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Men's council decoration

Men's council decoration

Date: 2023/03/22


Table Of Contents

1- Introduction:

In each house there is a separate men's council , and many homeowners in the world are looking for the best and finest decorations for the councils.

 The majlis is the traditional and lofty place in which guests and friends spend and exchange conversations. This place and its design indicate good taste and generosity. It is characterized by spreading spaciousness and hospitality to everyone who enters this place. It is widely spread in the Middle East for Arab men and is also widespread in Western designs for men's majlis . If you are looking for a design to decorate your majlis, we offer you everything you need with elegant and elegant designs that suit your personality and taste.

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2- Types of men’s council decorations

1- Decorations for modern western men’s councils: 

Men's councils are spread in many countries, and the decor of modern councils is one of the luxurious and wonderful  decorations . This decor is characterized by:

The large area or size of the men's council , as it is one of the most important things that provide comfort to the guest.

As well as the issue of paying attention to the choice of colors, it must be chosen colors that relax the eye, and give a feeling of welcome and familiarity.

It is very important to distribute the lighting well, ensuring that strong and undimmed lighting is provided in all corners of the council so that it is distributed in a regular manner.

And to add a beautiful character to the place, chandeliers can be used for lighting, which can be a positive addition to the decor of the majlis.

The higher the ceiling of the council, this requires you to choose high pieces of furniture as well as possible.

Hence the choice of long libraries and the use of long Najaf; It is an ideal choice with high ceiling.

Also, adopting crystal chandeliers gives a beautiful, luxurious classic feel.

As these councils need artistic additions that are characterized by sophistication and luxury, so it is possible to adopt crystal chandeliers. 

It is not necessary to have pieces of carpet in the men's council .

Marble floors, or lacy floors, are often relied upon, as they reflect a sense of luxury.

Small tables are often provided that match the decor of the Majlis and the design of the sofas, and the colors of the sofas must be suitable and comfortable to look at.

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2- Modern Arabic majlis design:

This type applies to those who want modern decorations , as the decor of the Arab Majlis has an ancient and traditional Arab character in many times, but with the addition of some modern touches in the old designs , you will find many of those inscriptions and touches that I put in very beauty and splendor, as they are characterized by modernity and luxury At the same time, a large part of the original Arab character. Where it is attached to the surfaces in the form of decorations and wall fillers, in addition to the lighting that increases the beauty of the council, where you can distribute the lighting in a professional manner with gypsum decor for modern councils, and what is called chandeliers are added in the ceiling of the council, and it is preferable to be added in the center of the ceiling so that it gives a regular shape to the council, and with the addition of gypsum This gives beauty to the council and gives a very nice impression of entering it 

And in these councils, the seat is Arabic, by adding floor furnishings, so that this design is devoid of high furniture 

And the floor of this council is covered with carpets and sofas are distributed on a regular basis. In this council, gold and white colors are frequently used. 

It is possible to add a table in the center of the council and it is small and close to the ground and not high.

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3- Decorating men's councils that mimic the era 

To keep pace with the times and development, and in many cases you will find everything changes and differs around you, no matter how constant it is, and here in the decorations of men’s councils, they have been greatly affected by the development that we live in the world of decorations , and they have a great competition in the most beautiful and finest design, so in any case the day will come when they will be added The modern look, for example, the majlis decorations may be in the shape of the letter L, which is popular at the present time, or be near a fireplace, which fits a lot with open and small majlis, and with the rest of the house, as it adds part of privacy and a large part at the same time of comfort .


4- Royal men's councils 

The royal men's councils are the alternative to the reception room or what is called the salon. The decorations of the royal men's councils are distinguished by luxury and elegance.

One of the most important foundations in designing this majlis is the choice of luxurious colors such as gold or silver because of their luster and luster that indicates luxury and luxury, or colors such as desert colors because they resemble men’s personalities, in addition to white and green, and blue can be added.

It is also distinguished by the addition of huge doors of large sizes, in order for the guest to feel very welcome from the people of the house, as well as to indicate the extent of its luxury and luxury.

Then comes the sitting places by choosing the most comfortable pieces of furniture, including the different designs of sofas of large sizes, or the like. The decorations of the royal councils, as it adds a special touch to the council that resembles palaces.


3- Tips when choosing decorations for the men's council .

It is good to take great care of the men's councils, as it is the center for receiving guests and friends, so he must choose the decor in it and choose it carefully to suit his personality and be fully aware of the way to choose the colors of his council in all its aspects, which are:

  • The decoration of the ceilings and the walls should be light and not crowded with designs , especially if the ceiling is high or the walls are extended greatly, as it is very important, and this applies in large councils, because it gives comfort in looking and a good impression, and you can use wallpaper as Turkish wallpaper, as it It is very distinctive, as it gives a distinctive look, in addition to the ease of changing its color, and this is a very beautiful thing.
  • We do not forget that we must get rid of the stillness that may overwhelm the place, so there must be curtains, a heater, an air conditioner, and even a fish tank, anything that gives a kinetic shape to the place, until we get rid of the deadlock.


4- Ideas to help you arrange the men’s council properly and elegantly:

1- The floor furnishings inside the council must be circular or oval in order to give attraction and harmony with the circular ring.

2- The majlis accessories should be calm and a little, and not have many shapes and colors, as gentlemen prefer, so that it is preferable not to overdo it, in order to give the majlis a splendid prestige and prestige.

3- The decoration of the place should be designed commensurate with the nature of the country in which you live 

4- That the council be interconnected and coherent so that its furnishings have one frame and are connected with each other. It is important that they be connected so that any person in the council can communicate with the other person. It is unacceptable for the council to contain many chairs, for example. .


5- What does SMD Decoration offer you from the men’s council decorations

SMD Decoration company offers you the latest and most luxurious decorations for men's councils and is interested in providing the best services to you as it provides you with many types, designs and different decorations of men's councils and helps you choose the best and always optimal to suit your personality and be closest to it.

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