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Women's council decorations

Women's council decorations

Date: 2023/04/14


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1- Introduction: 

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There is a great trend towards searching for the decoration of a women’s council at the present time, and the women carry out these searches in order to reach the elegant and elegant decorations , which there is no doubt that starting with them will achieve the luxurious appearance that they are looking for without exaggeration, but the thing that must be known is that all decorations The elegant and luxurious appearance may be achieved quite easily, but that is provided that there is great attention to the decoration design and its implementation as well, and, unlike the men's councils, the women's councils are characterized by more friendly behavior and a pleasant atmosphere commensurate with the nature of women who tend to enjoy in meetings and gatherings.

Recently, the decoration of the women's council has become more dependent on the modern style in terms of color, furniture, bedspreads, and accessories, as it found many similarities with the family style of the living rooms.

Through today's article, we present the most important types of decorations and professional ways to implement them.

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2- Types of decorations for women’s councils :

Soft decorations for women's councils, which include the most luxurious types of decoration with expressive colors that suit the tastes of high-ranking women. The decoration of women's councils has also spread to Arab countries, especially in the countries of the Arabian Gulf, which is characterized by a delicate and distinctive oriental character, but with the development of decorative work, especially in

A reception room, it turns out that there are many of them, from the distinctive and amazing decoration designs of beauty and splendor, where the homeowner chooses to welcome friends and family members with a distinctive character and unique aesthetic touches, and in case you want to design a women’s council, SMD Decoration offers you the best designs and decorations for these councils , including

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First: the decoration of a   modern  women's council

When it comes to advice for modern women's majlis , it means staying away from royal furniture, huge chandeliers, Arabic designs, and ornate or striped gold tiles! Instead, opt for simple, modern furniture that doesn't overwhelm with over-the-top details. When it comes to décor and floor color, the

Smooth or marble slab goes best with modern majlis.

Delicate and calm colors play an important role in the modernity and beauty of the women's council! Beige and white are the most popular color tones, along with small touches of other colors such as light violet, brown and soft gold. These color gradations, in particular, give women's majlis furniture a good touch and can be inserted with cushions or side tables. Of course, let's think about combining the colors of the sofas and seats with mattresses and carpets for a captivating and non-exaggerated decor. For chandeliers, choose those that stand out in their shape and differ from ordinary chandeliers. When decorating, one must remember the balance between modernity and beauty, without exaggerating the details that can make women's advice unfashionable.

When it comes to accessories, no one should exaggerate the arrangement of accessories. When designing the decorations for a modern women’s majlis , you can resort to modern and effective accessories while preserving the luster of the place. Vases of flowers, paintings, decorative books, modern lamps and other details add a wonderful character to the majlis.


Plants and flowers add to the toes of the modern woman to add a distinctive touch to the place. Plants are also known to have a positive effect on the psyche and make you feel good, just as green multiplies the feeling of gratitude and happiness when looking at it. 

 Second: The decorations of the women's councils are luxurious 

Luxury is evident in every detail in the luxurious majlis and is not limited to furnishings only. You can add a touch of luxury and sophistication to the female majlis by choosing huge sparkling chandeliers that turn the majlis upside down and make it look very luxurious. Therefore, you can choose equipment similar to the Majlis models.

To make the harem majlis luxurious, or you can choose the luxurious classic style and be careful with the colors you use, for example avoid bright colors or black and choose pastel, golden, royal green or blue.

The beauty of this majlis lies in the amount of light and brilliance that we add to this design, giving it a bright and eye-catching color. The majlis will be very luxurious and its colors suit women very well.

The wood at the bottom of the reception room has a very beautiful color and adds beauty and elegance to the furniture. Sofas can be added on all sides of the board in a wrapped way, and matching curtains can be added in the same colors as the sofas. 

Therefore, the idea of ​​a reception room in the center of the house is very suggestive, very modern and very attractive. As for coffee tables, they are not important in women's reception rooms and in the decorations designed for them. 

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Third: the classic  women's council decorations

When choosing a classic women's majlis, remember to avoid colorful furniture, modern graphics and modern accessories. Instead, we have to choose every detail that reflects the classics of the room, from sofas, pillows, accessories and curtains to carpets and colors.


White, beige and off-white are probably the most used colors in classic women's councils! Of course, other colors such as red, gold and blue also help in adding a distinctive touch to the room as they can be placed with pillows or paintings, of course, and we must not forget to combine the colors of the sofas and armchairs.

With mattresses and carpets for a beautiful and not exaggerated decor, crystal-encrusted chandeliers have always been and still are a symbol of classicism, as they add a special elegance to any interior decor, so we advise you to adopt them as a guide for women.

Decorating the walls with three-dimensional golden or crystal lines is doubled to give the aesthetic and classic appearance of the harem majlis. As for the curtains, they are one of the most important elements in the design of the classic women’s majlis, so that we match the colors with the furniture and fixtures, as for the carpets,

It should be of inscriptions or motifs indicating the classical style.

The wise shape in the design of most women's councils is in the form of a square or rectangle attached to the wall of the hall, in which there are two rows of seats.


Fourth: Decorations for Arab  women's councils

One of the most important decorations of the Arab women's councils that characterize the Saudi and eastern house, the most important of which is the decoration of the Arab women's councils in it. For the eastern Arab decoration, it is an example of luxury. With the help of a luxurious consultation, it is possible to determine the splendor of the interior design of the house as a whole.

It is also one of the symbols of Arab culture, and is famous for its affection, generosity and hospitality, and of course its sanctity, and the harem council in this design has a special character and elegant decoration 

In this council, it is possible to add the Arabic sitting in it, which is inside the hall in a wrapped form, and sofas and curtains are placed in it so that they are in bright colors, and the female touch must be active in it 

With the addition of a small table in the middle of the council, on which, for example, coffee is placed 

Curtains can be designed to be long and ornate, with some panels added around them 

The carpets are spread on the floor so that it is beautifully decorated and beautiful Arabic inscriptions are placed on it 


3- The most important tips that must be followed when designing the decorations for women’s councils

These are the guidelines to follow when designing cute decor for a women's majlis

Mixing between modern, classic and modern details to luxury is the best combination to get the logo of the women's council that combines originality and modernity.

First: simplicity and elegance

This type of decoration is characterized by the simplicity of furniture and accessories, as reducing furniture is one of the most important points in order to obtain a spacious place away from the hustle and bustle.

Second: The delicate colors of the women's council

Use soft and bright colors, because bright colors are an optical trick in narrow spaces, and give a sense of comfort and safety, and the most beautiful colors that women prefer are white, pink, and cyan.

Third: the decoration, so attention must be paid to all the elements and details of the furniture to make the guest very comfortable, because the leather sofa is one of the most comfortable pieces that can provide comfort to the guest, and care must be taken to put small tables, which fit coherently and in proportion to the space of the house, as in the case of ceilings, you can Using gypsum to give your majlis a modern look.

Fourth: lighting

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Particular attention should be paid to the positioning of the lighting units depending on the ceiling design, since the correct placement of the lighting is crucial; Because it gives the council a comprehensive atmosphere of beauty and idealism, especially in women's councils .

Fifth: accessories

If your majlis relies on modern furniture, choose luxurious colors for curtains and carpets such as silver and gold, but if the furniture has a luxurious oriental appeal, then it will lack modern touches such as modern and contemporary accessories.


4- SMD Decoration services in women's council decorations :  

SMD Decoration is keen to follow up and supervise all aspects of the project that it is undertaking, starting with inspecting the site and determining what is suitable for it and what should not be by setting the initial plan for the work, followed by the stage of preparing the requirements, which are chosen very carefully and according to Great quality, then design and start implementation on the ground, ending with final touches. The advantage of this company is that it opens the doors of choice and imagination wide for you, as it provides you with all the designs and decorations that help you in designing your council in a way that suits what you aspire to. We are pleased to be in SMD Decoration the place of your permanent trust and to gain your admiration for our renewable offers and services, which we are keen to suit all tastes and desires while preserving the splendor of SMD DecorationAnd its distinctive touch. Our company is your address for excellence in designs and decorations . For more information, you can contact the specialized engineering team.

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