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An interesting and interesting dialogue between the interior designer and the Chat GPT application

An interesting and interesting dialogue between the interior designer and the Chat GPT application

Date: 2023/03/22


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The interesting and interesting dialogue that took place between the interior designer and the Chat GPT application  

Fields of work of the interior designer

On a quiet, beautiful night, I sat thinking silently, and ideas came to me, especially after the launch of the Chat GPT application, and how it made a big revolution in the world of the Internet and artificial intelligence. Questions began to come to my mind. Are the days of the interior designer in his work over? Can the Chat GPT application replace me at work and many other questions? Which did not end then I decided to start a conversation with 

Chat GPT application     , and I began to greet him.


I started by asking the Chat GPT application,   what do you know about the interior designer?  He answered me that he is the designer

 So I told him that the interior designer is the one who transforms the interior spaces inside apartments, commercial buildings, or companies into practical, safe, and beautiful spaces at the same time.

The conversation with the Chat GPT application increased the enjoyment when he answered me that the engineer adds the aesthetic elements of the place represented by colors, lighting, and materials.

 And then I moved to the question of the Chat GPT application,     how can you sit with the customer and see all the things he prefers, and the options he desires. He told me that according to the client's requirements, I draw the designs, create a plan to start work, and then give the result

Thus, the  Chat GPT application has neglected to talk about the available budget and the deadline for completing the required work. And when I completed the dialogue with the  Chat GPT application   and showed him that he did not address the budget, he answered me that the professional interior designer is the one who plans all the details related to the work from the beginning in order to be able to present an approximate design to the client

 Then I asked the  Chat GPT  application , after the client approves the approval of the application, what happens, he answered me that the engineer must start work and distribute it to the people working on the project such as contractors, electricians and others.

After that, I asked the Chat GPT  application,     what are the fields of work  of the interior designer, and he answered me that he is specialized in

  • Spatial and interior design.
  • Gallery design.
  • Production design, which includes working in theatre, movies, and designing decorations appropriate to the proposed story.
  • Work in different real estate.
  • furniture design.
  • Graphic Design.
  • lighting design.



And a dialogue took place with the Chat GPT application  and gave him an idea about designing salon room furniture. The application started by designing furniture in a fast and beautiful way, but it lacked the most accurate details that I needed to give it and remind him of it, and it is one of the most accurate details of the work to accomplish it.


 Then I asked  Chat GPT  what skills should be available for an interior designer 

 He replied that he should enjoy it

  1. High interpersonal skills,
  2. having a vision or a preconceived notion of things,
  3. Creativity and innovation, and the ability to translate graphics into realistic designs.
  4. Have enough flexibility
  5. Solve problems as soon as they occur without delay.
  6. Determine the budget needed by the project without increase or decrease.
  7. The use of programs or applications for interior designers, as this is very necessary in the era of technology in which we live.



Smd Decoration shows Chat GPT and Interior Designer working together in the future

 Chat GPT is a new application based on artificial intelligence technologies, and it has a huge ability to predict the next words in the sentence that the speaker wants to enter, in addition to many other features, based on the analysis of large amounts of texts from the Internet.

GPT chatbots : These are high-performance integrators trained on many large batches of scripts to provide automatic GPT chat responses to questions you ask.

GPT chat is also a powerful source of information and automatic responses to various questions, and can be used for many different purposes, such as technical support, marketing, and education. It is a powerful multi-purpose tool that can be used to improve the overall process of many companies and organizations.

Chat GPT is the most popular artificial intelligence model for language processing on the Internet.

Chat GPT is very good for several reasons, including:

  • High quality dialogue:

 Chat GPT is a new intelligent dialogue system, with correct sentence precision. It allows you to learn from the original conversations people have, to improve their validity in future conversations.

  • Automatic machine learning:

Chat GPT is trained on the original dialogues that people have, so the intelligent dialogue system automatically evolves over time to improve overall dialogue quality.

  • Smart adjustment:

 It allows you to use Chat GPT to create natural, automated and intelligent dialogues. This part of the system is also a good application for adding the right intelligence to automated scripts.

  • easy to use:

Interacting with Chat GPT is just like dealing with a person, he looks forward to the dialogue with you as if you were dealing with a live person.

  • Various applications:

Chat GPT can be used in many areas such as smart chat applications.


Chat GPT is a large language model that is trained using artificial intelligence technology for text generation. This model relies on the analysis and understanding of natural language by studying the relationships between words in a text.

GPT relies on natural language processing in a manner similar to the way the human brain works, whereby text is parsed into small units, such as words and sentences, and the relationships between them are determined. Chat GPT is then trained extensively using linguistic data available on the Internet, allowing the model to learn more complex relationships between words and generate new scripts based on the learned linguistic patterns.

When text is entered into Chat GPT, the model uses its prior learning to generate new text based on context and meaning. Chat GPT can be used to generate text in many applications, such as generating letters or automatic replies in a chatbot.


Smd Decoration shows collaboration between Chat GPT application and interior designer 

The interior designer has many difficult and enjoyable responsibilities at the same time. The interior designer is required to have the following responsibilities:

  • Complete implementation of the project, starting from the idea and ending with the embodiment of the project on the ground.
  • Determine the client's exact goals, and identify all the requirements that the project needs.
  • Translating what the client wants and desires into a rough design so that the client can get a general idea of ​​the final image of the project.
  • Determine the project schedules and determine the fees involved.
  • Searching for the best materials and products needed to start work.
  • Supervising the installation of design elements with each other.
  • Work with all people working on the project such as architects and builders to reach the best results.
  • Follow up on changes and developments that may occur during work, and propose an alternative plan of action.


AI systems are designed to perform specific tasks and cannot independently make decisions or control the world. And while AI may not be able to create in the same way that humans do, it can be trained on large sets of data for human-generated content and can generate new ideas and solutions based on that data.

The interior designer can use the Chat GPT application by asking him about some fine details such as how to use gypsum board, so the application will answer this question and others as well, meaning that Chat GPT has a great and effective role in several fields such as decoration engineering, interior architecture and all areas life. Despite the effective role of Chat GPT, the presence of the interior designer is of great importance, as he is an expert in design, implementation, architecture, and arts, but the presence of Chat GPT helps him to be creative, collect information, and organize it more because of the presence of artificial intelligence in the application.


Smd Decoration demonstrates AI application development using Chat GPT

The Chat GPT model can be used to develop AI applications that rely on natural language parsing. Examples of these applications are:

1- Automatic text generation: Chat GPT can be used to generate automatic texts based on the context that is submitted to the form, and this type of application can be used to improve human-machine interaction, especially in the field of chatbots.

2- Automated email response: Chat GPT can be used to analyze and automatically reply to emails based on content and context.

3- Natural language analysis: Chat GPT can be used for natural language analysis more accurately and effectively, and it can be used in the analysis of medical texts and scientific research.

4- Machine translation: Chat GPT can be used to improve the quality of machine translation by analyzing natural language more accurately and effectively, by translating sentences and words based on context and meaning.

In addition, Chat GPT can be used in other areas such as e-marketing and data linguistic analysis, by using it to analyze texts on the Internet and identify trends and common features.



Design, implementation, architecture and arts, but the presence of Chat GPT helps it to create, collect and organize information more because of the presence of artificial intelligence in the application.

In conclusion, we can say that Chat GPT cannot replace the decorator and does not eliminate its presence, but it can be supportive of it and thus obtain the desired results as soon as possible.


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