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Learn about interior design and all the details related to it

Learn about interior design and all the details related to it

Date: 2023/06/30


Table Of Contents

1- Introduction: 

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Interior architecture is a specialized profession as it is an architecture based on the application of creative and technical solutions within a specific structure to form an interior environment. Its physical and social location in order to present it in an aesthetically attractive manner commensurate with the quality of life and culture of its residents. Interior design aimsAlso to meet the client's requirements according to the client's resources, allowing the creation of an internal space that achieves the goals of the project by applying research, analysis and knowledge in an integrated way to produce creative works. Job Requirements Success in the field of interior design depends on a quality education and skill development in several disciplines related to interior design, such as architecture, graphic design, and decorative arts, as well as lighting and furniture design. Acquire a good knowledge of some basic elements such as textiles, color, space planning, and sustainability skills in the use of CAD software applications that can assist in the creation of 2D and 3D designs in addition to those used in architectural modeling.

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2- What are the departments of interior design ?

Specialization in decorative architecture or interior design   encompasses multiple areas of practice and implementation. The following is a breakdown of the decorative engineering professions and their special fields: 

  • First, interior decoration: appropriate and effective lighting in the design, interior field drawings, and textile materials and tools used in the design. 

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  • Secondly, applied sciences in interior design: the interior design major includes an associate degree in applied sciences in interior design, as these applied sciences with the basis of interior design include many areas represented in building codes and design principles, such as studios, lighting proportions, design fixtures, and performance. 
  • Third, the art of interior design: the Bachelor of Arts in Interior Design is one of the specializations related to the interior design specialization, because this specialization is concerned with various fields represented in the basics of design and design theory.


3- How to become an interior designer ?

Interior design is a rewarding job for the person who masters it, and if that person wants to obtain the title of ( decorator ); He must go through the journey of learning and hard work, which we will explain in detail.

1- The education stage: academic education that ensures that students obtain a university degree

Curriculum: It is the completion of the educational stage where one acquires knowledge about interior design. 

2- Experience: It comes from work and various kinds of repeated experiences. For a short period of time, and this includes interior design, there are two basic elements of interior design that reflect the mastery and creativity of the designer, and they are not difficult to achieve, but they require seriousness and enthusiasm. , bathroom, laundry room, backyard and more.

By achieving these experiences and continuous training in realistic projects, the trainee will acquire the experiences of a professional interior designer and be ready to work in major companies such as SMD Decoration


4- What are the areas of work within the field of interior design ?

The interior architecture field of work A major in interior design can take you in many different directions, as it is a profession that allows you to shape your ideas into the form of unique designs. Becoming an interior designer is the clearest career path, but there are other jobs, so when you know that all opportunities are different than what you are qualified for, you will be able to take on more challenging projects that will allow you to become an expert in design faster than the average designer, because there are many more jobs in Interior design, which we will explain in detail below.

1- The interior designer of the film set:

 Your interior design skills are definitely not limited to homes and offices, as you can work on movie sets. Retail Store Design Coordinator and Manager: If you are interested in working in a retail environment, this job could be for you. exactly .

2- Kitchen designer:

 Interior design teaches you how to choose furniture, arrange it, create home design plans, design coordinator at work Magic Everywhere: Joining a design firm is the perfect career advancement for any new interior design firm that is highly regarded in the industry.


5- What are the most prominent principles of interior design design ?

Care must be taken not to make any mistakes when designing any place because it is the facade of the man that expresses him, his life and his culture, so interior designers work on some principles, including:

First: The sense of hearing is beautiful, as any sound brings joy and happiness to the people who are in it, and the designer is interested in adding some sounds to this place, as it may be the sound of singing birds, or it may be the sound of soft music. 

Secondly, visual beauty, that is, anything that we see with our eyes in a building evokes something in us. As for the latter, it is a real sensory beauty that cannot be seen or heard but stems from the integration of design and installation creativity, just like some buildings that enter our hearts and bring us a sense of comfort is only the result of design. This may seem emotional to us.

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6- The basics of interior designer work: 

The interior designer relies in his work on some basics approved by experts and various studies, namely: 

1- Unity of color.

2- Calmness in design.

3- Transparency.

4- Focus and consistency.


7- The most important tips of the SMD Decoration company for beginners in decoration engineering


 The following points refer to some important techniques inspired by experts in this field from SMD Decoration :

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  •  It is not recommended to display family photos, keepsakes, or other special items such as personal decorative achievements.
  • It is recommended to use sensual scents in the decor, such as relying on two warm scented candles (such as pine or linen) or placing some plants (such as lavender or lilac).
  •  Large artboards are recommended to fill in unused vertical space to give the visual impression of additional height.
  • It is not recommended to use a large sofa or TV cabinet in a small room. Lighting is advised where applicable.
  • The most important advice for beginners, if you want to be an interior designer, you should consider the following: You must consider the personality of the place, the general style followed by the home or work, so that there is no design In addition, the space of the site must be coordinated with the planning and design to make the site look more luxurious and spaciousness. 
  • Professional interior designers do not abandon the color wheel when choosing the right colors, which are available in all wall paint stores.

SMD Decoration offers you   the most important services in the field of decoration, including professional designs and follow-up on the implementation of works at the work site, as well as providing expert consulting services, advice and solutions in the field of decoration engineering and interior and exterior designs in various circumstances through a professional staff of engineers and craftsmen who are experts and trained carefully until we get On the permanent customer confidence SMD Decoration is the first name in the world of decoration.

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