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The architect worked in Türkiye

The architect worked in Türkiye

Date: 2023/06/26


Table Of Contents

1- Introduction:

The specialty of architecture is witnessing a boom in our current era after the entry of many creators into this specialty and the reflection of their creativity in their various works, not only in residential and office buildings and towers, but also in bridges, stadiums, and even in places of worship, and despite the issuance of many laws that regulate the process of designing and The implementation of buildings and linking them to the standards of protection from earthquakes and the general appearance of the city . The work of the architect in Turkey must have drawn attention in terms of creativity and mastery and the introduction of modern art and new design and presentation methods in all stages of design.


2- A glimpse into the history of architecture in Turkey


Türkiye is a country rich in history, culture and natural beauty. A place where ancient traditions meet modern creativity, the country's geography and history are unique challenges that architects in Turkey face. Turkey is located in a seismically active region, which means that architects must consider earthquake-resistant design when planning buildings. In addition, the history of architecture in Turkey is a long and complex one, with a mixture of different cultures and architectural styles. As a result, architects must balance the preservation of historic buildings with the need to create modern, functional spaces.

Ottoman architecture and its special splendor:

The Ottoman architectural civilization is one of the most beautiful urban civilizations, as just by looking at an Ottoman architecture, you know that it belongs to that wonderful civilization with its distinguished architecture, whose star rose and was given its splendor by skilled architects, where you find distinctive architectural touches in hospitals, rehabilitation homes and service facilities in the state, fountains and gardens, but Most of what was distinguished by mosques.

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The urban movement after the Ottoman Empire:

At the end of the Ottoman Empire and the establishment of the Turkish Republic in 1923 after the First World War, the urban form took a new style. By relying on the classical style and confining it only to public buildings.

In that period after the First World War, the economic conditions in the countries were affected, so an economical architectural style was adopted based on flat, level shapes in order to save the costs of architecture and building materials. 

In the period following the Second World War, the need to establish government buildings appeared, but that period was poor in architects because of the modernity of the state, but its openness to the world attracted many European architects, and they had a great imprint on the modern architectural movement, as architects from Germany, Australia and Austria were benefited from. .


Modern Turkish architecture:

At the beginning of the new millennium, modern Turkish architecture began to move away from simplicity in the old architecture and tended to be more complex and luxurious, following the modern European style.

There are many hotels that were built in the sixties in a modern and luxurious style, distinguished by the form of tall buildings and towers.

In the sixties and seventies, the country witnessed a new shift as a result of the spread of civil law and the spread of the phenomenon of cities expanding and expanding on the sea as a result of the trend towards tourism due to the country’s attractive location, especially the cities overlooking the sea. 

Excessive population growth also increased in the country, so the need for urban expansion and a change in the pattern of population construction increased, but the urban movement was not the best at the time due to the turbulent political conditions in the country.

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The eighties and nineties:

During this period, the country witnessed a great renaissance and development that significantly affected the history of architecture in Turkey,   where the urban movement was active and construction operations were facilitated as a result of the availability of raw materials and modern construction equipment, and the high residential towers increased.


Turkish urbanism in the new millennium:

The scientific and digital renaissance that affected the world, in turn, affected Turkey, and as a result, scientific and urban progress. The new building style moved to the urban style, which is characterized by high floors at times and glass or marble facades. 

Where the establishment of residential cities with luxurious specifications and unique designs has become the modern trend, such as the green city in Istanbul, in addition to the construction of luxury villas and huge palaces near the sea.

And they worked to make it more energy-saving and more luxurious, as the homes became equipped with various smart systems and remote control, in addition to the spread of high residential towers to provide spaces and meet the needs of population growth. 

3- The architect worked in Turkey

The architect is the person whose ideas interfere in the life of every human being on earth, as he is the one who forms the void in which any human being exists. It forms the space at home, school, hospital, office, club, airport, shops and even in prison.

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4- The team of engineers at SMD Decoration Company

At SMD Decoration, we have a team of skilled engineers, and we seek to secure a suitable work environment through:

- The organized environment in terms of the workplace, as the organized place helps the engineer to organize his ideas and make sound decisions.

- Work in an environment based on cooperation, as participation in decision-making generates the right and appropriate idea.

A quiet work environment away from distractions and noise.

A work environment based on mutual respect among all employees.

- Honesty and accuracy when completing and handing over works.

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