverse fields such as interior design, furniture, fashion, and graphics. Designs have been influenced by the advancement of technology and social and cultural trends, and this influence has contributed to the diversity of styles and trends in modern design.


Today, modern design continues to evolve and change with the advancement of technology and new innovations. The focus of modern design is around the user and meeting his needs, and it focuses on beauty and innovation 

Principles of modern design

Modern design principles in graphic design , meaning modern design, focus on modern design tools to achieve a balance between effectiveness, beauty, and invention. I have some principles:


 Simplicity is the basic principle of modern design. The focus is on removing excess and reducing complexity. Simply put, shapes, lines and colors are simplified so that the design appears elegant and clear.


Modern design principles in interior design focus on the effectiveness of the product or design, meaning it must be able to meet the user’s needs effectively and effectively. They must control factors such as comfort, usability, and the user's experience in using the product.


Modern design principles in industrial design use simplified geometric shapes and straight lines in modern design. They focus on harmony and balance in arranging the elements and distributing them in a geometric manner.


Emphasis is placed on the use of new materials and advanced technology in the design process. They benefit from modern technologies and materials to come up with innovative and advanced designs.


The goal of modern design is to achieve a balance between all the different elements in design, such as colors, shapes, and lines. They try to achieve a visual balance that attracts attention and improves the overall aesthetic of the design.


 Modern design encourages innovation and innovation. They search for new and innovative solutions and develop unique and unconventional design methods, which are considered lessons of modern design .


These are some of the basic principles of modern design, and it is important to note that these principles develop and change with time and the emergence of new trends in the field of design.



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