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Restaurant owners' guide to choosing the perfect decor

Restaurant owners' guide to choosing the perfect decor

Date: 2023/11/20


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Factors to consider when choosing restaurant decor

When choosing restaurant decor, these are the factors that should be considered


Your identity and concept. You must design a restaurant that reflects your identity and the concept you want to deliver. If the restaurant serves Palestinian food, the decor must have distinctive Palestinian touches.


Your target customer, you must take into account the needs and tastes of your target customers. For example, if the restaurant is for families, the restaurant décor must be suitable for children.


When planning your space, you must see how you will distribute the furniture in a way that makes people feel comfortable and be able to move freely.


Colors and lighting: Choose appropriate colors and controlled lights that positively affect the mood and atmosphere in the restaurant.


Comfort and Facilities Comfortable furniture and clean, attractive facilities such as comfortable chairs and luggage storage.


Artistic decor: Make use of arts, paintings and statues to beautify the restaurant and add an artistic touch.


Budget: Determine the amount of money that can be spent on decoration and try to control costs well.


Maintenance and cleanliness: Choose materials and furniture that are easy to care for and keep clean.


Ensure that the décor does not pose risks to customers and complies with safety standards. Try to use sustainable materials in decoration to reduce the impact on the environment.


By choosing the décor carefully and based on these factors, you will be able to create a beautiful and comfortable environment that meets customers’ expectations and enhances the dining experience.


Types of decoration suitable for different restaurants

There are types of decor that suit various restaurants, and the choice depends on the type of food and the target audience of customers. Here are models for different types of restaurants:


Italian restaurants

You use warm colors such as red and green, wooden furniture and warm lights to create a traditional and warm Italian atmosphere, as Italian restaurants rely on modern restaurant decor.


Asian restaurants

 Asian décor is based on traditional restaurant décor, which may include low furniture, calm colors, and Asian statues and artwork that characterize the place.


Cafes and bakeries

 Vic uses vibrant colors and comfortable furniture with details that express coffee and pastries.


Seafood restaurants

 Marine decor can include blue and white colors and decor that encourages the idea of ​​the sea and fish.


Healthy and vegetarian restaurants

 Vic uses green colours, natural furniture with plants and environmental elements to encourage health and sustainability.


fancy restaurant

Luxury restaurant decor can include luxurious furniture, subtle colors, bright lights, and luxurious details.


Popular cafes

Based on a rustic restaurant decor, Vic uses bright colors and simple furniture to create a popular and welcoming atmosphere.


Fast food restaurants

 The décor of fast-casual restaurants should be simple and practical, with a place for quick seating.


Classic American restaurants

 Vic uses warm colors and classic furniture with classic touches.


Breakfast restaurants

Restaurants specializing in breakfast rely in their design on the decor of a small restaurant, where you create a fun and bright decor with breakfast-like colors and simple furniture.


Depending on the type and style of the restaurant, the décor can be customized to meet customers' expectations and enhance the dining experience.


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Tips for choosing restaurant decor that attracts customers



Here are some restaurant decor tips that people will like


The décor must match and express the concept of the restaurant. There is no need for conflict between one thing and another.


 Before you choose the decor, you need to know what customers like and what they expect from the dining experience. This way you can decide what to choose.


 Colors play an important role. Choose colors that match the concept of the restaurant and are not annoying. If you want people to enjoy their time, choose comfortable and practical furniture.


 Lighting plays an important role in the atmosphere of the place. Suitable lighting makes the place nice and comfortable. Add an artistic touch with decor. You can put up paintings or decorations that express the culture of the restaurant.


 You must use environmentally friendly materials and reduce the impact of the place on the environment. Whoever likes to be in a private place, think about providing spaces for people who need privacy.


 Take advantage of technology, such as display screens and touch ordering and payment systems. In order to maintain the attractiveness of the restaurant, do not forget to update the decor from time to time.


In this way, you will be able to choose a décor that will attract people and make them always want to visit your restaurant.


Examples of successful restaurant decorations

Here are some examples of successful restaurant decorations


Nobu restaurant in London, United Kingdom:

This restaurant features a modern and elegant décor, where soft colors and dark wooden furniture combine with warm lighting. The interior decor creates a comfortable and inviting atmosphere.


Gaggan Restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand:

 This restaurant uses a distinctive decor that blends modern and traditional elements of Thai culture. Bright colors and prominent artwork add a touch of authenticity and luxury.


Disfrutar restaurant in Barcelona, ​​Spain:

 This restaurant features an innovative and exciting décor that reflects its unique culinary style. Bright colors and geometric shapes create a cheerful atmosphere.


"Central" restaurant in Lima, Peru:

 This restaurant uses distinctive décor that incorporates natural and local elements. Wooden furniture and indoor plants combine simplicity and originality.


Noma restaurant in Copenhagen, Denmark:

 This restaurant features an innovative and modern decor that combines dark colors, geometric patterns and artistic decorations. The decor reflects the spirit of creativity and innovation.


El Celler de Can Roca restaurant in Girona, Spain:

 This restaurant offers luxurious décor that combines warm colors and luxurious furniture. Provides an elegant and comfortable atmosphere for customers.


"Le Jules Verne" restaurant in Paris, France:

 This restaurant offers a stunning view of the Eiffel Tower and sea-inspired decor. Blue colors and modern furniture create a romantic and special atmosphere.


These are examples of successful restaurant décor that was characterized by creative ideas and unique designs that enhanced the display of their food and contributed to attracting customers.




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