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Learn about interior design details

Learn about interior design details

Date: 2023/05/17


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1- What is interior design

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Interior Design is the art and science that involves the application of creative solutions in the process of planning and designing the interior spaces of buildings with the aim of providing an orderly and healthy environment. It includes many mechanisms and modern technologies to improve the interior of buildings and make them more attractive from an aesthetic point of view. This process requires a consistent approach, in-depth planning, and further research and analysis to achieve a luxurious and safe interior design that meets the desires and needs of the owners of these projects.

Interior design overlaps with many disciplines such as architecture, decoration , carpentry, graphic design and decorative arts. It is an important and necessary part of our daily life because it greatly affects our practical and private lives as it focuses on the interior design of workplaces, common home spaces, etc., these spaces It is where we spend most of our time and we simply cannot live without it.

Someone may ask what is the task of the interior designer and what is his role and the nature of his work? He is responsible for researching, designing and managing interior design projects , analyzing the client's needs and resources, striving to achieve his goals and striving to enhance the aesthetics of buildings. We will show you the most important tasks that the interior designer undertakes:

  1. Understanding customers' needs, analyzing their goals, and developing two- and three-dimensional plans that reflect customers' wants and desires based on the theory of human behavior.
  2. Oversee construction and collaborate effectively with craftsmen, architects, civil and electrical engineers, contractors, mechanics and all building design consultants and experts.
  3. Choosing colors in interior design and identifying materials, furniture, finishes, equipment, specifications of furniture, floors, plumbing and other necessary tools that overlap with the field of interior design .
  4. Determining the cost and needs of the project, setting time plans for all its phases until completion, obtaining the necessary technical licenses and managing contracts and tender documents.
  5. Preparing the detailed description of the project and making full use of computer applications and modern technologies in the design process, such as Building Information Modeling "BIM" software.
  6. Preliminary Interior Design Sketch It is important to conceptualize initial design proposals, including electrical diagrams, proposals for replacement and retrofitting, etc.
  7. Design safe spaces and fire protection methods that meet health and safety requirements and monitor the design process through to completion.
  8. Examining and evaluating interior designs to ensure client objectives are met and satisfied and making improvements where necessary.

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2- The importance of interior design :

The art of interior design is a necessary element that we must have in the space in which we live, and its function is not limited to simply decorating places and using the space, but rather its importance is doubled to achieve beauty when designing the interior space of a building, and to take care of sensitivity and good taste to improve the interior spaces and make better use of them, which It makes it more convenient, persuasive and effective.

Based on the basics of interior design and an understanding of color psychology and psychological principles, the following are the importance and goals of interior design:

  1. Increase and utilize space

The goal of interior design is to find ways to maximize space and make optimal use of the available space to meet the client's needs. Good design is the most suitable for our lifestyles and needs, helps to add unique features to buildings, and also enhances the quality of life by providing amenities, and taking these factors into account in the design process, making our lives more elegant and modern. And cool.

You can have a large house with poor interior design and not make use of its vast spaces, while you may find a small house that is well designed and functional. Therefore, it can be said that the interior designer is good at using space and adding unique functions to the building.

  1. Improve user experience

The importance of interior design lies in its remarkable ability to improve user experience through better management of home, office and other spaces, optimizing spaces in the interior environment, and making them harmonious and consistent with their purpose. For example, if you are an interior designer developing an office work environment, you will make designs that help employees be more productive, focus and increase their levels of work performance. If you are designing a bedroom, your main goal will be to create the most relaxing and comfortable environment.

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  1. Cost saving and easy maintenance

A good interior design helps to provide the required lighting, fixtures, furniture, fixtures and materials during the design process in accordance with the specified budget.

It saves costs by avoiding the use of expensive or worthless materials during the design process and avoiding renovation and reconstruction in the future. It also helps ensure ease of routine maintenance, as subsequent maintenance may be difficult if more complex and haphazard components are chosen.

  1. Protection and security purposes

Everyone prefers safety, security, and protection when looking for a new home. If the house does not have rules and procedures for safety and security, you will certainly not want to buy, because the lack of these requirements means an increased risk of injury to children or a threat to the lives of residents. This is where interior design is important as it helps in taking the necessary steps to avoid such threats.

For example, a good interior designer is keen to work with an electrical engineer to choose the appropriate wires for the current and devices, and put them in insulating tubes and test the electrical connections, as their high temperature may make them dangerous to the entire building.


3- The art of decoration and interior design

The decorative arts encompass many artistic elements and generally include the design and decoration of home furnishings, textiles, carpets, gold and silver ornaments, and jewellery. The main purpose of the ornament is to decorate objects, decorate and beautify the surrounding space. For example, part of the wall can be decorated to liven up the background and add elegance.


Decorative arts are closely related to interior design , and the line between them is thin, as interior designers understand that their profession is an art and a science, and they understand human behavior and understand their behavior and lifestyle in order to design functional spaces in residential real estate and work environments. While interior decoration is quite different from the field of interior architecture, the latter profession focuses on structural renovation, design, transforming one type of space into another, and solving structural problems. Interior architecture is concerned with the design and reconstruction of interior environments.

Interior designers also take care of many other aspects such as choosing floor coverings and are responsible for determining its type, color, fit with furniture, flammability, water resistance and various properties. But interior artists are more interested in working with interior designers to decorate items to achieve a certain aesthetic and give them a beautiful artistic look, creating practical and enjoyable living spaces .

It can be said that interior decoration is a sub-category of the field of interior design , in which designers do not work with architects or building contractors, but instead focus on effectively communicating with companies on projects such as carpets, textiles, furniture, curtains, and so on.

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5- SMD Decoration services in the field of interior design

SMD Decoration relies on a specialized and distinguished staff in all areas of decoration and interior and exterior design, including professional engineers, designers and technicians trained with the highest standards and modern technologies. In the field of interior design, SMD Decoration offers you many distinctive and different decorations and designs in styles between transitional, traditional, contemporary and other distinctive styles Which reflects the good taste in selection and accuracy in the work through appropriate lighting design, whether natural or industrial, and a deep understanding of the psychology of the colors used in the design, as well as the quality of the materials used and the use of stone and cement to add elegant touches of luxury to the design, and the work team at SMD Decoration remains fully prepared For any professional advice in the fields ofInterior design .

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