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Diwan decor in Iraq is a unique blend of tradition and modernity

Diwan decor in Iraq is a unique blend of tradition and modernity

Date: 2023/09/29


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History of Iraqi decor

The history of Iraq's decor is Amrani and its title is clear, because it has passed through the different eras and civilizations that have passed through our world. Here we will give you a glimpse into the development of Iraqi decor :


 Among the oldest civilizations that passed through Iraq were the Sumerian and Babylonian. They combined the art of pottery and ceramics in a distinct way, and pottery and ceramic vessels were an important part of the decor. They used geometric motifs and religious symbols in their designs.


 During the time of the Assyrians, Iraqi decor was influenced by Assyrian and Egyptian arts. The stone statues and wall reliefs were distinguished by a precise and clear style. They used tiles, carpets, and fabrics extensively in home decor.


With the spread of Islam and the establishment of Islamic countries in the region, decoration and architecture developed greatly. Ceramics, textiles and fabrics in bright colors were an important part of the decor. Simplicity and elegance were features of Islamic decor.


 In the twentieth century and after, Iraq's decor was influenced by many international styles. The use of modern furniture and modern materials such as glass and metal has increased. Colors and patterns have changed over time and have kept pace with global developments.


 In Iraq these days, you find a variety of styles and tastes in home decor. People can combine traditional elements with modern ones to create unique residential spaces that reflect their personal taste.


Thus, Iraqi decor is a combination of heritage and modernity, and everyone can design their home based on their personal taste and choices.


The most famous types of decoration in Iraq

In our beloved Iraq, we have many types of Iraqi designs and decorations that reflect our heritage and culture. Here are some of the most popular types of decorations that you can find in our Iraq:


  1. Iraqi traditional decoration:

Traditional Iraqi decor This type of Iraqi decor uses traditional colors and handmade decorations such as mosaics, chandeliers, velvet, and carved wood. This style of traditional Iraqi decor 2023 is rich in details and geometric decorations.


  1. Islamic decoration:

Iraqi Islamic decor This type is characterized by geometric shapes and complex decorative lines. You can see Iraqi Islamic decor 2023 in the arches and decorations on the walls, doors and windows.


  1. Modern decor: 

With the progress of time, modern styles of Iraqi home decor have become popular, including the use of modern colors and materials such as glass, stainless steel, and elegant wood.


  1. Traditional village-inspired decor: 

This decor makes use of natural elements and local materials such as stones, clay, and rough wood. This style adds a rustic touch to the place.


  1. Modern Iraqi decor: 

Modern Iraqi decor This type of decor combines traditional and modern elements. You can see the use of modern colors and furniture in modern Iraqi decor 2023, with traditional touches such as carpets and artistic statues that stand out in Iraqi bedroom decor.


  1. Exterior decoration: 

In our Iraq, the outdoor courtyard and gardens are very important in the home. Outdoor decorations may include furniture, colorful decorations, and beautiful plants.


Iraqi decorations differ from one region to another based on local traditions and personal taste. Now you know what types of decoration are famous for us in our Iraq.


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The latest decoration trends in Iraq

The latest decoration trends in Iraq, may be influenced by global developments and modern fashion. We will give you some common trends in the world of decoration in Iraq:


  1. Modern and simple decoration: 

This trend is characterized by simplicity, clean and modern designs. It includes simple furniture with vertical lines and calm colors. The goal is to create open and comfortable spaces and also be used in Iraqi kitchen decor


  1. Modern and contemporary decor: 

They use contemporary designs and modern furniture. Lono is distinguished by bright colors and innovative geometric shapes. They use many modern materials such as glass, metal and plastic.


  1. Traditional Arabic decoration: 

This trend is inspired by the Arab and Islamic heritage. It is characterized by warm colours, beautiful patterns and traditional decorations. The furnishings and embroideries are beautiful and they use hand-carved furniture. This type is prominent in the decor of Iraqi councils.


4.Bohemian decor: 

This trend is based on bright colors, ethnic patterns and natural elements. They use natural fabrics such as cotton, linen and natural wood. The goal is to add a touch of vitality and freedom to the space.


  1. Calm and relaxing decor: 

Here the idea focuses on creating a calm and comfortable environment. It is characterized by calm colors such as white and pastels, comfortable furniture and soft materials such as fabric and fur. The goal is to provide an atmosphere of relaxation and calm.


These were some of the common trends in Iraqi decor design . But it is important that the decorations are compatible with the taste, needs, and personal goals of individuals.


Tips for choosing the appropriate decor in Iraq

Iraqi heritage is a sweet source of inspiration for decor. Look for local traditional elements, such as Arabic motifs, traditional colors and local fabrics. You can integrate elements into interior design to give a unique and cultural touch to the place.


 The décor must be appropriate to the atmosphere. For example, in hot areas, it is preferable to use light colors, soft materials, and ventilation. While in cold areas, you can use warm colors, heavy fabrics, and air conditioners to give a warm and comfortable atmosphere.


You choose furniture that suits the size and design of Iraqi decor . Furniture should be comfortable and practical, and reflect the décor style you like. You can also combine traditional elements with modern furniture to create a balance between modernity and heritage.


 Small details are an important game in decor. You choose curtains, pillows, and accessories that match the general style of the place. You can use cushions, embroideries, and beautiful handmade artwork to give a unique and personal touch to the place.


Lighting has a huge impact on the atmosphere of a place. Different lamps and different types of lighting are used to achieve different effects. You can use natural lighting as much as possible and distribute artificial lighting proportionately in different places.


 You can apply these tips and modify them according to your personal taste and needs. The most important thing is that you enjoy the process of designing the place and that it reflects your personality and heritage.


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