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Universities decorations in Saudi Arabia

Universities decorations in Saudi Arabia

Date: 2024/02/26


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Elements of designing university interiors in Saudi Arabia:

The design of university interiors in Saudi Arabia depends on several elements to achieve a comfortable and attractive environment for students and visitors.


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Entrances and foyer:


Here are some elements that can be included in the design of entrances and lobbies:


Use warm colors and good lighting.

 In designing university décor, it is preferable to use warm colors such as beige, white, and earth colors, as they contribute to creating a comfortable and calm atmosphere.

Emphasis on good lighting contributes to making the place bright and friendly, and contributes to a clear view of the information displayed.

Providing a quiet sound system creates a calm atmosphere suitable for study and quiet interaction. It is considered one of the best university decorations


Providing comfortable seating areas.

 Providing comfortable and attractive seats for students in modern university decor and visitors to rest and encourage interaction and communication.


Display information about the university and its activities.

  In university decor ideas, add billboards or electronic screens to display information about the university, such as upcoming events, news, and achievements.

 Using technology to display information, such as using touch screens to provide interactive information.

 Including traditional university décor elements that express the university’s identity, such as the university’s logo and official colors.

- Adding local artistic and décor elements that represent Saudi heritage and culture.

Use signs and directional signs to facilitate navigation in the place.

Add indoor plants to improve air quality and add a natural touch to the environment.


Providing these elements contributes to creating a comfortable and attractive atmosphere in university entrances and lobbies, which helps enhance the experience of students and visitors and enhances the university’s identity.




When designing university classrooms in Saudi Arabia, creating a suitable environment for learning is crucial.

 Here are some elements that can be included in traditional college décor to achieve this goal:


Creating an environment suitable for learning.

 Providing good organization by arranging tables and chairs in a way that encourages concentration and interaction.

Ensure that there is good lighting and its appropriate distribution to provide a comfortable and bright environment.

The presence of oval boards or blackboards for writing and explaining enhances interaction and participation.

Providing sufficient space to facilitate student movement and provide a good view of screens and blackboards. In distinctive university décor


Use colors that stimulate concentration.

 Use colors that stimulate concentration, such as blue and green, and avoid bright and annoying colors.

Use comfortable furniture suitable for sitting for long periods of study.

Ensure there is a good air conditioning system to maintain a comfortable temperature in the classroom.

 Possibility of organizing space for interactive activities and workshops.


Providing advanced technical tools.

 Providing advanced technical tools such as interactive screens, advanced sound systems, and e-learning tools.

Choose flooring and wall materials that absorb sound to reduce noise.


Using these elements, a conducive learning environment can be achieved in university classrooms, enhancing students' experience and improving their understanding and focus during coursework.


Administrative offices:


When designing administrative offices in universities in Saudi Arabia, several elements must be taken into account to enhance productivity and creativity and ensure employee comfort. Here are some important items:


Design that enhances productivity and creativity.

 Using an open design enhances interaction and communication between employees, while at the same time providing comfortable individual work spaces.

Using calm, eye-pleasing colors enhances concentration and stimulates creativity. Integration of design elements that represent the university’s identity within the administrative offices.

   Ensure an effective ventilation system and good lighting maintain a comfortable and healthy working environment.


Providing sufficient work spaces.

Providing flexible spaces to meet different needs for group or individual work.

Use comfortable and practical office furniture that supports physical health and improves comfort during working hours.

 The possibility of having corners for small meetings and interaction areas to enhance communication and interaction between administrative teams.

     Providing good and organized storage spaces for documents and files in university interiors in Saudi Arabia, with pictures


Respect the privacy of employees.

 Use physical barriers or direct offices in a way that provides privacy for employees, taking care not to significantly impact communication.

 Providing modern technologies and smart systems that contribute to facilitating work and improving communication within the office.


By integrating these elements, it is possible to achieve a design for administrative offices that enhances productivity and provides a work environment that stimulates creativity and effective interaction.


Public utility:


When designing public facilities in universities in Saudi Arabia, several elements must be taken into account. Here are some important items:


Providing designated places for rest and relaxation.

 Design designated places for rest with comfortable and attractive furniture. Possibility of having small gardens or an outdoor courtyard for students and employees.


Design appropriate sanitary facilities.

 Providing clean, well-ventilated bathrooms. Adopting the design of health facilities to meet the needs of all university users.


Taking into account the needs of people with disabilities.

 Providing corridors and elevators that facilitate access for people with disabilities.

   - Allocate designated parking spaces for wheelchairs.


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Principles of sustainable design in university interiors:


When applying sustainable university interior design principles, several elements must be taken into account. Here are some important items:


Use environmentally friendly materials.

 Adopting building materials and furniture made from renewable and sustainable resources. Promote recycling policies and efficient use of resources.


Providing energy-efficient lighting systems.

Use high-efficiency LED lights and regulate lighting systems to save energy.

 Organize natural lighting well to reduce dependence on artificial lighting.

 Adopting green technology and using smart systems to manage energy and resource consumption.


Consider the efficiency of water use.

Providing water-friendly appliances such as water-efficient faucets and toilets.

 Implementing systems to collect and use rainwater.

 Providing awareness campaigns about the importance of sustainability and encouraging participation in environmental initiatives.


By implementing these principles, Saudi universities can achieve an environmentally friendly and comfortable university environment for students and employees.




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Examples of distinctive university interior designs in Saudi Arabia:


King Abdulaziz University.

 Adopting modern and bold architectural designs that reflect progress and innovation. Designing green spaces and seating areas that enhance the community spirit and interaction among students. Integration of technology into infrastructure to improve student experience and streamline administration processes.

Using colors and design elements that represent the university identity to achieve distinction and belonging.

Providing open classrooms and administrative offices to enhance communication and stimulate interaction between students and employees. Use comfortable furniture and advanced technological systems to improve the quality of learning.


King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals.

An integrated design of the buildings reflects the dedication to developing a modern university community.

 Creating open outdoor spaces to encourage social meetings and student events.

 Using environmentally friendly materials and advanced technology contributes to managing energy consumption.

 Allocating spaces for research and innovation that encourage creative thinking.


Prince Mohammed bin Salman University.

 Integrating buildings and facilities in a way that reflects heritage and modernity. Using wall arts and statues to embody the spirit of art and culture on campus.

A unique interior design that reflects the university’s identity and provides a unique experience for students. Integrating cultural and heritage elements into interior design to enhance cultural belonging.


These examples provide a look at how distinctive designs are achieved in Saudi universities, with a focus on technology, sustainability, and enhancing university identity.


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University decoration companies in Saudi Arabia


SMD Company is considered one of the best decoration companies in Saudi Arabia

Designing university interiors through SMD requires special attention to detail to ensure an inspiring and attractive learning environment. Decorations vary according to the purpose of the space, whether it is classrooms, libraries, scientific laboratories, sports facilities, student housing, restaurants, mosques, or gardens.

Here are some points that can be included in the designs of Saudi universities:


Decorations of public universities in Saudi Arabia

 Using colors and design elements that distinguish the university’s identity and reflect its values. Adding plants and organizing gardens to enhance the natural and relaxing atmosphere.


Decorations of private universities in Saudi Arabia

Using luxurious materials and unique designs to enhance the atmosphere of luxury and distinction. Integration of technology into the design to provide a modern learning experience.


Classroom decorations in Saudi universities

 Ensure good lighting that enhances focus and avoid excess or lack of lighting. Add places for discussions and interaction to encourage students to participate.


Decorations of scientific laboratories in Saudi universities

 Designing laboratories that achieve safety standards and enhance effectiveness in performance. Using chemical-resistant materials and designs that contribute to improving the scientists' experience.


Library decorations in Saudi universities

 Designing quiet and comfortable spaces to enhance concentration during study and research. Integrating technology techniques to provide easy and efficient access to digital resources.


Decorations of sports facilities in Saudi universities

 Using vibrant colors and dynamic designs to enhance the spirit of enthusiasm and sports activity. Adding rest and entertainment areas next to the sports facilities.


Student housing decorations in Saudi universities

 Designing residential spaces that provide comfort and maintain personal privacy. Providing advanced technological equipment inside the residence to improve the student experience.


Restaurant decorations in Saudi universities

 Designing various restaurants to meet different needs, whether for quick dining or for quiet meals. Providing kitchens equipped with the latest technology to prepare food effectively.


Mosque decorations in Saudi universities

Designing mosques that reflect calm and encourage meditation and prayer. Using elements of traditional Islamic architecture in designing mosques.


Garden decorations in Saudi universities

Garden design that blends in with the surrounding nature and enhances the green environment. Providing seating and rest areas in the gardens for the comfort of students and employees.

 SMD is an interior design company in Saudi Arabia that provides unique and innovative design solutions that suit the needs of universities and reflect their identity and goals.

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