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Merging western style with oriental style in decoration

Merging western style with oriental style in decoration

Date: 2023/05/06


Table Of Contents

1- Introduction:

Decoration and interior design is a field of great importance and arouses the interest of a large group of people of different styles, some of which adopt the oriental style and others that adopt its counterpart from the western style , and each style has many ramifications that arose according to the environment, generation, etc. of the factors that can In this article, we will talk in a little detail about each model of them, in addition to reviewing many patterns for each model, and do not forget our main topic here. We will present to you ways to combine these two models, stay with us.


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2- What are the styles of interior design and decoration in the oriental style ?

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Among the crowd of modern design, through the emergence of many innovations and modern details, we tend to some old designs and decorations, and longing for oriental details full of history, especially in design, there are many who love oriental designs and tend to this style of decorations, here are some types Oriental decorations: 

1- Levantine Eastern Heritage:

The heritage of the Arab East in architectural design is characterized by inscriptions and mosaics, in addition to backgrounds with distinctive oriental inscriptions. The eastern heritage in architectural design is also characterized by manual carving on wood. We also noticed that in the Levantine heritage, designers used tree trunks in designing furniture such as tables and beds.

2- The Saudi oriental heritage:

The Saudi oriental heritage is famous for vibrant colors such as red, blue and orange with different colors such as white, gold, beige and other neutral colors, especially for furniture and decorations with prominent carvings, while Saudi design traditions are famous for luxurious and precious decorations, handicrafts play an important role in Saudi design, such as mattresses Handmade furnishings and kilims.

3- Andalusian heritage: 

The Andalusian style is distinguished by its greatness and richness of wall and ceiling decorations. The above-mentioned styles can be adopted in any room once the decoration is complete , by adding lanterns instead of chandeliers, or a wooden table.

4- Moroccan heritage:

 A mirror made in the "Arabesque" manner, or verses engraved on it all over the wood, the past made it an integral part of the history of Islamic architecture. About carved ceilings and colorful drawings.

3- What are the styles of interior design and decoration in the western style ?

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Contemporary interior design is a style that has gained popularity in recent years for its clean lines and practicality. It is all about creating an uncluttered look that is both beautiful and functional. A key element of western interior design is the use of a neutral color palette. This typically involves the use of white, black, and shades of gray. Clean and cohesive is easy on the eyes and allows for pops of organic incorporation through the use of accents and accessories. Another important aspect of western style interior design is the use of minimal décor. This means avoiding overly ornate details in favor of clean, simple lines. This includes the use of sleek modern furniture. Practical and beautiful.

In addition to the use of neutral colors and minimal décor , Western interior designs emphasize the use of natural materials. This includes the use of wood, stone, and other natural elements to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. One of the main benefits of Western interior design is that it is very versatile. It can be incorporated into any type of space.


4- How do we combine the eastern style with the western style in decoration  ? 

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After getting to know the classic oriental decoration and the western decoration and mixing them together, resulting in a new classic decoration, and since this style is one of the popular styles in the modern era, and many people want to apply it to the design of the house, we will show you the idea of ​​using certain elements that combine the eastern classic And Western as follows explain these elements successively.

1- Old wooden furniture:

The use of old wooden furniture is a way to combine the oriental style with the western style , you can use an old wooden chair next to a modern shelving cabinet, because it will have the character of the oriental style and the western style at the same time, which helps us find solutions for how to combine oriental decoration and decoration western in an easy way.

2- Wall decor:

Wall decor ideas are one of the important elements that play an important role in giving an aesthetic appearance to your decor, so you can use classic paint colors on your walls and decorate them with Arabic calligraphy when you want to design your home in a modern style, or use modern paint colors for walls when using design.

3- Flooring:

 You can use dark wood floors to give a classic touch, or modern tables and chairs. The use of stone columns in the decoration got a lot of attention because it adds a sense of luxury to the design. A new classic shape is obtained with a decorative idea for the columns, which can be used to divide the corridor of a room equipped with modern sofa sets.

4- Stone Columns:

Furniture can also be combined with stone columns to express ideas and link modern and classic decorations, such as placing a TV in the space between old stone columns, expressing decorative ideas through drawings and pictures, many people use decorating ideas through paintings and pictures for decorative purposes and to add a touch Art on the decor of the house or room, and it is also possible to mix between the eastern style and the western style by using paintings that contain old or heritage pictures and distributing them randomly, and this result is a wonderful mixture

Thus, we have shed light on everything related to home decor, as well as ideas for combining the eastern style on the one hand and the western style on the other.

5- What are the services provided by SMD Decoration to its customers in this field?

SMD Decoration works hard to meet all tastes, no matter how different or conflicting they are, so whatever you tend to find, if you are a fan of the classics and the authentic oriental style, SMD Decoration will offer you the appropriate decoration inspired by the folds of history and Arab heritage of all kinds, and On the other side, if you are a fan of modernity and desire a modern  western style , surely our company can create for you the best decoration that you can get by adopting western interior design with all its splendor and elegance.

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