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Sea view window decoration

Sea view window decoration

Date: 2023/03/30


Table Of Contents

1- What is a window?

Window : It is an opening in the wall, in the door, or in the ceiling that allows air and light to pass through, and also allows seeing what is outside the building or structure if it is opened, or without opening it, if it is transparent. 

The window is considered one of the features of the interior design, as it allows the transmission of light and air into the room, and the view of the outside views and its transmission into the room.

Windows are made of several types: wood, aluminum, melamine, and other metals. And that depends on the use and the place where you install it.


2- Types of windows

  1. Hinged windows

Hinged windows provide excellent levels of thermal and sound insulation and seal against air and water. However, it cannot cover large areas, as it is more than 2 meters wide. They also require a large amount of space inside, so that the window or door can be opened without barriers.

  1. Pivot windows

Pivot windows are a convenient option for homeowners who want to provide maximum ventilation in a room. 


  1. sliding windows

Sliding windows are a good option if you need to cover areas over 1.70m wide. Also, sliding windows are the perfect choice when you have limited space around your window. For large areas, you can use the technically superior lift and slide system that facilitates sliding and provides excellent air and water sealing, thanks to a special lifting mechanism that raises the frame of the glass, allowing the wheel to glide smoothly on the body rail. 

  1. fixed windows

Fixed windows are wall mounted without any closing or opening process. They are generally provided to transmit light into a room. The entire pane of glass is fixed to the window frame. This type of window is used in cases that require light or vision only and not for ventilation.


  1. Bi-fold windows (accordion)

The accordion door is the perfect solution for large spaces, especially if you want to see the outside. The main feature is the full or partial folding of the glass frame on the side of the body. This solution is usually preferred in workplaces, such as restaurants and cafes, or in large homes, to provide complete freedom of movement and ease of access.


3- Tips for choosing the right type of window

Tips for choosing the right window type , you should consider the following:

  • The area you want to cover (length, width, height).
  • climatic conditions of the external environment.
  • Home and furniture design.
  • Using the window, to be able to open/close it and also to be able to clean it inside and out.
  • The level of security you want to have.
  • Examine the level of thermal insulation of the window.
  • Taking into account the aesthetic and relative appearance when choosing the window, and when determining its location and decorating it.


4- Components of the window

  1. Frame : It is the part of the window that enters the wall and is covered with a wide molding. It is the one that holds the glass panels and surrounds them. It is made of several different materials such as: wood, aluminum, and other metals.
  2. Fixed or movable part : It is the part that consists of one frame over which panels of glass are installed in the case of fixed parts of windows.
  3. Glass : It is the material used to close the space between the parts of the windows.
  4. Threshold : is the shelf at the bottom of the window.
  5. Apron : is the part of the window below its frame.

5- The best types of window glass


1- Polished window glass

This type of glass is used in many industries such as architecture for high-rise buildings, and also for car windshields 

2- Coated window glass 

This type of glass is distinguished because it uses the interlayer in manufacturing, which consists of polyvinyl boral or ethylene vinyl acetate, and this layer is very important to maintain the cohesion of the glass together even when broken, in addition to being soundproof and blocking ultraviolet rays 


3- Screened window glass 

This type of glass is used in bathrooms or front doors of the house, due to the privacy that this type of glass provides.


4- Double window glass

Double glazing consists of two panes of glass separated by a gap, which can contain air or compressed gas such as . Double glazing is considered one of the great options for residential buildings, and it is often provided with an aluminum or wood frame, and it is distinguished by its external sound insulation and prevents noise from entering the house, and it must be taken into account that the lower the value of this type of glass, the greater the insulation it provides.


5- Fire-resistant window glass

This type of fire-resistant glass is placed in homes whose exterior facades contain a large percentage of glass, and this means that this glass remains intact for a long time even in the event of fire, compared to other types of glass.


6- Low-temperature emission window glass

This type of glass is designed to prevent the entry of waves of sunlight, which is represented by ultraviolet rays, because ultraviolet rays damage furniture and cause damage to the skin, and this type of low thermal emission glass may help maintain heat inside the house, as well It is possible to buy a low-temperature glass coating to add to these windows, and this is the best way to prevent ultraviolet rays from entering the house, and it is also great for western and southern homes that are exposed to a lot of direct sunlight.


7- Wireless window glass

This type of glass is used in large buildings such as schools and hospitals, and it can be placed inside homes that are concerned with fire resistance and its appearance is not important, and it is worth noting that the wires inside this type make it somewhat safer in fire resistance, It also makes it difficult to break, and this type of glass is available in two types, transparent and the other is engraved.


8- Stained, engraved and decorative glass

The use of painted or colored glass with colored layers or consisting of layers that absorb sunlight or ultraviolet rays and infrared rays, which may harm furniture, so that the absorbed energy is converted into heat and then outside, and it is worth noting that its applications and uses are innumerable. It is counted in facades, partitions, etc., and the colors of this type of glass do not fade because it is stable in terms of walls and light, and its color and intensity can be manipulated.


9- Insulating glass

This type of glass is made of two panels of ordinary or crystalline glass, and between them there is a dry air field in order to obtain a product that complies with all design standards and enjoys beauty and is also consistent with safety laws and has high performance in terms of controlling heat and sunlight, as well It saves heating and cooling costs and reduces indoor air-conditioning in cold climates.

This type of non-permeable float glass panels passes infrared sunlight, so this type of glass is called vital, which is characterized by its special panels to break the intensity of the sun’s light and luster, but this glass is faulty because it allows the penetration of a few ultraviolet rays that change From the colors of the curtain fabric and the interior furniture of the building.


10- Glass with laminated glass chips

This glass consists of two or more panels of ordinary glass, which are interspersed with a plastic separator or a flexible industrial material that is highly resistant to corrosion and shocks, such as polyvinyl butyral, and those that lie under the influence of heat and pressure, and this material is characterized by transparency, resistance, and the ability to stick to the glass. This type of glass controls solar energy and sound insulation, because it contains safflex, which weakens and reduces internal sound vibrations, and is therefore used in airports and buildings located on highways. It is also used in police stations and psychiatric and mental health clinics. And embassies and computer centers and many others.


6- Decorating windows that overlook the sea.

We mentioned previously the window, its types, and the types of glass used in the windows, and we also mentioned some tips for choosing the appropriate type of window. As for the windows of houses, chalets, and hotels that have sea views, the customer here is the one who chooses the appropriate windows according to his taste and what suits him and suits the place and spaces with the best quality and the most appropriate prices. And in the event that the client needs a consultation or a company for design and decoration of windows, Smd Decoration for interior design and decoration in Turkey, thanks to its strong and distinguished team, is useful in all areas of decoration and consulting.


7- Smd Decoration company  for interior design and decoration in Turkey

Smd Decoration is an interior design and decoration company in Turkey based in Istanbul, specializing in luxury residential projects, decoration, interior design and exterior cladding, 

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